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HailVictory Comrades O/

We use Carolinas in sense for unity and to show solidarity with are comrades in Colombia they were first book club we networked with so we just kinda went with the name

I agree @Scott Terry We are definitely unique



HailVictory Goys

@MatthewHeimbach Those new shields my cohost sent you should come in handy again....

Goyettes should be focused on forming the sewing circles

Bookclubs for Goys


14 times

Every 88 seconds

HailVictory Comrades !!

I know that's right @AltCelt(IL)#0497

That's show is pure fucking filth

I know that's right

Hell im tempted to send him a plane ticket

I know this

HailWHITEVictory Comrades 👌🏼✋🏻

@Hunter Wallace#0353 North West Front Anger Alliance

Herold has heimbach on his ok list though I thought, according to his blog anyway ... Billy boy must have missed the memo

+15 Carolina Stormers

@Johnny O'Malley Spot on way to use logic !!

38 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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