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2019-07-25 22:59:19 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

"africa might have some volition. just maybe"

EU Delenda Est

and nothing of value was lost

using the commies' logic then communism has negative free will

if you actually looked at a mass grave you would know that you're full of shit

2019-08-31 21:37:24 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

who the fuck uses *yankees* to describe americans anymore

2019-08-31 21:42:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

aint no cock like horsecock

yeah, it reached a status quo peace deal like in korea but us had the whole nixon thing happen and didnt enforce it

why doesn't the commie just go live somewhere that has it already and not try to force on other people

@BabaBooey i will pay you what you are worth to fuck off somewhere else

you do it seems

oh look at that, the commie oppresses the working man

talking as if people who earned money are worthy of contempt

u first. oh wait, you would need a job for that

slow down there fighting all those strawmen, you'll get tired

a tautology

just fuck already


natives deserved what they got for not enforcing border controls

Posse Comitatus Act doesn't explicity apply to the Navy, just need to rewrite some internal navy regs to give it power to act as police


"they were all criminals and those numbers were fake anyways. try again, capitalist scum"

lmao american empire

that's a good one

baba probably thinks he wouldn't get put in a ditch along with the other "revolutionaries"

Don't you want to be more than property?



2019-12-21 08:26:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

My time will come

It's mostly an administrative thing to separate it from the air force


it's such a massive and specific theater that it should be different

need to block w3w3w3 so i don't have to see those posts

2019-12-22 13:16:51 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

but every war in china leaves tens of millions dead

2019-12-22 13:22:28 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

they just ziggurats

fucking fantasy world ancaps just ignoring that countries exist

redemption thinks his society would survive an organized external invasion lmao

*we live in a society*

But Africa sergei

2019-12-22 21:59:44 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-12-22 22:45:03 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

fucking dotty

2019-12-22 22:47:52 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-12-22 22:48:08 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


dotty's a masochist. you know what to do spergs

equal opportunity

2019-12-26 00:51:54 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

but how am i supposed to make nukes using a thorium reactor smh

why would i raw dog some hoe i haven't had tested

i wouldn't exactly call them *people*

kazza reacting to his own post like a thot

2019-12-28 22:42:40 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  



2020-02-12 18:17:27 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

incumbent is the current party/politician in power

2020-02-12 18:24:45 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

since the incumbent is usually only challenged by weak contenders from their own party in the primary, a strong incumbent vote indicates turnout in the general election

2020-02-12 20:03:19 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

ew why do you have to be in my state

2020-02-12 20:09:55 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

non-issue causes biggest quarantine in human history

2020-02-15 17:27:53 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

just search local gun store

2020-02-15 17:27:55 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2020-02-16 14:43:29 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Map includes Kentucky but discounts west virginia smh

2020-02-16 14:44:17 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Naw that's fine

2020-02-16 14:44:46 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Who is conquering who?

2020-02-18 01:29:48 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

make me

2020-02-18 14:09:29 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

don't tucker yourself out fighting that strawman

2020-02-18 18:16:10 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

One of them would need to switch state residency if they want electors from New York under 12th amendment I think (if hillary)

2020-02-20 16:51:41 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Literally every war since

2020-02-20 16:52:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

You use the b52 after you have suppressed enemy anti air

2020-02-20 16:52:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

You really know fuck all about this

2020-02-20 16:53:34 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2020-02-20 16:54:41 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Seems to think weapon systems have only one purpose

2020-02-20 17:03:08 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Need to gulag luci...

2020-02-20 18:05:17 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Well, the Russians kicked off communism so I guess he's not totally wrong

Using 15 yr old exercise as criticism of modern mavy

2020-02-21 03:03:46 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2020-02-21 15:15:22 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Or maybe holding your political opponents to their own standards works...

2020-02-24 00:01:01 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2020-02-25 01:16:58 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

he still has a trial in LA to go through

2020-02-25 11:53:39 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Dixie is just another name for the South

2020-02-28 17:41:21 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

ah the stupidity defense

2020-02-28 19:57:02 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

i keep seeing reports about test kits being unreliable, so maybe related to that

2020-03-02 20:38:20 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

California does have castle doctrine surprisingly, but that went out the door by opening it lol

2020-03-04 20:05:29 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

joker is a real fucking masochist to keep coming back to this

2020-03-05 00:47:16 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

we don't need dem blinds in here

2020-03-05 12:33:34 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Why are you posing the same question in multiple chats?

2020-03-05 12:52:03 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

So it's not relevant in the other

2020-03-09 13:22:48 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2020-03-12 13:14:52 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

why would i not be hostile to the country that created the problem smh

2020-03-12 14:41:08 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

unlike epstein, i would believe it when manning kills himself

2020-03-13 14:06:15 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2020-03-14 13:30:37 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

5 min ^

2020-03-18 15:14:30 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2020-03-28 04:17:50 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

reminder that combining the EU countries official numbers its triple the US

2020-03-28 13:52:05 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

US rate is .03% and Czechia is .02%. Congratulations.

2020-03-29 02:56:27 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

ah jesse lehrich, aka a hillary clinton advisor, a much trusted source citing another much trusted source, the washington post

2020-03-31 08:50:20 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

dotty is the GOAT of athens

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