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Engine looks like kak as you can see πŸ˜… as it drove me on the verge of madness at the time so I never finished it. But will do so once I return to finish the Buffel

Indeed either run them over or shoot them. That's how it was done back then and how it'll be done in SABW: Operation Savannah πŸ˜‰

That mesh grid will have to become a texture as it would be a complete waste to have it as polygons

A texture with an alpha map applied

There is also the flatbed Buffel which I assume was used for logistics?


Then the Mk II variant with the enclosed rear cabin


I've never seen it used in the Border War though at least no images for reference.

Makes sense then why I haven't seen any references of it over in Angola or SWA.

Ja was it used in the war?

US forces also used it as the Nyala. Never seen any pics of it in the Border War either

But after all the Border War stuff is done I'd like to include the SANDF but that's a long way from now and not certain

Would be interesting to see how the SANDF faction would hold up against the other vanilla Squad factions

Eh lets steer clear from that stuff Boomninja πŸ˜‰ I'm so, so tired of the controversial kak we talk about online between us Saffas.

I understand some of it is legitimate but this is a channel for fun not political discussion πŸ˜›

Lekker ✌🏻

Another day, another update.


Last piece added for the session. Added the spare wheel branch protectors or whatever they are. I assume they're there to protect the rear spare tires from being ripped off.


I sent in a submission that's why πŸ˜‰

Been hard at work on the Eland 90 as well today. But really struggling with it as it's got some real weird shapes to it. Will hopefully make some decent progress on it tonight

As I've downloaded a ton of reference images now including scale models with parts so I can model it part by part. As I reckon the Eland is more difficult to model than both the Casspir and Buffel

This is just the rough shape of it at the moment but I reckon I'm tackling it wrong. Will probably start from the turret ring as that is where the problem is.


@BoreSightGaming thanks for the encouragement man. Always glad to have it.

That's perfect thanks Dana.

I remodeled this thing so many times last night it's not funny πŸ˜ͺ anyway I reckon this version will work out. As I've changed the blueprint as the other one just wasn't working well for me.

I'm modeling this in a different method to the Buffel and Casspir. With the Eland I have separated the floor, roof and walls as individual parts that will then be joined once I am happy with the general shape of the hull.


That's the 60mm mortar version

90mm variant πŸ˜‰

Capable of taking on enemy T-34'85 and T-55 tanks

Albeit the latter needs carefully placed shots

Ja 90mm as well as it was the most common Eland variant

Only real difference between the two is the turret and cannon

The hull itself is the same. Much like the Ratel 20 and 90 having different turrets as the only different more or less.

Okay.... Phew finally some flipping progress on the Eland.

You don't want to know how many times I've modeled and remodeled the hull 😬 It's proving quite a tricky thing to tackle due to it's funky shapes.

Anyway I'm happy with the way the hull is shaping up now. Should start looking pretty cool by tomorrow.

I'm trying to get as many vehicles in the work in progress pipeline so I can pump them out quickly one after the other when Modding 2.0 comes out. Of course that is being optimistic!


Playing around with the sculpting in blender seeing what kind of results I can get with the SADF Bush hat as a test.

Will tackle this properly later on though when the time comes to sculpt the uniforms.


This bushhat unissued one. Could be a later version though if it's not exactly the same as what was worn from 1966-1989 @Kooijpolloi

Ja don't worry about it as it's just a test to see what the sculpting tools are like in Blender. I'll tackle it seriously later on when the time comes to create the uniforms for the factions

The ideal result is something like this.


The texture quality and baked sculpted wrinkles is what I am looking for

Ja the current hats have less of a flat top


Albeit I suppose it depends how you wear it

Notice the guy on the left wears it quite low down making the top rounded while the guy on the right with the face covering wears it "looser" like the old SADF giving it a flat top look

True. Head shape matters.

IIRC they tend to shrink in the sun or when washed?

When I got mine there were different sizes. One was really tight on my head so I went for a larger size

Whereas the helmet is I think a medium or small size

Ja I remember a reference to that fact in Teenage Safari by Evan Davies. Some blokes washed their uniforms purposely to get that faded effect of an "oumman"

Wasn't a fan of it in the past but it grew on me hard and strong

I will be making the SANDF as well since most of the content fits right into the SADF as well

Same R4's, Casspirs etc

Although I do know there are some differences with the older Casspirs and the newer ones. For example the newer Casspirs got rid of the grill mirrors and replaced them with full steel shrouds

I haven't seen that. Where do you keep up to date with the SANDF stuff?

Ah alright. Same here just haven't seen the Cheetah camo on the Gripen.

Looks quite decent not bad. Interesting though they no longer use the old two tone camouflage?

Maaaaybe... Down the line? Thing is if jets don't make it into vanilla Squad that means it would be more difficult to import into Squad and work properly.

So pray jets come... (unlikely though).

But the impala, bosbok and mirage FCZ and other variants played a major role in the war so it would be weird without them....

Ja helis are coming definitely for vanilla which will make it easy to import custom helicopter models and reuse their framework

Maybe but honestly I'd rather model it myself

the Puma as I'd need to modify it down the line

For the Atlas Oryx

@ZATr0ll Alouette will be in as well if you're wondering.

Some progress on the Eland 60 and 90.

Starting to shape up nicely now. Been a challenge so far and will continue to be til they are complete.


Early WIP of the Ratel 90.


Proportions seem a little off on the front which'll be sorted out soon enough.

Ja not a bad box out

Yup the round surfaces are what makes things a biatch to model! Ratel has none of that.

Hey guys, been a bit busy purchasing the new parts of my new computer (that I will soon build once I receive all my parts) so I haven't had much time to work on the Ratel so I did a bit tonight! I'd like to go further but I've got to end it short here as I have to be up early.


Great catch man! Ja I noticed the difference in headlight positions and guards for them.

The one in the museum is a Mk I preproduction I think

Took these photos of it back in 2015.


This one has both lights at the top and bottom from what it looks like.

Triangular guard on the top


This one with no lights on the top only at the bottom.


ZT3 with lights on the top and bottom?


Looks like a MK I here with the preproduction guard as you mentioned.


This one has an oddly shaped top light guard.


Another Mk I?


Another triangular guard one.


I'd like to match the different versions as best as I can so depending on the map and the Op it is set in the vehicles would match that year and thus model

True well the idea is to include both the Mk I and the other variants albeit how accurate I'll get them is something I've yet to determine due to lack of information on the differences between all the Mks but I'll give it my best shot.

Cheers for the information @PetraCephas always great to learn more from you πŸ˜‰

My brother was held up at gunpoint last night...

Poor Mo was attached last night by 4 guys. He had gone to buy cigarettes as he works at night for the Americans and as he got to his gate 4 guys pounced on him. He tried to shut the gate but they used crow bars to get in. They were all armed. They beat him up a bit and trod on him. He started shouting but was told if he didn’t shut up they would shoot him. They stole his laptop and server, tv, cellphone and guitar. They asked where his safe was to which he replied β€œdo I look like a guy who would have a safe?”. He’s ok but very traumatized xxx πŸ™

That was the message my father received this morning (he and I are expats) for the very reason as to what happened to my brother.

Agh so fucking fed up of the criminal thugs in our beloved country. It's appalling... Now that makes it 5 members of my family that have experienced the exact same scenario.

myself, my oldest brother and his wife were held up at gunpoint, tied up and robbed in 2015. My mother was jumped by five men as she arrived home one day in 2005, tied up and held at gunpoint as they ransacked her house.

And now my second oldest brother last night. I only have one brother left that has not experienced this. I guess when he does we'll play the lotto and win?

Anyway just venting my frustration. As there is nothing else one can do in this situation. If only we had a government that actually cared about resolving the crime problem but that's wishful thinking.

Looks like I'm going to get HardOps and Boxcutter addons at some point

They look flipping amazing! Saves so much time with what they allow you to do.

Another day, another bunch of renders!

Some decent progress on the Ratel today.


Anyone know what those "lids" are for at the top rear of the Ratel?


The rectangular shaped ones. That are on the top rear left side of the vehicle.

Little bit more progress today.

* Cut hole for the rear escape door.

* Added driver's window shields.

* Cut hole in bottom storage compartment below the side doors.

* Added base head lights.

* Added bulletproof glass to side viewports.

* Added bolts or knobs or whatever they are to the driver's front window frame, still lacking on the two side windows though.

* Cut hole for engine compartment ventilation and engine access area on the rear of the Ratel.


@PetraCephas Excellent! Thank you so much. This will help a ton!

The end is a real treat! around 35 minutes in

Seeing the HE tracer rounds flying through the distance and impacting on the ground with an explosion was awesome!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbYVJlzY0Zs SAAF's air campaign against the Italians 1940-1941

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4nLXCd3Ft4&t=731s Love how Post Scriptum has done the tanks with rounds bouncing and all that

Another update on the Ratel.

* Switched out the turret for the 20mm just so I can get both the 20 and 90 at more or less the same progress level.

Worked a bit more on the interior. It's a bit of guess work at the moment as I only have a few angles of the interior of the ratel in my reference folder.

PS: The weird looking faces where the door opening and other openings are is because I forgot to triangulate the Ngon areas for marmoset. Marmoset freaks out with Ngons and does that weird stuff.


These are my interior references.


@MrBumbles SA. This shit doesn't happen in Italy unless its mafia.

Ja not a fan of battle royale....

I need more interior reference images though as I have no idea what the floor of the ratel looks like

Also the differences between the Ratel 90, 20, 81, CMD and ZT3 interiors is going to be a lot of guess work as I know they are different as described in some of the books I've read.

That's the one specific issue with modeling South African content. There is a serious lack of reference material out there compared to the US and Russian stuff 😬

A big upgrade from my current PC

Old PC is on 2013 hardware

Never had a liquid cooled PC til now πŸ˜„

Specs are -

i7 9700k

EVGA 1070GTX 8gb


850 Watt PSU

Fractal Design Meshify C case



Corsair H100i Pro cooler

Should help a lot with running the SDK and Squad.

sorry not 580 πŸ˜…

Ja 580 would not be enough 850 no problem

Thanks man. Ja it's a real treat!

New pc smooth sailing!

Fractal Design Meshify C case

All set up on my desk now after cleaning it thoroughly. Next is to move it into my bedroom. Which is where I have to disassemble two massive cupboards so the desk can fit πŸ€ͺ

Ja saw that 😫

Panhard 90/Eland/Ratel 90 cannon mounted on a HMMV.

@Kooijpolloi I've seen pictures of the Buffel bush guard being used as a braai grill πŸ˜‹

πŸ˜„ we'll see...

That's the type of terrain that you need to try and mimic πŸ˜‹

Going to be a bit taxing on performance though I think with the thick bush maps... We'll see how we'll deal with that.

Bases often had "sand walls" rather than HESCO barriers as I believe they weren't invented yet at that time?


I'm going to work on some map assets so Warmaster can get cracking.

Likely the SADF tent as the first asset

So the test map will be a "base"

Can't wait to have the player models ready as well some day.

Alright then stay tuned for a braai in the near future πŸ˜‹

Braai on a shovel πŸ˜‹


Same here. My brother's wife's father was in the SADF for 12 years as a tiffie never crossed into Angola though IIRC. Exclusively in SWA fixing vehicles prior to their ops across the border.

Did some more modeling on the Galil, R4 and R5 last night.

Didn't make as much progress on it as I'd liked to. Will give it another session tonight and hopefully make some significant progress on it so it can be included in this month's Wrench.


@Kooijpolloi Those references have helped a ton so far. Still a long way to go on this though...

Yup. I'll have to remove those parts on the R5

Was the R5 reserved exclusively for pilots and crewmen or did regular infantry also have the option to use them?

R5 was also used by pilots and crewmen right?

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