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2018-11-09 18:13:48 UTC

Howzit everyone if you have questions feel free to ask here.

2018-11-10 07:14:12 UTC

Squad is -50% off until 12 November https://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/

2018-11-10 07:15:40 UTC


2018-11-10 07:18:40 UTC

So whats the point of this discord ?

2018-11-10 07:18:54 UTC

making south african shit for squad

2018-11-10 07:19:12 UTC

Its for the South African Border War mod thats being worked on for squad

2018-11-10 07:19:40 UTC

Ok great everything makes more senese now ok kwl

2018-11-10 07:20:07 UTC

Was just making sure that this is whats happening

2018-11-10 07:20:22 UTC

yea we are still waiting for everyone to start joining the discord server and we will also post updates etc on here

2018-11-10 07:22:20 UTC

Ok kwl who is developing the mod ?

2018-11-10 07:23:17 UTC

im going to work on the maps and Springbok is going to do the modeling but we will be getting more team members later on

2018-11-10 07:23:47 UTC

Ok kwl just wanting to find out more aboit it then

2018-11-10 07:23:52 UTC

I would like to do mapping, dont know how to tho lol

2018-11-10 07:24:23 UTC

Are you going to introduce new maps ?

2018-11-10 07:25:31 UTC

yea at first we will only starting working on the first map and has we update the mod we will add more maps

2018-11-10 07:26:45 UTC

YOu guys might want to get in touch with the french mod guys, think they are working on a Puma model

2018-11-10 07:26:48 UTC

Are you adding layers or entire new maps ?

2018-11-10 07:27:03 UTC

but we are also waiting for the latest version of the squad sdk to get the new stuff that just came out in the v12 build

2018-11-10 07:27:40 UTC

its going to be a map from sratch

2018-11-10 07:28:21 UTC

we will be creating our own hight maps that we will use the make the maps

2018-11-10 07:29:21 UTC

I did a course in GIS in uni

2018-11-10 07:29:30 UTC

if that means anything lol

2018-11-10 07:30:27 UTC

we will be looking to get someone to do the animations but we will worry about that when we get to that point

2018-11-10 07:32:02 UTC

Ahh ok it sounds kwl letme know how it goes along ?

2018-11-10 07:32:22 UTC

will do

2018-11-10 17:21:26 UTC

@warmaster2143 if I wanna be part of the development can I use epic games squad development kit or not

2018-11-10 17:28:22 UTC

@Boomninja the Squad SDK is required for modding Squad

2018-11-10 17:54:19 UTC


2018-11-11 12:10:38 UTC

IF you guys have any questions you can ask them in this channel

2018-11-26 15:12:19 UTC
2018-12-15 07:35:37 UTC


2018-12-15 13:59:52 UTC

Im supplying pics where i can

2018-12-15 16:49:41 UTC

@Kokkewiet its only me and @Springbok working on the mod

2018-12-15 16:50:15 UTC

So far ☝🏻

2018-12-15 16:51:52 UTC

@Kokkewiet Waiting for Modding 2.0 though since if we start importing content into the SDK it may all break when 2.0 releases. Just getting models ready in the meantime.

2018-12-25 07:46:22 UTC

@everyone geseende kersfees

2019-02-21 18:47:51 UTC
2019-03-07 15:53:25 UTC

@everyone We might live stream for the first time tonight and show some live modelling we will let you guys know when it will start https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm5-7KL5MunRoPMmH9Ba_CA

2019-03-07 16:48:00 UTC

@everyone We are now live come and join us https://youtu.be/B9a9B5-_jmQ

2019-03-15 04:39:48 UTC

this needs to be in all games

2019-03-17 23:46:15 UTC

Hay guys any support will be help full im trying to get to 100sub im at 60 subs so far https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS4DKBROexstij9Cj0vIzeA

2019-03-18 05:50:54 UTC

Subbed mate πŸ˜ƒ Keep pumping out those videos πŸ˜ƒ

2019-03-18 22:37:32 UTC


2019-03-18 22:38:01 UTC

I sent in a submission that's why πŸ˜‰

2019-03-18 22:38:02 UTC

Awesome man πŸ˜ƒ

2019-03-18 22:38:11 UTC

Hahaha ahhhh i see πŸ˜ƒ

2019-03-18 22:38:54 UTC

Been hard at work on the Eland 90 as well today. But really struggling with it as it's got some real weird shapes to it. Will hopefully make some decent progress on it tonight

2019-03-18 22:39:35 UTC

As I've downloaded a ton of reference images now including scale models with parts so I can model it part by part. As I reckon the Eland is more difficult to model than both the Casspir and Buffel

2019-03-18 22:42:02 UTC

This is just the rough shape of it at the moment but I reckon I'm tackling it wrong. Will probably start from the turret ring as that is where the problem is.


2019-03-18 22:43:19 UTC


2019-03-18 23:25:12 UTC

looks like quite a daunting task bra πŸ˜ƒ YOU CAN DO IT πŸ˜ƒ

2019-03-18 23:25:35 UTC

All night long

2019-03-18 23:38:57 UTC

@BoreSightGaming thanks for the encouragement man. Always glad to have it.

2019-03-19 02:16:08 UTC

Eland-90 and Ratel-90 gunner optics


2019-03-19 02:16:39 UTC

Thanks man!

2019-03-19 02:17:03 UTC

Hope this one helps with the turret ring. πŸ˜‰


2019-03-19 02:18:25 UTC

That's perfect thanks Dana.

2019-03-27 05:02:40 UTC

Plz no

2019-03-27 12:25:40 UTC


2019-03-28 09:29:32 UTC

My brother was held up at gunpoint last night...

Poor Mo was attached last night by 4 guys. He had gone to buy cigarettes as he works at night for the Americans and as he got to his gate 4 guys pounced on him. He tried to shut the gate but they used crow bars to get in. They were all armed. They beat him up a bit and trod on him. He started shouting but was told if he didn’t shut up they would shoot him. They stole his laptop and server, tv, cellphone and guitar. They asked where his safe was to which he replied β€œdo I look like a guy who would have a safe?”. He’s ok but very traumatized xxx πŸ™

2019-03-28 09:33:47 UTC

That was the message my father received this morning (he and I are expats) for the very reason as to what happened to my brother.

Agh so fucking fed up of the criminal thugs in our beloved country. It's appalling... Now that makes it 5 members of my family that have experienced the exact same scenario.

myself, my oldest brother and his wife were held up at gunpoint, tied up and robbed in 2015. My mother was jumped by five men as she arrived home one day in 2005, tied up and held at gunpoint as they ransacked her house.

And now my second oldest brother last night. I only have one brother left that has not experienced this. I guess when he does we'll play the lotto and win?

2019-03-28 09:35:35 UTC

Anyway just venting my frustration. As there is nothing else one can do in this situation. If only we had a government that actually cared about resolving the crime problem but that's wishful thinking.

2019-03-28 12:03:41 UTC

I'm sorry to hear this. If only my rage could be channelled into some enforcement entity to right this shit once and for all.

2019-04-02 08:28:12 UTC

Fuck dude... did this happen in Italy or SA?

2019-04-02 09:11:21 UTC

@MrBumbles SA. This shit doesn't happen in Italy unless its mafia.

2019-04-03 11:00:00 UTC

New PC soon!


2019-04-03 12:06:12 UTC


2019-04-03 12:06:29 UTC

A big upgrade from my current PC

2019-04-03 12:06:38 UTC

Old PC is on 2013 hardware

2019-04-03 12:07:26 UTC

Is that the corsair liquid cooler?

2019-04-03 12:07:34 UTC


2019-04-03 12:07:43 UTC


2019-04-03 12:07:58 UTC

Never had a liquid cooled PC til now πŸ˜„

2019-04-03 12:08:48 UTC

My buddy just installed that model and its superb. Looks excellent and obviously whisper quiet.

2019-04-03 12:09:51 UTC

Specs are -

i7 9700k

EVGA 1070GTX 8gb


850 Watt PSU

Fractal Design Meshify C case



2019-04-03 12:11:30 UTC

Corsair H100i Pro cooler

2019-04-03 12:13:47 UTC


2019-04-03 12:14:19 UTC

Should help a lot with running the SDK and Squad.

2019-04-03 12:15:46 UTC


2019-04-03 12:20:51 UTC

That's fucking awesome bra!!! One serious upgrade πŸ˜ƒ One question. Do you think a 580W PSU is enough?

2019-04-03 12:21:05 UTC

It should be

2019-04-03 12:21:11 UTC

Especially if you overclock

2019-04-03 12:21:32 UTC


2019-04-03 12:21:38 UTC

sorry not 580 πŸ˜…

2019-04-03 12:22:08 UTC

Hahahahaha sweet. I was getting worried there for a second

2019-04-03 12:22:14 UTC

Ja 580 would not be enough 850 no problem

2019-04-03 12:23:57 UTC

That beast is going to bring you so much joy πŸ˜ƒ Welldone buddy πŸ˜ƒ

2019-04-03 12:25:09 UTC

Thanks man. Ja it's a real treat!

2019-04-03 14:57:12 UTC

Jirrr stefan thats a beast

2019-04-03 18:21:34 UTC

Ooooo someone gots new Hardware

2019-04-04 00:29:08 UTC


2019-04-04 00:29:34 UTC

New pc smooth sailing!

2019-04-04 10:31:53 UTC

Define C?

2019-04-04 10:31:56 UTC


2019-04-04 10:32:50 UTC


2019-04-04 10:32:52 UTC


2019-04-04 12:35:16 UTC

Fractal Design Meshify C case

2019-04-04 23:49:27 UTC


2019-04-04 23:51:00 UTC

All set up on my desk now after cleaning it thoroughly. Next is to move it into my bedroom. Which is where I have to disassemble two massive cupboards so the desk can fit πŸ€ͺ

2019-04-08 22:46:39 UTC

Panhard 90/Eland/Ratel 90 cannon mounted on a HMMV.

2019-04-09 05:25:48 UTC


2019-04-09 08:23:53 UTC


2019-04-09 08:27:34 UTC


2019-04-09 08:27:50 UTC

I request tactical braai on all my casspirs plz😁

2019-04-09 11:15:53 UTC

@Kooijpolloi I've seen pictures of the Buffel bush guard being used as a braai grill πŸ˜‹

2019-04-09 11:30:21 UTC

There it is.


2019-04-09 15:29:54 UTC


2019-04-09 15:30:03 UTC


2019-04-09 15:31:18 UTC

πŸ˜„ we'll see...

2019-04-09 21:14:19 UTC

Master Study


2019-04-11 08:44:37 UTC

I will personally donate money towards having an in-game braai.

2019-04-11 08:46:16 UTC

bonus point if you can add braai sout and tongs to your plate carrier.

2019-04-11 09:26:44 UTC

i will also contribute

2019-04-11 12:37:07 UTC

Alright then stay tuned for a braai in the near future πŸ˜‹

2019-04-11 12:54:54 UTC


2019-04-11 12:55:29 UTC

A braai in game

2019-04-11 12:55:29 UTC


2019-04-11 12:55:45 UTC

Ill sponsor tjops lol

2019-04-11 12:55:59 UTC

Braai on a shovel πŸ˜‹


2019-04-11 12:56:12 UTC


2019-04-11 12:56:56 UTC


2019-04-11 12:57:36 UTC

Know a oom who was a tiffie at Ondangwa

2019-04-11 12:58:06 UTC

He is a boilermaker by trade and he built a spitbraai in the workshop for his unit once 😁 😁

2019-04-11 12:58:43 UTC

Same here. My brother's wife's father was in the SADF for 12 years as a tiffie never crossed into Angola though IIRC. Exclusively in SWA fixing vehicles prior to their ops across the border.

2019-04-11 13:00:12 UTC

Hay guys would you like to have tongs as a melee weapon

2019-04-11 13:27:33 UTC


2019-04-11 17:06:48 UTC


2019-04-11 19:52:27 UTC

what is braa

2019-04-11 19:52:28 UTC


2019-04-11 20:04:13 UTC


2019-04-11 20:04:21 UTC


2019-04-11 20:05:58 UTC


2019-04-11 20:06:33 UTC


2019-04-11 20:06:40 UTC

@kappa007 I will teach you the way of the braai

2019-04-11 20:06:56 UTC

hoe smaakt het

2019-04-11 20:07:14 UTC

is it fish

2019-04-11 20:07:16 UTC


2019-04-11 20:14:23 UTC


2019-04-11 20:14:36 UTC

And its fuckin amazing

2019-04-11 20:14:42 UTC

@kappa007 nederlander?

2019-04-11 20:15:01 UTC


2019-04-11 20:15:13 UTC


2019-04-13 17:57:45 UTC

hay guys can someone please send us images of the braai salt bottels

2019-04-13 17:58:21 UTC

like irl pics or google pics

2019-04-13 17:59:04 UTC

irl there not alot of images that shows the bottom of the it and the top

2019-04-13 17:59:22 UTC

and the lid

2019-04-13 17:59:32 UTC

Ur actually making it

2019-04-13 17:59:36 UTC


2019-04-13 17:59:43 UTC

its going to be a grenade

2019-04-13 17:59:49 UTC


2019-04-13 18:00:09 UTC


2019-04-13 18:00:14 UTC

Rocket propelled braai

2019-04-13 18:01:46 UTC


2019-04-13 18:02:03 UTC

and the tongs will be a melee weapon you can choose

2019-04-13 18:02:20 UTC

but there will be the normal knifes also

2019-04-13 18:02:32 UTC

thats in squad allready

2019-04-13 18:03:22 UTC

Braai Salt model πŸ™„


2019-04-13 18:03:27 UTC

What you oaks make me do...

2019-04-13 18:05:25 UTC

should i put the pics in references?

2019-04-13 18:05:39 UTC

Just post them here

2019-04-13 18:05:45 UTC


2019-04-13 18:06:19 UTC

Myself and Warmaster being the only two doos' that don't have braai salt πŸ˜„

2019-04-13 18:06:47 UTC

luckily i have a hella lot

2019-04-13 18:06:54 UTC

i got the new make too

2019-04-13 18:07:15 UTC

Oh nice! Ons gaan nou braai? Give me directions to your place πŸ˜‹

2019-04-13 18:07:39 UTC

lol you gonna drive far

2019-04-13 18:07:55 UTC

ps we are actually

2019-04-13 18:08:11 UTC

It's okay it's only time.

2019-04-13 18:08:22 UTC






2019-04-13 18:09:02 UTC

Can you open the lid and show me? Braaimaster2143 wants me to make it "openable"

2019-04-13 18:09:13 UTC

yea one min

2019-04-13 18:09:59 UTC

Shot man.

2019-04-13 18:11:31 UTC




2019-04-13 18:12:27 UTC

That's perfect thanks man

2019-04-13 18:12:34 UTC

no prob

2019-04-14 09:48:53 UTC

Hahaha braai salt... really hahaha

2019-04-14 09:49:04 UTC


2019-04-14 09:49:29 UTC

Ons will nou braai

2019-04-14 13:01:12 UTC

nee ons gan nou braai ;p

2019-04-14 14:16:41 UTC

I just audibly cheered seeing your braai salt model!

2019-04-15 15:49:59 UTC

You okes are doing gods work

2019-04-15 15:50:05 UTC

Tears in my eyes

2019-04-15 15:50:39 UTC

That's just the braai salt that's in there.

2019-04-15 15:50:49 UTC

Wash em out Kooij πŸ˜‰

2019-04-16 13:48:40 UTC
2019-04-21 18:50:57 UTC

Is there anyone that would like to try out the mod

2019-04-21 18:51:48 UTC

Yrah i would

2019-04-21 18:52:17 UTC

Keep in mind just a test map with renamed factions and changed flags

2019-04-21 18:52:20 UTC

No actual custom models in yet.

2019-04-21 18:52:34 UTC

but we having fun

2019-04-21 18:53:22 UTC

Yea id like to

2019-04-21 18:54:21 UTC

Can hop into public gaming voice chat if you want.

2019-04-21 20:06:32 UTC

@warmaster2143 All the weapons available to the SADF.


2019-04-21 20:48:27 UTC

Thanks for participating guys. Next test will have more content.

2019-04-21 21:08:22 UTC

πŸ‘Œ πŸ’¦

2019-04-21 21:08:56 UTC

Anyone know what shotgun models these are? As I'd like to include them for the Koevoet faction.


2019-04-21 22:39:28 UTC


2019-04-21 22:40:33 UTC

Sweet thanks Lost. What's the name of the shotgun or is the RS 202P it?

2019-04-21 22:41:44 UTC

Beretta mod Rs202p

2019-04-21 22:43:08 UTC

was used by sap not quite sadf issue i think

2019-04-21 22:43:56 UTC

Ja definitely not SADF. But any idea of how prevalent it was in Koevoet in SWA? If it was common I may very well include it for the Koevoet faction

2019-04-21 22:45:32 UTC

look at the cammo on the back seat, was that not sap issue

2019-04-21 22:47:03 UTC

Ja that's SAP 1 used by Koevoet

2019-04-21 22:47:21 UTC

SAP 2 actually I think

2019-04-21 22:48:30 UTC

Just want to make sure I'm not wasting time modeling content that was hardly seen in the war itself. Resource and time management etc...

2019-04-22 05:28:48 UTC

As far as i can figure out the SAP werent too strict on standard issue, the guy used the gun he most liked, so you can maybe balance it around that?

2019-04-22 05:33:08 UTC

And the sadf gets the remington 870 ;)

2019-04-22 05:50:14 UTC

But what i can see in pictures its mostly assualt rifles

2019-04-22 05:50:24 UTC

R1s then on to R4s

2019-04-22 05:50:55 UTC

Not really a lot of heavy weapons since they had the casspirs and the wolf

2019-04-23 06:47:10 UTC

Hay everyone we will be doing a play test again later today with a updated version of the mod. We added retextures for both SADF & FAPLA and i did a few changes on the Test Map and For SADF you will now only have the FNFAL / G3 Weapons and the M9 We also removed the marksman class in both teams and then FAPLA now have the AK74 / G3

2019-04-23 06:47:55 UTC

πŸ’ͺ🏼 See you there

2019-04-23 06:49:35 UTC

I will also be copying one of the maps in squad and just change the teams on the map so that we can also play a normal match with both of the 2 factions but it will not be in todays test

2019-04-23 08:00:35 UTC

Sounds awesome! Around what time?

2019-04-23 09:35:07 UTC

Around 5 ish

2019-04-23 12:07:03 UTC


2019-04-23 12:07:30 UTC

Just arrived should be an interesting read

2019-04-23 14:24:34 UTC

I am not a fan of the face paint

2019-04-23 14:25:49 UTC

Was used as per reference.

I don't intend it to be permanent but rather an option.

What is the reason you dislike it?


2019-04-23 14:27:52 UTC


2019-04-23 14:27:53 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:11 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:13 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:15 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:18 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:21 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:23 UTC


2019-04-23 14:30:25 UTC


2019-04-23 14:33:12 UTC

Full face paint no one used the stripes really

2019-04-23 14:34:54 UTC

I have yet to include a full face paint version, will do that although it's difficult to get it to look good πŸ˜‰ makes them look like inverted raccoons or pandas.

2019-04-23 14:35:08 UTC

Lol hahaha

2019-04-23 15:58:57 UTC

Hello so anyone that would like to test the mod again message me or @Springbok for the mod download

2019-04-23 16:02:57 UTC

we gonna test it now?

2019-04-23 16:03:40 UTC

Ja just a few changes since the last test

2019-04-23 16:03:51 UTC

Retextures and changed weapons (not custom models yet).

2019-04-23 16:04:00 UTC

im in

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