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2017-11-06 20:37:35 UTC


2017-11-06 21:41:43 UTC
2017-11-06 21:42:55 UTC

Excited for Thomas Sowell to talk to Dave Rubin?

2017-11-06 21:47:05 UTC

I gotta get Sowell's books

2017-11-06 21:48:00 UTC

Super good

2017-11-06 21:50:54 UTC


2017-11-06 21:51:00 UTC

pretty good

2017-11-06 21:51:32 UTC

stil haven't finished it

2017-11-06 21:51:36 UTC

not much time unfortunatley

2017-11-06 21:51:42 UTC

but will eventually

2017-11-06 21:54:45 UTC


2017-11-06 21:55:03 UTC

how many times does this have to happen

2017-11-06 21:55:27 UTC

Sam Hyde strikes again

2017-11-06 21:55:44 UTC

Will no one take him down!!!!

2017-11-06 21:56:03 UTC

who is this hacker 4chan?

2017-11-06 21:57:44 UTC

woah what Thomas Sowell and Dave Rubin?

2017-11-06 21:57:56 UTC

its going to be happing soon

2017-11-06 21:57:59 UTC


2017-11-06 21:58:55 UTC


2017-11-06 21:58:55 UTC

he mentioned it in his last video withOwen Benjamin

2017-11-06 21:59:14 UTC

It's so sad, really, to see such a de- emphasis of education in black communities

2017-11-06 21:59:31 UTC

Thomas Sowell is one of the most underrated public intellectuals ever.

2017-11-06 21:59:49 UTC

The system has barely changed since then which makes things worse

2017-11-06 22:00:06 UTC

The system has barely changed since fucking Booker T Washington

2017-11-06 22:00:58 UTC

Well alright, hyperbole, but when you see things like this being written 107 years ago:

2017-11-06 22:01:00 UTC

"There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs โ€” partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."

2017-11-06 22:01:04 UTC

one really has to wonder.

2017-11-06 22:02:19 UTC

@radeon If you mix a black person with an IQ of 70 with a White person with an IQ of 105 you are going to get a child that has an IQ lower than 105. That is pretty basic genetics

IF this was true, society would be a bunch of brain dead barbarians,

2017-11-06 22:03:32 UTC

regression to the mean

2017-11-06 22:03:33 UTC

>Even if the white parent has the dominant gene, the IQ will likely not be higher than 105 regardless. Are you impliying that the other parent's genes have no influence on the child's genetic makeup?

Dominant gene is a keyword

2017-11-06 22:04:39 UTC

>If you mix a pygmy with a Nordic, should we expect the child to be either 100% black or 100% white? No, the child would be somewhere in the middle
That is just stupid

Analizing just skin color, the result tend to be more to the white side.

2017-11-06 22:05:08 UTC

well, 10+20/2 would = 15, but I'mma go out on a limb here and say that genetics is a tad more complicated than basic math

2017-11-06 22:05:14 UTC

have yall read any of Sowells books?

2017-11-06 22:06:18 UTC

It's weird; I've known and respected him for many years simply by seeing his interviews on TV, but still haven't sat down to actually read a damn book of his

2017-11-06 22:06:20 UTC

I'm not sure what to read first, I'm thinking Basic Economics.

2017-11-06 22:06:30 UTC


2017-11-06 22:06:32 UTC

>I can tell you that miscenegation is the sole reason the average IQ of an african-american is 85, compared to the 65-70 you'd expect if they were 100% Negroid
Explain that

if that's the case, race mixing is a good thing...

2017-11-06 22:06:36 UTC

i couldnt find the original study but here is one that explains it somewhat

2017-11-06 22:06:50 UTC

"Basic Eco" and "Black Rednecks" are on my to-read-first list

2017-11-06 22:07:06 UTC

and i think looking at it through the lense of race is counter productive

2017-11-06 22:07:17 UTC

Basic Economics is good

2017-11-06 22:07:33 UTC

I listened to part of black rednecks and I found it to be quite world-view altering.

2017-11-06 22:08:06 UTC

Gotta git ya levels of analysis right, boi.

2017-11-06 22:08:11 UTC

Race is tricky.

2017-11-06 22:08:26 UTC

and misapplied 99% of the time

2017-11-06 22:08:47 UTC

Because most """race realists""" don't understand genetics

2017-11-06 22:08:57 UTC

@radeon i agree

2017-11-06 22:09:15 UTC

Have you seen Jean-Francois Gariepy?

2017-11-06 22:09:25 UTC

Race realist who definitely understands genetics

2017-11-06 22:09:47 UTC

I will check them out

2017-11-06 22:10:15 UTC

TL;DR did a really good video on the heritability of IQ

2017-11-06 22:10:28 UTC

as it stands right now

2017-11-06 22:13:14 UTC

thanks for the link

2017-11-06 22:13:36 UTC

JF > Sargon

2017-11-06 22:13:58 UTC

He does require patience though

2017-11-06 22:14:54 UTC

He is too arrogant, tried to watch one of his videos and it was annoying

2017-11-06 22:14:56 UTC


2017-11-06 22:15:08 UTC

I dont get this whole race and IQ thing

2017-11-06 22:15:12 UTC

the vet came here to see my dog and i had to help her

2017-11-06 22:15:21 UTC

People arent created equal

2017-11-06 22:15:23 UTC

Too arrogant?

2017-11-06 22:15:23 UTC

i left in the middle of the conversation

2017-11-06 22:15:26 UTC


2017-11-06 22:15:32 UTC

If you say so

2017-11-06 22:16:28 UTC

@franti Look, some people need a reason to fell better and superior, so they come up with shitty reaons to feel superior.

If everyone had the exact same skin tone, people would come up with something else

2017-11-06 22:16:48 UTC


2017-11-06 22:18:05 UTC

What would happen If these people were in charge. They become dodgy when I ask foe policy specifics

2017-11-06 22:18:21 UTC

These people being?

2017-11-06 22:18:34 UTC

Race realists

2017-11-06 22:18:53 UTC

Race realist =/= white nationalist

2017-11-06 22:19:29 UTC

You have to admit there's a heavy overlap

2017-11-06 22:19:31 UTC

@Fulcrum010 I've seen arrogance used to dismiss pretty much every intellectual there is, Sargon included

2017-11-06 22:19:56 UTC

Unfortunately there is a huge overlap because the two are conflated by the left

2017-11-06 22:20:09 UTC

@BrianBoru watching his vid he is making a couple of erroneous claims so far

2017-11-06 22:20:20 UTC

there are people who would be legitimately offended at you saying that

then again it's the snowflake SJW's so who cares

2017-11-06 22:21:03 UTC

Intellectuals are those who discuss ideas civilly on the public forum

2017-11-06 22:21:34 UTC

Please point out his erroneous claims, because he is always looking for insightful criticism

2017-11-06 22:21:53 UTC

oh no I agree with you

2017-11-06 22:21:58 UTC

sargon is an intellectual

2017-11-06 22:22:17 UTC

Like I tried to tell Charles Darwinist multiple times, I acknowledge the existence of differences between races, I just give a flying fuck about it.

2017-11-06 22:22:21 UTC

The first statement into it, he claims the fact that we have dif skin color proves race

2017-11-06 22:22:38 UTC

By definition...

2017-11-06 22:22:43 UTC

not really

2017-11-06 22:23:03 UTC

it is broken down further than just how the USA measures demographic info

2017-11-06 22:23:35 UTC


2017-11-06 22:24:02 UTC

Now, a serious question

2017-11-06 22:24:05 UTC


2017-11-06 22:24:20 UTC

do you guys think that guys like him, who just want to flame the server, should be banned?

2017-11-06 22:24:35 UTC

I don't think he's trolling

2017-11-06 22:24:36 UTC

no they should be able to speak

2017-11-06 22:24:37 UTC

Not unless they start ad hominem or spam

2017-11-06 22:25:22 UTC

They should be able to speak their mind, but without spamming.

2017-11-06 22:25:25 UTC

Or gore spam

2017-11-06 22:26:02 UTC

This is a private server ait the end of the day

2017-11-06 22:26:16 UTC


2017-11-06 22:26:22 UTC

that's why i'm asking

2017-11-06 22:26:51 UTC

Imo at this point banning him would just be closed-minded

2017-11-06 22:26:53 UTC

because, i don't want to wake up enter here and see

2017-11-06 22:27:18 UTC

he ended up addressing it

2017-11-06 22:27:22 UTC

But If we started banning people for not having the same opinion we would be living in a glass house under a ravine

2017-11-06 22:27:31 UTC

the opinion doesn't matter

2017-11-06 22:27:38 UTC

if we disagree it's fine

2017-11-06 22:27:42 UTC

@BrianBoru it just seemed like he oversimplified it at the start

2017-11-06 22:27:43 UTC

just no spam

2017-11-06 22:28:07 UTC

He went in guns blazing I give you that

2017-11-06 22:28:24 UTC

Fair enough I suppose. I told you he requires patience

2017-11-06 22:28:29 UTC

i guess he tought anyone else would agree with him

2017-11-06 22:28:31 UTC

Who are we talking about

2017-11-06 22:28:40 UTC

up the talk a bit

2017-11-06 22:28:51 UTC


2017-11-06 22:28:52 UTC

we had our first race realist

2017-11-06 22:28:52 UTC


2017-11-06 22:29:12 UTC

I'd say keep it contained in one channel

2017-11-06 22:29:26 UTC

not a bad idea

2017-11-06 22:29:27 UTC

I'm a race realist ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2017-11-06 22:29:36 UTC

not on his level

2017-11-06 22:29:42 UTC

Whatever that means

2017-11-06 22:29:52 UTC

You are not an asshole about it

2017-11-06 22:30:00 UTC

Yeah, @BrianBoru are you like me that you acknowledge it but don't give a shit

2017-11-06 22:30:08 UTC

Kind of

2017-11-06 22:30:20 UTC

i think it needs to be addressed in Measures of Effectivness

2017-11-06 22:30:24 UTC

I care that people acknowledge reality though

2017-11-06 22:30:27 UTC

He had this sense of smugness about him

2017-11-06 22:30:37 UTC

The only race realists I have a problem with are the "ethno-state" types.

2017-11-06 22:30:53 UTC

he didn't even calles us SJW, so i guess it went well

2017-11-06 22:30:55 UTC

That would be white nationalists

2017-11-06 22:31:04 UTC

I also have major problems with them

2017-11-06 22:31:09 UTC

still, let's see tomorrow

2017-11-06 22:31:14 UTC

I acknowledge the reality, it's just that I don't think policy should reflect it because it is possible to rise above, for example, the average IQ of a race.

2017-11-06 22:31:15 UTC

and see if he bring some friends

2017-11-06 22:31:16 UTC

They're the same thing, imo

2017-11-06 22:31:31 UTC

Well you're wrong Dr

2017-11-06 22:34:34 UTC

I don't want to be a race realist, yet I see how different areas of the world progress so vastly differently, yet at the same time, I see that it could largely be because of environment.

I don't know. However it is, I just try to treat everyone chill

2017-11-06 22:34:49 UTC


2017-11-06 22:34:53 UTC

don't be a dick

2017-11-06 22:34:57 UTC

that's the golden rule

2017-11-06 22:35:01 UTC


2017-11-06 22:35:09 UTC

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that races have genetic differences

2017-11-06 22:35:14 UTC

That is race realism

2017-11-06 22:35:18 UTC

if you believe it or not, it's irrelevant

2017-11-06 22:35:26 UTC

and i guess that's the problem here

2017-11-06 22:35:27 UTC

No value judgments need come from it necessarily

2017-11-06 22:35:50 UTC

Is vs Ought anyone?

2017-11-06 22:35:59 UTC


2017-11-06 22:36:35 UTC

@Fulcrum010 How things are vs how things ought to be

2017-11-06 22:36:37 UTC

The issues with race realism seem to be policy implications etc

2017-11-06 22:36:43 UTC

oh, got it

2017-11-06 22:36:51 UTC

never heard it like this before

2017-11-06 22:36:53 UTC

Irrelevant to the truth of the observation of racial differences

2017-11-06 22:37:48 UTC

That's pretty much where the arguments about race realism come from.

2017-11-06 22:38:35 UTC

How is that the same thing as white nationalism? (Ought)

2017-11-06 22:39:31 UTC

Depends on what kind of white nationalist you're talking about

2017-11-06 22:40:28 UTC

Not really

2017-11-06 22:40:41 UTC

The whitish nationalist-ish kind

2017-11-06 22:40:48 UTC

There's the "keep white nations white via implying the law and kicking out illegal non-white" white nationalists and the "Ethno state" white nationalists.

2017-11-06 22:41:10 UTC

Neither of those necessarily follows race realism

2017-11-06 22:41:21 UTC

And I don't see the distinction really

2017-11-06 22:41:30 UTC

But race realism can lead to it

2017-11-06 22:41:32 UTC

It's a half step

2017-11-06 22:41:40 UTC

Slippery slope huh?

2017-11-06 22:41:46 UTC


2017-11-06 22:41:51 UTC


2017-11-06 22:42:02 UTC

not saying it's true for every race-realist though

2017-11-06 22:42:22 UTC

Well can we recognize that we are intelligent adults who won't automatically fall down that slope?

2017-11-06 22:42:36 UTC

So we can actually acknowledge reality

2017-11-06 22:42:46 UTC

Intelligent adults? Nowadays?

2017-11-06 22:42:54 UTC

Yes, you can

2017-11-06 22:43:18 UTC

So conflating race realism with ethnonationalism is unproductive

2017-11-06 22:43:40 UTC

It only fuels extremism on both sides

2017-11-06 22:43:48 UTC


2017-11-06 22:44:07 UTC

And i will admit, I am guilty of conflating these at one point

2017-11-06 22:44:47 UTC

> They're the same thing, imo

2017-11-06 22:45:11 UTC

@BrianBoru i guess everyone here knows that race exists and that some difference between then exists.

What we are talking about is the crowd that go, "blacks are genetically inferior" and etc

2017-11-06 22:45:25 UTC

Then we are all race realists

2017-11-06 22:45:28 UTC


2017-11-06 22:45:46 UTC

Race realism =/= racial supremacy

2017-11-06 22:46:16 UTC

the term race realist is used to describe a individual who tend to impose their bullshit on others, those individuals tend to be white supremacists

2017-11-06 22:46:23 UTC

Black people are more susceptible to sickle cell anemia.


2017-11-06 22:46:33 UTC

That use is a bullshit loading of the term

2017-11-06 22:46:37 UTC

Poisoning the well

2017-11-06 22:46:41 UTC

it's not bullshit

2017-11-06 22:46:45 UTC

is how is used

2017-11-06 22:47:05 UTC

And feminist means equality and communism means sharing

2017-11-06 22:47:08 UTC

like, it's obvious that differences exists

2017-11-06 22:47:16 UTC

Oh he got you on that one

2017-11-06 22:47:42 UTC

I think what Fulcrum is saying is that race realist is an abused term

2017-11-06 22:47:53 UTC

That is what I'm saying

2017-11-06 22:47:54 UTC

for real Vee is on point about this,

the alt left dont even think that races don't even exists and the alt right thinks that they exists and blacks are brain dead people

2017-11-06 22:48:56 UTC

Not exactly, but a decent simplification

2017-11-06 22:49:20 UTC

at the end of the day, yeah, we are all race realists, but.... the term is not used to describe people who knows that some difference exists

meanwhile, you are playing the semantic cherry picking game to prove your point

2017-11-06 22:49:33 UTC


2017-11-06 22:49:48 UTC

I'm getting back to what the term actually means

2017-11-06 22:49:57 UTC

To conflate it with something else is asinine

2017-11-06 22:50:11 UTC

Race realism => race is real

2017-11-06 22:50:26 UTC

Not I will force my belief in racial supremacy on you

2017-11-06 22:50:31 UTC

Alt Left - races exist, we wuz KANGZ, down with white men.

Alt Right - races exist and white people are the best kind

2017-11-06 22:50:56 UTC

Alt left is divided on existence of race

2017-11-06 22:51:02 UTC


2017-11-06 22:51:12 UTC

we are all the same and bla bla bla

2017-11-06 22:51:14 UTC

No consistency

2017-11-06 22:51:36 UTC

inconsistency has been the Left's major flaw

2017-11-06 22:52:05 UTC

I think it stems from guilt and insecurity

2017-11-06 22:52:08 UTC

Intersectionality will be their greatest success and subsequent failure

2017-11-06 22:52:10 UTC

consistently incosistent

2017-11-06 22:52:36 UTC

Social justice cannibalism I call it

2017-11-06 22:52:48 UTC

you will never be PC enough

2017-11-06 22:53:02 UTC

PC master race

2017-11-06 22:53:31 UTC

Praise the Mighty Computer Gods

2017-11-06 22:54:03 UTC

The true gods be praised

2017-11-06 22:55:49 UTC

GabeN watches over me and gives me strength....and 35% off counter strike

2017-11-06 22:57:28 UTC


2017-11-06 22:59:17 UTC

"You're not a real [Insert Political Ideology]!"

2017-11-06 23:01:52 UTC

Not real communism

2017-11-06 23:02:28 UTC


2017-11-06 23:06:42 UTC


2017-11-06 23:07:07 UTC

the subreddit about anarchism have mods

2017-11-06 23:07:13 UTC

and they even ban people

2017-11-06 23:07:33 UTC

Guys anarchism works trust me I'm 16

2017-11-06 23:07:52 UTC

Anarcho-facism is the only way forward tbh

2017-11-06 23:08:45 UTC

Guys anarxhism works but not on our anarcho channel

2017-11-06 23:09:12 UTC

this is a christian discord server, no bad words like anarchism here, please.

2017-11-06 23:09:41 UTC

how dare you say heck on my christian minecraft server

2017-11-06 23:10:12 UTC

I would like to see an example of a good an-cap society

2017-11-06 23:10:56 UTC

If it is so good why is there no place where it is practiced by many people

2017-11-06 23:11:15 UTC

It's not good

2017-11-06 23:11:19 UTC

Ancap is AIDS

2017-11-06 23:11:46 UTC

But they say it is the best thing since sliced bread /s

2017-11-06 23:11:52 UTC


2017-11-06 23:15:52 UTC


2017-11-06 23:16:32 UTC

Quick post pictures of Emu to trigger australians

2017-11-06 23:16:50 UTC


2017-11-06 23:18:06 UTC

Post things that trigger Australians

2017-11-06 23:18:54 UTC


2017-11-06 23:19:00 UTC

Fucking boat people

2017-11-06 23:19:01 UTC


2017-11-06 23:19:19 UTC


2017-11-06 23:19:20 UTC

>Triggering Australians
That's not how that works

2017-11-06 23:20:26 UTC

the german dude left the server?

2017-11-06 23:20:36 UTC


2017-11-06 23:30:07 UTC


2017-11-06 23:51:37 UTC

As a Libertarian, I can confirm that "You're not a real Libertarian" is used a lot.

2017-11-06 23:52:22 UTC

Pfff you're not even a real Libertarian though

2017-11-06 23:52:25 UTC


2017-11-07 00:29:31 UTC

anarcha feminism is the way to go

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