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2019-08-10 13:34:25 UTC
2019-08-10 13:35:10 UTC

Part time suicide watch?

2019-08-10 13:35:48 UTC

suicide watch... watch as he commits suicide

2019-08-10 13:36:06 UTC

I guess

2019-08-10 13:36:07 UTC


2019-08-10 13:36:21 UTC

We should at least get some America’s funniest home videos out of the incident

2019-08-10 13:36:22 UTC


2019-08-10 13:37:54 UTC

He's dead.

2019-08-10 13:37:58 UTC

He has billions - billions can buy a comfortable life in any prison system... he could even get kids shipped in at the weekends.
...suicide makes no sense before the money runs out.
- conclusion: murder -

2019-08-10 13:38:08 UTC

@MountainMan you’re a bit late to the party

2019-08-10 13:38:19 UTC

Yeah I just noticed kek

2019-08-10 13:38:22 UTC

but fucking hell

2019-08-10 13:41:53 UTC

Nothing to see here. That a lot of VIP was accused in a legal document for being a part of his sex ring is totally unrelated to his suddenly death

2019-08-10 13:43:33 UTC

So who do we guess did get him killed. The Clinton's or some other Democrats

The Royal Family of the United Kingdom

2019-08-10 13:47:05 UTC

That is a good guess as well

2019-08-10 13:59:01 UTC


2019-08-10 13:59:08 UTC


2019-08-10 14:00:11 UTC

The Illuminati

2019-08-10 14:00:17 UTC

They should release the body to the public

2019-08-10 14:04:52 UTC

So we can desecrate it like the Libyans did with gadffi

2019-08-10 14:06:27 UTC

instead of shooting up schools, cant someone just shoot the clintons?

2019-08-10 14:06:55 UTC

as intriguing as it may be

2019-08-10 14:07:09 UTC

the question is what is behind the clintons

2019-08-10 14:25:42 UTC


2019-08-10 14:31:10 UTC

Denmark, brah you ok?

2019-08-10 14:31:53 UTC

so is it the Islamises this time or are old wars between the biker gungs hot again

2019-08-10 14:33:13 UTC

no clue. black clothing white shoes. everyone wears that.

2019-08-10 14:36:50 UTC

it can be a loony toon as the fist explotion was against the Tax office and this one was towards a Police station.

2019-08-10 14:38:38 UTC

could be one of those antifa members. or iron guard or whatever.

2019-08-10 14:38:57 UTC

also look at this:

2019-08-10 14:39:17 UTC

fucking someone in rosengΓ₯rden got shot <:GWfroggerHyperXD:399972553524903938>

2019-08-10 14:39:30 UTC

one of our shitzones just so ya'll know

2019-08-10 14:39:53 UTC

so it was a normal Friday

2019-08-10 14:40:23 UTC

@MountainMan why did you suicide Epstein

2019-08-10 14:40:33 UTC
2019-08-10 14:40:41 UTC

unironically @Nordhand

2019-08-10 14:40:45 UTC

I’m turning you in

2019-08-10 14:42:56 UTC

Images of the bombing in Denmark

2019-08-10 14:44:00 UTC

dosent look like an islamist. feels like some loony, some commie, or nazi. prob one of the first two. nazis only usually throw molotovs at immigration facilities. <:GWcorbinTopKek:384871333705678868>

2019-08-10 14:44:31 UTC

"doesnt look"?

2019-08-10 14:45:02 UTC

islamists wear those sandnigger clothes @RΓΆlli

2019-08-10 14:46:28 UTC

Not always

2019-08-10 14:46:48 UTC

Pulse night club guy didn’t

2019-08-10 14:47:04 UTC

I don’t think the bataclan killers did either

2019-08-10 14:47:04 UTC

no idea what that is. is it the guy who went and shot up some bar with his girl?

2019-08-10 14:47:28 UTC

No he was a gay Muslim who shot up what? 60 people at a gay club

2019-08-10 14:47:39 UTC

Because he felt guilty about being a gay Muslim

2019-08-10 14:48:27 UTC

but they say islam have a long history of being gay friendly

2019-08-10 14:48:56 UTC

It has. <:GWcorbinTopKek:384871333705678868>

2019-08-10 14:49:05 UTC

Yes I remember him! @abdullah king of the wasps

2019-08-10 14:49:52 UTC

did the nigga have a beard

2019-08-10 14:49:58 UTC

if not then he's not islamist

2019-08-10 14:50:06 UTC


2019-08-10 14:50:34 UTC

https://youtu.be/GSbgz7rv5Wk (yes I know we are already talking about this but it’s vee he needs love)

2019-08-10 14:50:41 UTC

And much cummies

2019-08-10 14:50:49 UTC

thanks baba

Tim's opening line here


Tim Pool signs for INFOWARS

in 3... 2... 1...

2019-08-10 14:54:17 UTC

yea only a fool believe that no one did help him with the rope

2019-08-10 14:54:54 UTC

galaxy brain take

2019-08-10 14:55:31 UTC


2019-08-10 14:59:08 UTC


2019-08-10 14:59:18 UTC

Yes more Russians

2019-08-10 14:59:32 UTC

Damn Russian bots


Get off my water, EU cucks

2019-08-10 15:08:53 UTC

sorry its mine now

2019-08-10 15:08:59 UTC

out of my big swimming pool

2019-08-10 15:15:24 UTC

Eu more like the gay and disabled 4th Reich

2019-08-10 15:17:32 UTC


2019-08-10 15:34:46 UTC

Of course, of course, uh huh

2019-08-10 15:34:55 UTC


2019-08-10 15:34:57 UTC


2019-08-10 15:38:03 UTC

Just about to post that

2019-08-10 15:39:18 UTC


2019-08-10 15:39:32 UTC

what a surprising coincidence that the camera did suddenly not work when the guy that can send all the elites in the US to jail decided to kill him self

2019-08-10 15:39:39 UTC

Look conspiritards its clear what happened he just managed to strangle himself in a completely empty room during the exact period between the cameras malfunctioning and someone coming to investigate this malfunction... That is Occam's Razor

2019-08-10 15:39:43 UTC

You are so paranoid

2019-08-10 15:39:46 UTC


2019-08-10 15:39:59 UTC


2019-08-10 15:41:20 UTC

just go back to watch the latest npc movie of the month

2019-08-10 15:41:39 UTC

hey do you *love* superheroes

2019-08-10 15:42:14 UTC


2019-08-10 15:42:21 UTC

And peeboy

2019-08-10 15:42:37 UTC

put him on suicide watch, eh doesnt care, cause hes Suicideman!

2019-08-10 15:43:00 UTC


2019-08-10 15:43:24 UTC

Suicideman's extendi-arms allow him to shotgun himself in the back of the head!

2019-08-10 15:43:27 UTC


2019-08-10 15:43:57 UTC

and he will shoot him self twice with a pump action

2019-08-10 15:44:08 UTC

that is SUPER stamina!

2019-08-10 15:47:46 UTC

The Police did raid a mosque in norway today after shootings was reported and they did find a arsenal of guns. it may have been a failed repeat of the Christchurch shooting but police have not released any more news as of now

2019-08-10 15:48:23 UTC


2019-08-10 15:48:42 UTC

Or the mooses were about to shoot someone up

2019-08-10 15:48:43 UTC


2019-08-10 15:48:55 UTC

dude uncovers extremist mosque weapon cache

2019-08-10 15:48:57 UTC

hmmm a mosque hiding a secret arsenal... is this a repost? I have heard this one before

2019-08-10 15:49:28 UTC

cause authorities refused to act <:kek:590371888480387073>

2019-08-10 16:18:12 UTC


2019-08-10 16:20:43 UTC

broken clock is right twice a day, but yea all of this stinks


2019-08-10 16:20:57 UTC

:regional_indicator_m: :a: :regional_indicator_g: :a:


2019-08-10 17:02:38 UTC

will wait for a better source but it would explain how it was possible for him to "kill himself"

2019-08-10 17:03:59 UTC

He posted cringe

2019-08-10 17:04:25 UTC


2019-08-10 17:04:29 UTC

you just posted cringe

2019-08-10 17:04:42 UTC

you are going to lose subscribers

2019-08-10 17:13:09 UTC


2019-08-10 17:13:16 UTC

You just posted thought crime

2019-08-10 17:13:30 UTC

You are going to lose social credit score

2019-08-10 17:15:27 UTC

Recycle hin

2019-08-10 17:22:13 UTC


2019-08-10 18:37:43 UTC

for reasons of suiciding?


It's August 🀷🏿

2019-08-10 19:41:59 UTC

August is right before September

2019-08-10 19:42:44 UTC


2019-08-10 19:51:59 UTC

Thanks for the visual image, I wouldn't habe known

It's August 10th 🀷🏿

2019-08-10 19:55:39 UTC

don't worry about it sometimes jokes are difficult to understand

ok 🀷🏿

2019-08-10 20:35:57 UTC

All those people suiciding, it was Trump trying to frame the clintons

2019-08-10 20:40:57 UTC


2019-08-10 20:50:19 UTC


2019-08-10 21:09:10 UTC

Twitter with that manipulation

2019-08-10 21:10:19 UTC

bUt tWiTteR TreNdInG iS dYnaMiC

2019-08-10 21:33:35 UTC

are they trying to say it's trump's fault?

2019-08-10 21:33:40 UTC

big brain

2019-08-10 21:45:46 UTC


2019-08-10 21:46:08 UTC

They're out in full force trying to say that Trump put out a hit on Epstein

2019-08-10 21:46:34 UTC

Look at the comments section of any online media outlet, like The Hill

2019-08-10 21:50:01 UTC

I posted the marching orders in <#372513679964635138>

2019-08-10 21:51:46 UTC

yea Trump did get him killed because they believe Trumps was in on the pedo ring, but refuses to believe that he was the only one that was speaking to the investigations voluntary True NPC taking points strait from rachel maddow

2019-08-10 21:54:47 UTC


2019-08-10 22:16:09 UTC

A turk is like a vulture. And the americans are content with letting them do whatever now that one of their problems is almost solved.

2019-08-10 22:18:07 UTC

Not if Russia has anything to say about it

2019-08-10 22:19:34 UTC

Update on the mosque shooter in norway. turns out he did kill a female family member before he did go to shoot up the mosque where a 75 old Iraqi did beat up his ass and there was only three people in the mosque at said time because the terrorist was a inept alt right incel

2019-08-10 22:20:46 UTC

At this point I can only hope. @galesteppes

2019-08-10 22:21:04 UTC


2019-08-10 22:22:14 UTC

Russia have it own shit do deal with atm. as it election there and Putin is Epsteining all his competition and people are not happy about it

2019-08-10 22:25:17 UTC

Literally whats happening right now is americans trying the "appeasment" strategy. And we saw how that turnt out when the english tried it on the germans.

2019-08-10 22:29:58 UTC

I bring my popcorn with me wherever I go <:pepe_smug:560207654207750154>

2019-08-10 23:31:41 UTC


2019-08-10 23:31:48 UTC


2019-08-11 01:12:36 UTC


2019-08-11 01:35:39 UTC

Hoo boy, this is some funny shit All about a dead pedophile who got killed by other pedos

2019-08-11 01:36:04 UTC

Gona call it, the clintons are gona get away with this one too

2019-08-11 01:36:22 UTC

The glow in the dark twiggers will sort this out

2019-08-11 01:49:43 UTC

Are we even 100% sure it's *his* body

2019-08-11 01:52:36 UTC

I am sure its the same body as osamas body

2019-08-11 01:52:43 UTC

Obamas uncle

2019-08-11 02:44:05 UTC

Another pedo bites the dust

2019-08-11 07:01:46 UTC

@Nordhand what are they counting as the trump body count?

2019-08-11 08:01:40 UTC

All of the dead "migrants"

2019-08-11 08:01:44 UTC


2019-08-11 08:02:46 UTC

Of course it is searched in california XD

2019-08-11 08:03:08 UTC

The clinton body count has reached 400

2019-08-11 08:13:14 UTC

@Nobel Suprise >he was actually an ephebophile

2019-08-11 08:13:16 UTC


2019-08-11 08:24:11 UTC

*That wasn't real AnCapistan*

2019-08-11 08:31:55 UTC

I mean

2019-08-11 08:32:01 UTC

What if she consented tho

2019-08-11 08:32:14 UTC

Aww, no ancap ball

2019-08-11 08:35:39 UTC

<:Commie_ball:466404411535785995> welp only ball we have

2019-08-11 10:49:05 UTC

migrants discovering dating apps - it's like pizza delivery, except it's rape.

2019-08-11 11:21:29 UTC


2019-08-11 11:23:15 UTC

Welp I looked at her Twitter

2019-08-11 11:23:21 UTC


2019-08-11 11:23:35 UTC

She seems reasonable


2019-08-11 12:48:27 UTC


2019-08-11 13:01:09 UTC

England and their shit tier footbal

Spain only have 2 teams

2019-08-11 13:36:48 UTC

If you live in Wiltshire and wonder what they blew the police budget on...

2019-08-11 13:38:00 UTC


2019-08-11 13:38:10 UTC

we have a big rainbow flaw so crime is now over

2019-08-11 13:38:48 UTC

complimentary rimjobs on the house

2019-08-11 13:39:24 UTC

if it big and back we want you back, is the new motto for them

2019-08-11 13:44:54 UTC


Tim's opening line. How cheery on this Sunday afternoon

2019-08-11 14:59:29 UTC

atm the police have said nothing to the MSM except they have the idiot in custody and he is charged for the murder of his step sister and the attack on the mosque with the intent of mass murder. anything else you see in the media is pure speculation from the fake news press

2019-08-11 15:06:47 UTC

truly a gaming moment. is it true though that he got beat by some old iraqi when he tried to attack the mosque? @Nordhand

2019-08-11 15:07:16 UTC

that part is confirmed by the police.

2019-08-11 15:07:55 UTC


2019-08-11 15:08:30 UTC

old iraqi war veteran. vs a incel keyboard warrior

2019-08-11 15:16:44 UTC

Boomer vs doomer

2019-08-11 15:18:40 UTC

So did they not find a weapons cache inside the mosque?

2019-08-11 15:23:21 UTC

from what I did get from the press conferences. the only weapons found was the shooter hand gun and a shot gun. the report of an arsenal is traced back to fake news press it seems

2019-08-11 15:25:26 UTC

Ahh, okay

2019-08-11 17:09:55 UTC

Where did the idea of the weapon cache even come from?

2019-08-11 17:13:18 UTC

It was in the article

2019-08-11 17:14:20 UTC

Which? I Only remember the swedish and norwegian ones.

2019-08-11 17:15:21 UTC

The BBC had it

2019-08-11 17:16:48 UTC

The news paper I trust the most in Norway have said they refuse to speculate at this point as there is to many questions and that is how fake news is made and fake news is a huge problem

2019-08-11 17:48:44 UTC


2019-08-11 18:12:41 UTC

Never understood how some police can be this retarded

2019-08-11 18:12:54 UTC

"Picking a side"

2019-08-11 18:13:07 UTC

I thought cops were meant to be neutral <:HonkHonk:566814473646768128>

2019-08-11 19:02:46 UTC

Tiananmen square 2 Electric boogaloo is coming to a cinema near you this fall

2019-08-11 19:07:35 UTC

I don't understand why we haven't sent a carrier group to shoot some warning missiles over the island yet.

2019-08-11 19:07:36 UTC

videos will have to be smuggled out by flashdrive

2019-08-11 19:08:11 UTC

We've done it with every previous major Chinese buildup against an ally

2019-08-11 19:23:21 UTC

problem is that HK in theory is a internal affair for China

2019-08-11 19:26:34 UTC


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