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sounds like a grand time

no wonder its full of russia hating euros ๐Ÿ˜„

im gettin really tired of that weimar vibe

yeah thats the problem though

its getting less and less civil discussion and more of a shouting match

with violent tendencies

its just been a few years that discussion about legislature policing speech is in the public, or am I wrong?

thats why eastern europeans are more aware, they remember

well they dont have the same issues as poland, hungary, czeck rep.

there is a good documentary about the russian side on amazton prime and lots of documentation by vice from the ukranisan side

"A Sniper's War" is on amazon, but its more about a serbian sniper fighting in the conflict on the side of russian seperatists

buying cigarettes?

so sargon doesnt want to be our grunt anymore

what does that mean?

yeah well i am not mad at him

must be tiring

just got banned from the politics section of another server cause I used the word "tranny"

it was called a slurr

but then is fam slurr for family?!

see, I didnt know either

i just said I wanted a Total War mod with a blue haired tranny general

well, the server was related to a subreddit, so no suprise there

was reddit always shit or just after trump


yes thats why I join Gamzas Crusade now

i remember pretty good discussion on worldnews and now its a shitfest

lego has competition?

considering their main target demographic and them being based in denmark


the 3d printed model look pretty shitty compared to the real deal


I wouldnt want to have to paint the 3d model though, and thats where I get most enjoyment out of the hobby

and purging heretics ofc

no I dont want to paint the 3d printed model

looks too rough

but its monday

enjoy, dont fuck the company though

sufis the one tolerable islam denomination


in which countries is sufism strong?

yeah, thanks


and there I thought he lives only on beef salt and water

โ€œOf course there are higher ups that are paying us. They want us to help sow the division and to take over Trumpโ€™s Twitter feed. When [Trump] makes a post they want our tweets to be up there,โ€ says Krassenstein.

russian bot much

some1 drop a penny, quick

you can smelt them and make rings and shieet

I'd just drop all the pennies on the floor inside the bank and walk out

i had a bag of coin change that I wanted to deposit into my account, but the bank wouldnt take it cause my account was from a different subsidiary, so i just gave the bag to the homeless guy in front of the bank

tbh the alt-right only exists so other people can be falsely associated with them

women dont have penises though

BBC "We really wanted to hear war"

he seems to like pentagrams, satanist confirmed

"we need some1 who can make baseless allegation stick"

and no native speaker

ban me cause you dont like the way I type

I was banned from wh40k discord for saying tranny now you give me shit for substituting a word with a number

I see no difference

I have other servers, I'll be alright

Im not collecting, it just seems to happen

I also left danuklas server, well was kicked, but I didnt rejoin. do you know of this place?

at least in the politics channel

its a lefty hugbox, fully purged

I spammed "thank you" to the mod Arabman after he went on a ping sperge

I knew what I was doing, I dont even like scat, so why be there?

unless I want to be banned/kicked

well danks server was an exception to that

I even left the 40k discord after having my talking rights in politics revoked

but it was the main channel there I cared about

yes its hidden and you need to ask for a tag to talk there or even read

its half past 2 here so I better go to sleep

the allegation supplies never last until midterms!

so I guess we have 2-4 new allegation wwhile I was at work?

I watched the molyneux-vid on the third allegation, its funny shit

weekly gangrape parties

cant walk down the street without meeting someone who was raped by kavanaugh, and im in caliphate germany

Erdogan visits us tomorrow, I hope someone ends him

since wating her to testify is bullying

soon when Islam rules we at least get rid of that problem

have we reached peak wokeness yet?

is there a stream?

oh look how she has to dig so deep to remember

Mr Whitehouse, really?

sugar takes the edge off the shock

I dont think the midterms will go so well as the dems think

so how is she going to prove that he almost raped her?

isnt the FBI only investigating crimes like murder?

is almost rape a federal crime?

and then she was the snake on a plane

oh as long as its leisure airtravel doesnt seem to be a problem

I wonder how much the dems pay her for that shit

and will she be held accountable if the case is dismissed

beach friends lol

people you spliff with on the beach occansinally

they have experience with nothing burgers

feels over facts, we can all learn from that

polygraph isnt useful as long as she truly belives a lie

maybe she identifies as trans-factual so its alright

I almost raped her! No! twas me!

im talking about thwe linked article

The Judiciary Committee Republican staff did not release any details about the men, but said each had been interviewed, and one had provided a written statement.

time for a polygraph

I just need salt, pepper, chili and fresh garlic

"lets be nice to her"

not many restaurants with female chefs

i cook a lot but its hard to cook something nice for yourself every day

heroic nothingburgers have been bravely presented

"I still like beer" 2 bottles of water appear

why didnt you keep track of your beers?

now hes too emotional after they pampered ford for a hour

good for the dutch.

wondering if its again merkelbois visiting

Senator Alzheimer

u tell em Graham

"I will continue to be a good boi and like beer"

whop doesnt know the situation. you have a few bewskies and wake up covered in raped thots

they should have just put an FBI agent with a notepad in the room

there: FBI investigation

is it still going? stream stopped

had to go NBC, CBSN has a 4hr vid when i f5, but thanks

Norsemen season 2 is out

if you're stuck on a plane an epipen wont help you much

its just to win some time till the ambulance arrives or you made it into the hospital

if youre allergic to sesame buy a banana

dems sealing trump 2020 I see

Straws was the name of the game from beginning

"here your shekels sir"

are you wathcing a rerun? cause they seem to walk in circles

I had a honey deal going down with turks that reminded me of drug deals

they wanted 40kg and even put some honey on paper and burned it

nice, must be best buddy with bill

literal bee honey

im a beekeeper

yeah you need to network a lot

we have pro-beek cons twice a year

well moist stuff we have in the supermarkets here isnt any better i guess

"from EU and non EU countries"

IN glasses I sell for 7-8โ‚ฌ per pound

in buckets its 10โ‚ฌ/kg

believe victims, screw evidence

peanuts for senators it seems, repeatetly calling it nothing

and 500k is just the gofundme? Dem will cash in as well I guess

also "human garbage"

are they muzzie hunting?

foreign legion, lel

it already does

tweets like "I am one unfounded allegation away from buying a maga hat"

i know that voice from somewhere

SPLC has been a laughing stock for decades

Sorry, that page doesnโ€™t exist!

US is going full Weimar

cant decide if i'd be rather stabbed by muzzies or antifa

yes but they will bolden

with trumps victory 2020 will be a breaking point

say about india what you want but they sure killed a lot of muzzies

brave for mobile though

i just use brave for the built in adblock

1 billion goat herders vs 50 million bankers

if they hate men so much why even get impregnated by one in the first place?

conservatives I guess

liberals get the bullet too...

/r/DebateCommunism/ has a discord, anyone visited them?

Please state the following:
1. Your ideological tendency and a brief summary
2. Your pronouns
3. Where you got the invite

ok I think I'll pass

have to get past the politcommissar

What do you think about LGBTQ+ rights?


i said "equal right for everyone"

ok im in *hackervoice*

now they want me to name a decent anarchist, Noam Chomsky wasnt the right answer ๐Ÿ˜„

I introdusce myself as Leninist, why do I have to know any anarchists?

nah you have to consent to the commie rules so there are no normal people I guess

beside me, undercover

wait, there are even capitalists and "questioning" listed

austrian school ๐Ÿ˜„

I can stop my report

Toto - Shithole

17 fucking years ago

is that supposed to be weed?

did you grind that or did this come this way?

so I guess its cheaper that way

whats the rate?

I get 13g indica or 10g sativa buds for 100โ‚ฌ

no I didnt know its a county in CA

I just know Alexander von Humboldt

and thought he meant germany in a weird way

ye, someone died at the oktoberfest today

tis a sad day for beer

was beaten to death apparently

yes i know what you mean

many beers here dont taste that different because of the "reinheitsgebot" which limits brewers to certain ingredients

mayn german brewers moved to the US to make craft beer

right now I have a Becks which is really nothing speacial but quality

btw what with all that cleansing? are they kicked for inactivity?

I left the commie server again, I realized I couldnt keep up my cover as leninist

I just ignore everything furry

hopefully those thousands of turks marching, chanting "we are the militarty and he is our leader" open the eyes of my fellow contrymen

the guestworkers form the 60s sure overstayed their welcome

you have dick you lose

they are just being good muzzies, they wouldnt rape their own

whats up with her chinese driver?

its just being mentioned and I have no idea whats it about

like the SJW type that advocate for silly shit without the foresight that it might be used against them in the future

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