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2019-10-13 20:13:00 UTC

pcpartpicker is good for new parts

2019-10-13 20:13:24 UTC

what settings did it run at?

2019-10-13 20:13:26 UTC

Either you must have found some good ass deals, or Overwatch only needs a potato to run.

2019-10-13 20:13:28 UTC


2019-10-13 20:13:37 UTC

overwatch does not run on a potato

2019-10-13 20:13:46 UTC

i'm assuming a little of both^

2019-10-13 20:13:57 UTC

but if you want to get your money's worth you're going to be on different websites and looking at spec sheets

2019-10-13 20:14:36 UTC

What is a spec sheet?

2019-10-13 20:14:39 UTC

i got a pretty good deal where it was 20$-30$ below market value for a few of the parts

2019-10-13 20:14:46 UTC

message me if you are interested in the process

2019-10-13 20:20:25 UTC

This is an excellent case. You don't have to get this exact one, but it has most of what you want to look for in a case.

2019-10-13 20:22:16 UTC

Power supply mounts on the bottom, top venting, holes in the motherboard mount plate for running cables, ssd mounts behind the plate, dust screens, aluminum, and fitted for water cooling/self-contained radiators

2019-10-13 20:22:54 UTC

also thumb screws on everything

2019-10-13 20:55:09 UTC

That is a badass case, I'd get that for my computer as long as it can hold a bunch of HDDs because right now it looks like cthulu

2019-10-14 16:59:53 UTC

Anyway, has anyone read Exurb1a's The Fifth Science? Fucking awesome lemme tell you

2019-10-15 05:31:27 UTC

2019-10-16 16:26:38 UTC

Any ideas what could have caused Tunguska?

2019-10-16 16:33:49 UTC


2019-10-16 17:19:30 UTC

no duh 👀

2019-10-17 02:00:26 UTC

they say meteor

2019-10-17 02:00:51 UTC

i say interdimensional metal with ressurective properties

2019-10-17 07:47:16 UTC

Call me crazy, but it could've been something alien.

2019-10-17 09:53:03 UTC

call me up the walls batshit but I think it was a spacerock

2019-10-17 09:53:11 UTC

like most things

2019-10-17 09:53:22 UTC

that fall from the sky and hit the earth

2019-10-17 15:36:30 UTC

Look at this madlad:

2019-10-21 13:55:58 UTC


2019-10-21 14:09:15 UTC

This was used against trump back in 2016

2019-10-21 14:09:19 UTC

Nothing new

2019-10-23 13:13:59 UTC
2019-10-23 13:14:10 UTC

Skynet soon?

that sycamore chip is very impressive if its not highly specialised

probably only really works with SIMD, like recursive maths

2019-10-26 06:18:31 UTC

2019-10-26 06:18:43 UTC

Furry fembois are real<:YaaY:512039594108256257>

2019-10-26 06:21:48 UTC


2019-10-26 06:22:00 UTC

Not the femboy thing but the hybrid thing

2019-10-26 07:08:10 UTC


2019-10-26 07:09:19 UTC

2019-10-26 07:13:50 UTC

<:swastika:562679674740801548> <:YaaY:512039594108256257>

2019-10-26 18:39:38 UTC


2019-10-26 18:39:40 UTC


2019-10-26 19:04:44 UTC

2019-10-26 19:04:48 UTC

2019-10-26 19:05:03 UTC

2019-10-26 19:05:50 UTC

2019-10-26 19:05:52 UTC

the future is catgirls

2019-10-26 20:07:09 UTC

2019-10-26 20:07:34 UTC

Not of my nigga MacArthur has anything to say about that

2019-10-26 20:34:56 UTC

MacArthur was based

2019-10-26 20:35:10 UTC

He oversaw reconstruction of japan

2019-10-26 20:35:20 UTC

So he is indirectly responsible for cat girls

2019-10-26 20:55:09 UTC

I doubt that MacArthur would’ve let them go down this path

2019-10-26 20:55:19 UTC

Maybe if he wasnt booted from his position

2019-10-26 20:55:27 UTC

We’d have a decent japan

2019-10-26 23:45:35 UTC

2019-10-27 01:21:43 UTC

rate me part list

2019-10-27 01:27:53 UTC

Not a fan of Nvidia cards, but everything else looks spot on.

2019-10-27 01:29:22 UTC

If youre feeling spicy: get a $40-60 coolermaster self contained radiator for your CPU. Will cut down on heat and noise a lot for cheaper than most sinks in that range will.

2019-10-27 01:31:00 UTC

im building the pc for a friends son

2019-10-27 02:36:17 UTC

Saw a space shuttle engine display at a truck stop in Virginia

2019-10-29 18:46:03 UTC

damn, nice

2019-11-02 00:08:30 UTC
2019-11-02 00:09:15 UTC

Russia is killing it with robots. Cant wait to see robots 5 years from now with how the technology is progressing

2019-11-02 03:00:07 UTC

Terminator happens

2019-11-02 03:17:31 UTC

I think the anthromorphizing of AI will lead to the end of the human species

anthromorphizing AI is the least of your worries, Nanorobotics should have you more worried

2019-11-02 13:52:43 UTC

I'm not worried at all about the machines. I am more worried what a person will make the machines do.

2019-11-02 13:58:18 UTC

I'm more worried about the machines gaining autonomy

2019-11-02 14:04:09 UTC

Think of it this way, AI will never learn to have full intelligence.

2019-11-02 14:04:29 UTC

Artificial Intelligence will always be weak compared to how vast and complex our minds are.

2019-11-02 14:04:50 UTC

They can't think like us, plan like us, nor can they feel like us.

2019-11-02 14:05:20 UTC

Artificial Intelligence will always be second place because of it's simple structure.

2019-11-02 14:05:28 UTC

Sure it could imitate us, but it can't fully copy us.

2019-11-02 14:05:40 UTC

It'll still be a subservient little drone.

2019-11-02 14:06:28 UTC

You should only start worrying when scientists can copy sentience onto robots.

2019-11-02 14:06:32 UTC

I wouldn't hold my breath on it.

what's the difference between perfectly imitating sentience and actually being sentient

2019-11-02 15:02:41 UTC

Imitating sentience is like monkey see monkey do.

2019-11-02 15:02:42 UTC

They'll try and do what their surroundings do.

2019-11-02 15:03:10 UTC

And once they've done that enough, they'll be like any other person, albeit a bit odd.

2019-11-02 15:03:26 UTC

But the problem is, is that they had to learn these activities, but they never did their own.

2019-11-02 15:03:33 UTC

Because they can't do their own activities.

2019-11-02 15:05:31 UTC

So if someone randomly assaults them, and no one else has done that to them in their entire lifespan, then they won't understand what they're doing and they'll try to resume normal activities, while there's some guy attacking them.

2019-11-02 15:05:41 UTC

Because they're robots.

2019-11-02 15:05:50 UTC

But say if this weren't a robot, but a human.

2019-11-02 15:06:45 UTC

If a human was like this, and did the whole monkey see monkey do, then it'd make sense.

2019-11-02 15:06:46 UTC

They would probably try and do stuff on their own because we as a species have a tendency to be curious and form paths on our own.

2019-11-02 15:06:52 UTC

Because our brains are so complex.

2019-11-02 15:07:21 UTC

So if someone assaulted this human, they'd know something is wrong and try to fight back, because they can do whatever they want.

2019-11-02 15:08:08 UTC

But robots can't, because their AI wouldn't be complex enough to perfectly imitate a human mind.

2019-11-02 15:12:02 UTC

There's actually a video that explains this well by SwankyBox about Mario Kart.

2019-11-02 15:12:20 UTC

Albeit, it's meant for Mario lore, but it should be good enough, hopefully.

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