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23 year old guy who wants out of the Army. Afghan vet, part time kommando, full time shitposter.

What the hell is that thing on the first and fourth photo?

***save yourself***

So Ant Man actually grew in his ass?

i went through basic training with a guy named, well Guy.

7 years ago, i was like 16

Remember how on Xbox, you hear your buddies go like "See ya tomorrow?"

And they never came back?

Yeah, don't be like me

I'm 23, I always burned bridges when I was younger. Hardly ever was a good person, only had a very small circle of friends and only just recently got on good terms with my family after I enlisted.

I feel the Army made me a better person than I was before, but it also broke me after Afghanistan.

Accurate representation of my mental state

@Le Frenchman "How are you gentlemen? You have no chance to survive, make your time. All your base are belong to this,"

see ya mein negers

The Chad Nintendo vs The Virgin Sony

*Big things come in small packages*

Sony would be the kind of people that'd say the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski never happened in WWII

that's amazing

fucking niggers

that's fucking amazing

The glitter bomber?


which boobtuber

would've been even more epic if it was Hippozoned

From how that guy looks, it seems that he doesn't care.

And I thought Bowsette was retarded.

God this hurts my eyes

Fucking Frenchy

looks like a monkey

i dunno why, but it reminds me of this one guy.

Hold up, lemme see if I can find him

Looks kinda like that guy

Sub Zero obv froze him up

>It is a 1st person shooter with blood.

What an apt description.

Did someone say tactical shit posting?!

>tfw bamboozled

I'd kill myself too if I had a kid like Jar Jar.

What's brown, and sneaks around the kitchen?

Upload it to hentai haven.

A seriously moving story, it really made me tear up at the end,

Niggerman's sacrifice was not in vain

wow, nice to know he had fun back then, am I right?

Tumblr makes me wish that American Civil War II Electric Booagloo happens soon.

Double standards.

*What does your age smell like?*


Rian Jonson is a fucking cuck, who should never be allowed to even look at Star Wars ever again

He legit believes who doesn't like his movies are all Russian hackers

Either way, Rian's a nigger though

Me irl. Unfortunately.

Ada is better tho anyway

I mean revered terrorist groups in the Middle East wear flip flops

So passive aggressive

fucking dogmen

Megamind lookin ass

8,703 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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