country doggo

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Ur such a fukin hoe

I'm a sick truck I buy you a nice fuck

Indonesian death squads my dude

Get in vc feg


🐭 <:Juden:463761631642386442>


Í spicy ì

A bit low res but with some FBI level deciphering it's legible

Oh better


How do I pronounce this shit???

<:Swassi:465443291404697610> **NIGGER** 🀺

Chad memes inbound


🀺 πŸ†

<@&461916315016495104> gimmie that podcast role



Niagga falls

Fucking kek

Where's shoe?

Opened this expecting a funny meme

I feel like alot of depressed people here are younger highschool/middle school aged people. I can assure you life will be better as soon as you graduate

All that social pressure, anxiety, fear of the future etc... will go away

Tbh nothing you do at that age mattered

I was worried I was going to be a virgin the rest of my life, I hated everyone and everything and thought about killing myself daily. These are just passing thoughts made through rash emotional decisions

Believe me I've been in that dark place, I remember when I put a shotgun in my mouth, saying god is dead there is nothing for me in life etc...

Then I graduated and literally everything changed

Go for it

Mods he has my permission



00 buck nigga

But things changed, no matter how bad things get I'm a man of steel, as long as no one is dead or hurt nothing is bad

Furry waifu



Having money

5,906 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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