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>tfw you're a diagnosed mild-to-moderate autist and the only thing that you can buy after spending nearly all your disability benefits money on monthly bills is bread, milk, hardtacks and shitty beer that tastes like piss


Not my first year living like that

Moderate autism isn't high-functioning
It's basically extremely mild mental retardation
I can't even get a gun or a driver's license past an A1-class one

Well, the attempts are futile and they'll most likely remain like so

It doesn't show now because I learned to control it (well, somewhat) with age
When I was a kid, I had full-blown tard rage whenever things didn't go the way I wanted

I still remember that moment in third grade when I smashed a kid over the head with a folding chair and started hitting my own head against the wall in a fit of autismo rage, all because he stole my fucking chewing gum

Self-related tard stories are the most embarrassing, yet the most fun ones to tell to your friends (assuming you have them, which I somehow still do)

Any more tales of him?

He probably has some sort of chromosomal aberration

@Le Frenchman
Did he look like this?


In Russia, SpEd students are either integrated into normal classes or separated from them by going to a different school
I've been educated in 3 different schools due to my family constantly moving homes and none of them had separate classes for tards, they were either in a normal class or stowed away in a special needs school (officially labelled a "Type-8 Special Education Facility", "Type-8" is a code for mental retardation and autism)

Other Type labels serve as codes for disabilities and impairments, like blindness, cerebral palsy, deafness and things like that


I currently live in a shitty small village, but in big towns the schools are on-par with european ones, maybe with a bit less gay pride flags plastered on every surface and grades being different in a way (there are 3-4 grades in every grade parallel, and they are differentiated by letters, example: 7А, 7Π‘ and 7Π’ are all parts of the same parallel, and, for example, 7Π“ might be an extra class, or, in very rare cases, a special ed class for mild physical disabilities like hemiplegic cerebral palsy)


It is, but the first 4 letters are A, B, V and G in cyrillic


It's pronounced like "ya"

Also "Π«" is the closest thing to "Y" in the russian alphabet, but it sounds slightly more retarded

ΠΆ - zh
The cyrillic alphabet is weird

3/4 slavs, 1/4 asians

Near Tomsk

In cities - more than in villages, that's to be certain
Gopniks are small thieves and drunk thugs, so they won't find that much profit in villages where 50% of the population has a wooden outhouse instead of a flushing toilet

It literally has no name-kind of small
Population is around 150 people, most are farmers

There's an old village down the lane to Tomsk called Rybinsk
It's literally 2 people in 2 houses and like 60 abandoned structures

I have a question

What did I just watch?

As for strange shit, there was a naked junkie high on spice running through our village and screaming before his own family caught and restrained him
This happened >3 months ago, when there were still patches of snow on the ground

I don't know, he looked 40 years old, maybe he was older

And yeah, spice is some fucked up shit

There are videos of people vomiting and having seizures due to spice
It's some real hard shit, even clean heroin is safer than large doses of spice

Yeah, Krokodil is a "magical substance" comprised of 20% heroin, 40% cleaning chemicals, 10% soap and 30% whatever the drug maker decides to put in it
It causes large-scale tissue necrosis due to killing off cells

I've had a friend whose uncle died due to overdosing on shitty homemade opiates (not krokodil, but close)
Pretty sad shit

It's still really bad compared to, like, shrooms or LSD-25

Crack is a whole another story

There is crack, but it's not as wide-spread as spice or cheap, diluted heroin

Antidepressants can cause addiction if used alongside drugs/alcohol, not to mention mixing them with the latter (and probably a good chunk of the former) could also fatally poison you
So, uh, keep your nose away from those delicious lines of coke while you're on Xanax and only buy the shit you need from trusted pharmacies if you don't want to end up like Lil Peep

Oh fuck no

I was not ready for this

My fucking ears, goddammit

Oh boy
Time to write keque x memescape fanfiction

>no Cortex Command and Broforce

You know when you have an actual girlfriend instead of a degenerate asian porn cartoon one?
One of the most famous russian opera singers died from cancer

He made fun of (((God's chosen people)))
He deserved it, filthy goyim <:Merchant:465443053390266368>

Not if you make fun of jews
Then it crosses the line, because muh six gorillion


Once there was a fern who wanted to become human by donating his chromosomes. The fern was wise since ferns have the highest number of chromosomes, a measurement of intelligence in other species. After thinking and realizing that he has done everything he wanted in life, the fern finally decides to donate all of his chromosomes. Rather than becoming a human, he wanted to erase himself from existence by dropping down to 0 chromosomes, and let a new fern grow in his place. The time comes, and he starts to give away his chromosomes, one by one. Minutes go by, then hours, then days. Finally, after exactly 31 days, our old fern only has 1 chromosome left. With one last effort, he gives his last chromosome to a passing human with a missing chromosome. But there is something wrong! He is still existing! In horror he tries to acknowledge himself, as he acknowledges himself he realizes... that he became a human! His "impossible" dream had come true! Turns out, as he gave away his last chromosome to a disabled human passing by, that human's disability was cured, erased and replaced by our little old fern's new existence! Our fern, now a human called "Fred", lived happily ever after - until he was brutally raped and killed in Turkey. But that's a story for another time!

You mentioned a racemixing woman with an ugly baby, I instantly thought of this picture

Sorry, I'm autistic


I can't own a gun due to that, too

No problem

You're not truly a weeb until you successfully watch (and masturbate to) every episode of Naruto, your vocabulary permanently becomes an assortment of Japanese insults and "R-R-R-ROSETTA STONE", and you've forced your penis to only become hard when you see prepubescent asian boys dressed in girls' clothes
You're not truly a furry until you download every picture from e621 onto a harddrive, buy all the materials for the creation of rubber and a gigantic dildo cast in the shape of a dragon's dick, place said harddrive into it and successfully make it into a dildo, then fuck every dog in your neighborhood using it
You're not truly a brony until you convince your parents to have a sister, wait until she learns to talk, make her addicted to MLP, buy a full-body child-sized Rainbow Dash suit and one day, while she's watching her favorite show, barge into her room, forcibly dress her into that suit and sexually assault her

>dedicated hentai channel


It's (((NowThis))), they spread fake facts to make people into degenerates, cucks and dumbasses

Make separate channels for different sorts of degeneracy
<#489001289175531522> still stays "degeneracy" and NSFW shitposting, but furry and brony shit is separated from the main cancerous septic pit that is <#489001289175531522>, for example: <#489001289175531522> is for shitposting and pure eye cancer, #f is for furfaggotry, #mlp is for horsefuckery, <#517076282219954177> is for pedophilia and <#492824414287691776> is for vanilla porn
And don't forget to make roles that limit access to certain porn channels, i.e. "no eye cancer" would limit your access to <#489001289175531522>, "no horse porn" would limit your access to #mlp, etc etc etc. You get the point.

Add that as an emote

@A Pesky Sæxon
If you run out of emote slots in the future, remove <:uuu:467616961317306368>


>when you check your bitcoin wallet after not checking it since the spring of 2017

We need a history channel

That's the real fucking deal, especially if you had to type it all out by hand instead of copying and pasting

Turns out I'm retarded

Not a surprise, honestly

New emote?

Instead of <:spookedhoovy:480919275528519690>

I've downloaded this app called "Monster Girl Creator" or some shit like that and I used it to create the most abhorrent abomination of a character I could possibly fathom
Everything from the design to the color palette is intentionally cancer-inducing


I dubbed it "Life is a mistake" the Gonorrhoea Goblin


And they can crack open coconuts with their pincers @ZEN

If you can't read it at all, the gist of it is that Anon encounters an ayylmao disguised as an old woman while working at a gas station

Not gonna spoil it much further

I miss a lot of people

I've found the best webcomic ever

I jumped out of a swing when I was a little shit for a dare, hit the ground face-first, now my jaw is slightly dislocated and one of my canines has grown outwards at a weird angle


Ayy, that's actually pretty good

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