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Tfw your brother is still dead

Hello I’m here for a girlfriend with a penis

>be me
>Meet Keque
>Lick his nuts after a night of partying
>Ask him to post really long and interesting stories on his YouTube
>He says he will on one condition
>I have to put peanut butter in my ass and have the dog give me a rim job
Should I do it?

Thank you I was very curious on what to do

I miss the girl I was in love with

Not to get political; but if he lived in Canada, could he have been treated for free?

Russia’s crazy

Sorry about your friend, at least he’s in a better place and not suffering anymore

If only we could talk to Putin

Россия упадет, Applebee's вырастет.

Jk I don’t speak Russian

Google Translate

Maybe one day Russia will revert to the Soviet Union, it’ll be sad

Well this is the feels room

These people are just sad

Dear god pls

Thank you for your service

Yeah I do

Lots of meme accounts

If these sonic/Pokémon CGI type movies are the future then we’re fucked

Like CGI is fine, it’s just the animations for Sonic and Pikachu

Pikachu is ok looking

Ma mère ne m'aime pas.

I’m sorry

Which one of you stole my daughter

When your homies use the girl filter and you end up horny

Oh there already is

I was on tinder yesterday and someone made a profile with the filter

Feely feels

Feels Level: 100

You’ve unlocked a new perk: Never Ending Tears

Oh my god

I’m so sad

Jon Snow said the n word last night

I’m hanging out there

Who made that post? @KomradeKaufman

Who’s dan


Still who is he

Oh so a fag

Are you in college @ThatGuyWithPaste

Who wants dinner?

Can I have some

Can I take over zoomdoomers annoying faggot role?

Works better

I’ve really been stressing

Just that I’m trying to get into this university, it’s really stressing me out

My chances are good but it still feels shitty

This is my all time favorite meme

Oh wrong chat

When I was 19 Gillette sent me a razor for my 18th bday

A year late is better than not at all

So he fucked you over?

Honestly use tinder, Bumble or grindr


You ain’t no James Charles

But don’t waste your life over this shit, you’re a good man, you got lots going for you, he clearly wasn’t right for you

Just sounds immature

This tbh

My condolences Corinthian, I wish your mother didn’t have to go through that

@ghostshark is that your baby

Trust me you would

We should have Muslim prayer circles every Thursday

I heard cum tastes like salt, but if I wanted salt I’d get some

Please don’t

Women are scary

Who names their kid “Rad”

Hello niggers


I’m on episode 5 of jojo part 1

5,222 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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