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Fuck dude... did this happen in Italy or SA?

Ooooo someone gots new Hardware

Fuck these monkeys that bill will never get signed.

Nah I just spent $45 and got a starter ship and both SC and SQ42 for one price, I have the patience of waiting till the ingame economy gets sorted to afford bigger ships ingame

biggest draw for me is SQ42, SC is with friends

STILL GET GOOSEPIMPLEY everytime I watch this trailer

1 Hour verticle slice of SQ42 gameplay

Freelancer was the shit, but Chris Roberts is more famous for WingCommander

Dude SC is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than Freelancer though

Maar om jou beter te laat voel, ekt Freelancer fuckedup gespeel back in the day

Wou altyd by LAN's grind om Rheinland toe te mission vir n Valkyrie

alhoewel jou survival kaanse min is om in een stuk daar uit te kom

maybe a little too much wear on the orange

less is more, but less is more if its very strategic

maybe try to use textures that simulate situational or context

Really good work so far

XD always takes time

and perfectionism etc

I know them feels

Did you make the Phase 2 armor yourself?

Really good stuff

for what MOD is it?

that sounds pretty cool, if you can allow me to multi-crew a LAAT Gunship, and transport troops I'm sold

Okay, I officialy just quit Battlefront 2

I'm serious, beat DICE to it

I've wanted to Pilot a LAAT battlefield style for so long now

I painted this a few weeks ago

I'm actually trying to learn from Ralph's style

Did this one last week

But thank you for the complements

last one is from a sci-fi universe I'm trying to create for myself

I've got artists curse so I dunno if its that cool haha

Uhrm the Kashykk dudes and Geonosis dudes

cant remeber the legions

Gonna take me forever to download with SA Potato internet

10 hours for me

Check ya online then tomorrow after the update

Just get Squad @Colonel Clint you won't regret it.

71 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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