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2016-12-29 19:30:41 UTC

so no hope of pulling out of that mess

2016-12-29 19:30:46 UTC

Cost doesn't worry me as much as agenda.

2016-12-29 19:30:56 UTC

both the UN and NATO have a similar agenda

2016-12-29 19:31:05 UTC

same people lead them

2016-12-29 19:31:12 UTC

just different spheres of influence

2016-12-29 19:31:20 UTC

Wilders learned from trump I see

2016-12-29 19:32:23 UTC

A globalist agenda.

2016-12-29 19:32:46 UTC


2016-12-29 19:33:22 UTC

Well if we can eliminate or minimize half of that problem is gone.

2016-12-29 19:33:28 UTC

@HeimatFreiheitTradition can i promote clothing in here

2016-12-29 19:33:32 UTC

So less is more in this case.

2016-12-29 19:33:53 UTC

hm he just logged

2016-12-29 19:34:03 UTC

if anyone wants to support a designer

2016-12-29 19:34:13 UTC

sale ends in 7 hours, the depiction is jupiter

2016-12-29 19:38:01 UTC

It is my hope that a Trump Presidency serves as a worldwide catlyst and awakening.

2016-12-29 19:39:18 UTC

Though it is my understanding , according to my German friends, that there is a "good" alternative than Merkel.

2016-12-29 19:39:36 UTC

That said, I would think almost anyone would be better.

2016-12-29 19:40:13 UTC

I mean did he really just shut down 2 Russian compounds without provocation based on unsubstantiated claims...I am in total disbelief...

2016-12-29 19:40:51 UTC

I just read that also. Unreal

2016-12-29 19:41:43 UTC

@czar I'm curious what is the meaning or message of the by jove artwork?

2016-12-29 19:42:58 UTC

its jupiter, king of all gods @neithernor

2016-12-29 19:43:26 UTC

biggest temple in rome, people would express 'By Jove!' like how we say oh my god today

2016-12-29 19:44:14 UTC

the sale is $14 shirts/$30 hoodies for the next 7 hours >w<

2016-12-29 19:44:21 UTC


2016-12-29 19:49:40 UTC

Obama shuts down 2 Russian compounds based on "real fake news".

2016-12-29 19:50:25 UTC


During the announcement, Obama said, β€œall Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions.”

2016-12-29 19:50:47 UTC

No, we are only alarmed at Obama's actions.

2016-12-29 19:51:46 UTC

Exactly. Obama is just doubling down on everything... further ensuring his legacy as the worst President in US History.

2016-12-29 19:52:19 UTC

If he thinks he is going to provoke the Russians I believe he is wrong.

2016-12-29 19:52:48 UTC

russia already said that they will respond to any new sanctions

2016-12-29 19:52:54 UTC

Putin is not stupid and I am sure he realizes this nonsense shall end the day Trump takes office.

2016-12-29 19:53:02 UTC

so he is setting off something that he wont have to clean up

2016-12-29 19:53:11 UTC

I have been making video game references here for the last few days, but I have to say that O is doing Arthas level stuff right now...

2016-12-29 19:53:24 UTC

Will he merge with Soros and become the Lich King...jeez...

2016-12-29 19:54:53 UTC

This administration has not provided a single shred of evidence that the Russians hacked the election... other than "we said they did".

2016-12-29 19:55:20 UTC

nah bruh ''dozens'' of intelligence agencies said they did

2016-12-29 19:55:30 UTC


2016-12-29 19:55:59 UTC

Yeah that is what they say without providing a single ounce of evidence.

2016-12-29 19:56:25 UTC

We are just supposed to trust them because they say it's so. I thnk not.

2016-12-29 19:56:50 UTC

I realize I am preaching to the choir.

2016-12-29 19:57:08 UTC

They can't show you, it's classified.

2016-12-29 19:57:24 UTC

Obama and Co. already have their shadow government in place.

2016-12-29 19:57:47 UTC

Yeah and Benghazi was the result of a youtube video.

2016-12-29 19:58:21 UTC

Why shouldn't we believe them with such a track record? /rhetorical

2016-12-29 19:59:16 UTC

people who believe this hacking bullshit are the same morons who believed in the hussein WMDs

2016-12-29 19:59:30 UTC

At least doctor some evidence before doing this. When you do something like this without making some justification to the people, you effectively say you don't care about what the people think. The people deserve, not just a government, but a trustworthy government that acts as honourably as is practical.

2016-12-29 19:59:44 UTC

But none of this, looks honourable...sorry, it just doesn't.

2016-12-29 20:00:13 UTC

I like that... make up some evidence to support your made up claims instead of just pulling it out of your ass.

2016-12-29 20:00:17 UTC

Even with the WMDs they doctored up some evidence...

2016-12-29 20:00:41 UTC

wasn't the ''evidence'' just some secret informant

2016-12-29 20:00:49 UTC

that didn't even exist?

2016-12-29 20:00:58 UTC

i mean i guess we'll never know

2016-12-29 20:01:01 UTC

Name they had photos of trucks that were mobile transport units...

2016-12-29 20:01:08 UTC


2016-12-29 20:01:17 UTC

Lord Obama speaketh which shall maketh it true.

2016-12-29 20:01:41 UTC

I hear the Coast Guard has proof of hacking.

2016-12-29 20:01:50 UTC


2016-12-29 20:02:35 UTC

The Lich King...

2016-12-29 20:03:05 UTC

and his mindless followers are like zombies....truly a scourge...

2016-12-29 20:03:20 UTC

this really saddens me.

2016-12-29 20:03:48 UTC

the oven hungers

2016-12-29 20:04:28 UTC

Don't forget Obama defended the likes of Mike and Trayvon and was proven to be correct... Oh wait.

2016-12-29 20:05:07 UTC

Oh man, lol.

2016-12-29 20:06:11 UTC

Obama speech "There is no proof of voter fraud".

2016-12-29 20:06:18 UTC

Two minutes later...

2016-12-29 20:06:35 UTC

O'keefe releases video of Voter Fraud.

2016-12-29 20:06:44 UTC

You can't make this shit up.

2016-12-29 20:07:56 UTC

Obama never gets it right... but there are some idiots that still believe the shit he spews. Mind Blowing.

2016-12-29 20:08:25 UTC

lol yeah that was priceless

2016-12-29 20:08:38 UTC

i remember when he laughed at trump for saying that the election is rigged

2016-12-29 20:08:47 UTC

he said ''hehe, what does that even mean???''

2016-12-29 20:08:59 UTC

later : ''the russians rigged it!''

2016-12-29 20:09:03 UTC


2016-12-29 20:09:06 UTC


2016-12-29 20:09:41 UTC

oh man...

2016-12-29 20:10:41 UTC

β€œReally? Well, @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president,” Obama replied.

2016-12-29 20:10:57 UTC

Ooopppss.... wrong again.

2016-12-29 20:12:23 UTC

even libs are reacting like we are...wow

2016-12-29 20:12:32 UTC

That's the YOUNG TURKS

2016-12-29 20:12:43 UTC

live streaming

2016-12-29 20:12:45 UTC

His approval rating must be based on how many times he has been wrong.

2016-12-29 20:13:11 UTC

They are using the same people who ran the election polls.... LOL!

2016-12-29 20:13:47 UTC

You know it bad when Young Turks are saying some of the same things we are.

2016-12-29 20:13:53 UTC


2016-12-29 20:15:29 UTC

Perhaps one day Assange will be able to reveal his source? Going to be funny when everyone finds out it WASN'T the russians.

2016-12-29 20:19:17 UTC

We are being led by retards.

2016-12-29 20:22:08 UTC

Yep we have a long way to go , hopefully with normalcy

2016-12-29 20:22:35 UTC

If that is possible

2016-12-29 20:23:37 UTC

Well at least we SHOULD be heading in the right direction.

2016-12-29 20:24:07 UTC

Certainly beats the directions are currently heading in.... down the crapper.

2016-12-29 20:24:41 UTC

I agree and only hope we have .

2016-12-29 20:25:18 UTC

Days needs to go by faster to reach Jan. 20th

2016-12-29 20:26:04 UTC

Drain the swamp....

2016-12-29 20:26:41 UTC

Good one πŸ’―

2016-12-29 20:26:42 UTC

later guys and gals!

2016-12-29 20:27:10 UTC

Catch you later Handou

2016-12-29 20:29:06 UTC


2016-12-29 20:29:35 UTC

People need to stop taking these..

2016-12-29 20:29:44 UTC


2016-12-29 20:30:02 UTC


2016-12-29 20:32:26 UTC


2016-12-29 20:35:29 UTC

Wow there's a Gab discord! This is going to change my life and not for the more productive.

2016-12-29 20:36:14 UTC

HAHAH!!! Welcome!

2016-12-29 20:37:49 UTC

State Dept. gives Russians diplomats 72 hours to leave

2016-12-29 20:38:56 UTC

Obama plotting against us.... douchnozzle.

2016-12-29 20:39:34 UTC

I don't always quote me, but I do amuse myself:

2016-12-29 20:39:35 UTC

@Jon Del Arroz
43 minutes
Meanwhile, somewhere in the State Department:

"Fuck, we lost and only have like 20 days to start a war with Russia before #Trump. Expedite it!!"

2016-12-29 20:40:40 UTC


2016-12-29 20:42:04 UTC

tttn everyone. i can't keep up too busy talk later bye bye

2016-12-29 20:42:28 UTC

OK...bye tana.

2016-12-29 20:42:31 UTC

later tana

2016-12-29 20:49:48 UTC

I'm creating a testimonials page of SJWs who insult me for posterity.

2016-12-29 20:50:46 UTC

Hello all. Saw the post on GAB. Thought I would check it out.

2016-12-29 20:51:53 UTC

Hey hey πŸ˜€

2016-12-29 20:52:30 UTC

Hello @Carole . Nice to be welcomed. What do you guys typically do here?

2016-12-29 20:53:29 UTC

chat about things of interest /current events etc.

2016-12-29 20:53:51 UTC

We talk about THE J00S

2016-12-29 20:55:19 UTC

Nice, I don't know about the joos. Current events is great though lol.

2016-12-29 20:55:47 UTC

Whats everyone GAB or Twitter? Ill follow.

2016-12-29 20:56:26 UTC


2016-12-29 20:56:31 UTC


2016-12-29 20:56:52 UTC

Gab and some twitter til we get suspended

2016-12-29 20:57:18 UTC

Gab mainly

2016-12-29 20:57:41 UTC

There is also voice channels.

2016-12-29 20:57:52 UTC

To your left.

2016-12-29 20:58:51 UTC

Thank you, I am well verse with Discord. Huge Gamer here. I appreciate it.

2016-12-29 20:59:26 UTC

OK...was a just in case.

2016-12-29 20:59:41 UTC

Very warmy. Cozy. Thank you

2016-12-29 20:59:42 UTC

Welcome Tichy. Nice cat.

2016-12-29 20:59:43 UTC

You are ahead of me then.

2016-12-29 20:59:54 UTC

This cat. my cat since the name was created.

2016-12-29 20:59:54 UTC

I just showed up like 30 minutes ago but I'm going to pretend I'm a veteran here.

2016-12-29 21:00:13 UTC

show those griddy muscallls

2016-12-29 21:00:28 UTC

My GAB btw is @JoshuaJamesRyan

2016-12-29 21:00:30 UTC


2016-12-29 21:00:34 UTC

fountainhead starting the spam so soon

2016-12-29 21:00:48 UTC

@JoshuaRyanHub - twitter.

2016-12-29 21:01:48 UTC

Already followed on Twitter and just added you on Gab

2016-12-29 21:01:56 UTC

Thank you so much. ❀

2016-12-29 21:02:14 UTC


2016-12-29 21:02:15 UTC


2016-12-29 21:02:20 UTC

So sexy King, Loving it.

2016-12-29 21:02:26 UTC

So how everyone liking GAB?

2016-12-29 21:02:32 UTC

❀ 100x <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

2016-12-29 21:02:35 UTC


2016-12-29 21:02:46 UTC

Love πŸ’―

2016-12-29 21:02:55 UTC

Gab is awesome.... much better than twitter for me.

2016-12-29 21:03:11 UTC

Rarely use twitter other than to push my gabs to it.

2016-12-29 21:04:09 UTC

I use Twitter because it is our enemys platform set up for us. "Use a rich man money" kinda way.

2016-12-29 21:05:20 UTC

That is why I push my gabs there using the gab "share post" feature.

2016-12-29 21:05:34 UTC

I just notice that couple days ago. I should start.

2016-12-29 21:05:49 UTC

It's like twitter auto pilot.

2016-12-29 21:06:26 UTC

I love Gab not one nasty troll yet πŸ˜›

2016-12-29 21:06:35 UTC

Oh I love trolls. i eat them.

2016-12-29 21:06:37 UTC

Only issue I have encouteres is if you are replying to someone on gab with a twitter account of the same name...you could inadvertantly post to them.

2016-12-29 21:07:07 UTC

Ha so like as if you did so from Twitter?

2016-12-29 21:07:14 UTC

But from GAB.

2016-12-29 21:07:22 UTC


2016-12-29 21:07:26 UTC


2016-12-29 21:07:27 UTC

This is what happened...

2016-12-29 21:07:32 UTC


2016-12-29 21:07:45 UTC


2016-12-29 21:07:49 UTC

I was replying to someone on gab with the same name.

2016-12-29 21:07:51 UTC


2016-12-29 21:08:17 UTC


2016-12-29 21:08:42 UTC

But alot of people share the same name between the two...so it works well like that. Mostly.

2016-12-29 21:09:07 UTC

We have a meme channel. Can I just put my bed in there?

2016-12-29 21:09:23 UTC

What a great place. So cozyyyyy

2016-12-29 21:09:32 UTC

Absolutely. It is indeed the place for memes.

2016-12-29 21:09:43 UTC

Not supposed to post them in general.

2016-12-29 21:09:48 UTC

of course.

2016-12-29 21:11:15 UTC

I actually just got my twitter account back. They block me and wanted a phone number.

2016-12-29 21:11:41 UTC

Blocked for what?

2016-12-29 21:11:51 UTC

Speaking the truth.

2016-12-29 21:11:56 UTC


2016-12-29 21:12:28 UTC

I think some muslim/terrorist turned me in.

2016-12-29 21:12:56 UTC

That is usually what happens

2016-12-29 21:12:57 UTC

But I found a way around it.... I used a google voice account to provide them with a phone number to unblock.

2016-12-29 21:13:16 UTC

Sneaky sneaky. Well I'm sorry you lost the account.

2016-12-29 21:13:28 UTC

Hey @eveyone: @Fountainhead is trying to get #StopWhiteGenocide trending on Gab. See https://gab.ai/Fountainhead/posts/3403297. Repost or copy&paste&post please πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-29 21:14:08 UTC


2016-12-29 21:14:46 UTC


2016-12-29 21:14:50 UTC

Done and done. It will be trending soon I imagine.

2016-12-29 21:15:43 UTC

Gab needs to extend the trend list.

2016-12-29 21:16:03 UTC

top 3 is not enough. JMO

2016-12-29 21:16:16 UTC


2016-12-29 21:16:28 UTC

Should be able to click on Trending Hashtags and get a list.

2016-12-29 21:16:41 UTC

I've been on a mission to try to get some non-political stuff trending just so the conversation expands a little. It's pretty darn hard to do, I've found.

2016-12-29 21:16:58 UTC

stop swimming UP stream :p jk

2016-12-29 21:17:04 UTC


2016-12-29 21:17:06 UTC

heh, it really is.

2016-12-29 21:17:17 UTC

I've always been a contrarian tho πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-29 21:18:18 UTC

gotta roll out...bbl

2016-12-29 21:19:07 UTC

Later King

2016-12-29 21:21:54 UTC

how do you OK hand

2016-12-29 21:21:58 UTC

that is my favorite thing of all time

2016-12-29 21:22:02 UTC


2016-12-29 21:22:04 UTC


2016-12-29 21:22:32 UTC

We need more emotes!

2016-12-29 21:22:38 UTC


2016-12-29 21:22:41 UTC

oh you can change your skin tone on the OK hand so you can be culturally sensitive!

2016-12-29 21:23:01 UTC

Have to send in a request.

2016-12-29 21:23:05 UTC

there's no redskin 😦

2016-12-29 21:23:34 UTC


2016-12-29 21:23:43 UTC


2016-12-29 21:24:06 UTC


2016-12-29 21:27:16 UTC


2016-12-29 21:27:32 UTC

I live in california and I saw that stupid article on how california banned sports teams from being named redskins

2016-12-29 21:27:39 UTC

was like wow legislature, I'm glad you have time on your hands.

2016-12-29 21:28:48 UTC

Us californians don't need names like that. We have to be PC until our brains explode.

2016-12-29 21:28:55 UTC

California needs to be invaded

2016-12-29 21:29:01 UTC

Yes we do. Save me.

2016-12-29 21:29:31 UTC

In 2 years 800,000 drivers licenses issued to illegals in California

2016-12-29 21:29:51 UTC

And it seems like all politicians out there have Spanish names

2016-12-29 21:30:06 UTC

So they illegally vote

2016-12-29 21:30:12 UTC

Someone quick hit the gas

2016-12-29 21:31:22 UTC

Look, those 800k illegals need to get places. we have to be pc.

2016-12-29 21:31:32 UTC

because racism.

2016-12-29 21:31:36 UTC

Yep bc motor voter

2016-12-29 21:31:41 UTC

is anyone here a wikipedia editor?

2016-12-29 21:31:44 UTC

shhhhhh don't tell anyone

2016-12-29 21:31:44 UTC
2016-12-29 21:31:57 UTC
2016-12-29 21:32:25 UTC

Leftists are disease

2016-12-29 21:32:25 UTC


2016-12-29 21:35:48 UTC

@Jossi at the very least on Infogalactic

2016-12-29 21:36:00 UTC

actually, let me check

2016-12-29 21:38:33 UTC

I'm an editor on Infogalactic

2016-12-29 21:38:43 UTC

http://whitegenocideproject.com/ also you guys might want to include that link your posts

2016-12-29 21:41:16 UTC

I called the ADL today

2016-12-29 21:42:02 UTC

told them some shit

2016-12-29 21:42:58 UTC

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Davies read this, then tell me academia isn't controlled by jews

2016-12-29 21:43:10 UTC

left a message with jonathan greenblatt.

2016-12-29 21:46:57 UTC

anyone chatting

2016-12-29 21:55:22 UTC


2016-12-29 21:55:25 UTC


2016-12-29 21:55:26 UTC


2016-12-29 21:55:27 UTC


2016-12-29 21:58:15 UTC

not in voice chat. i will be in there later tonight though @bob ben kind of doing some maintainance to my site and the book club right now

2016-12-29 21:59:38 UTC


2016-12-29 21:59:39 UTC


2016-12-29 21:59:42 UTC


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