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sup guys

it appears so

sup Trumble

what should I tell you about

followed you back btw


well put

we'll be having a voice chat sometime this week

you can add your availability & suggest discussion topics on gab using the tag #GabberHangout


haha, we'll do our best

it's not easy with us being so distributed though

but I'm fine doing this in the middle of the night

don't need much sleep πŸ˜ƒ

ok, cool

uh no idea what happened there. i didn't type that last message :X

but i'm currently busy, sorry

how is gab going to make money though? purely via donations?

i love it but i can't yet see how it will work

hope that's enough to cover operating costs

i didn't make one yet

so far it's just the <#257600537753550848> channel and the #GabberHangout hashtag

does anyone know a good open-ended poll service?

i've pre-entered some of the suggestions from the other channel

argh, doesn't seem like you can select multiple answers...

how about this one: https://answergarden.ch/402318 ?

btw, remember to post & repost the hangout link so that we get a good crowd going πŸ˜ƒ

@Jossi, you on?

sure, you're welcome

remember to sign up for our "official" voice hangout on the doodle http://doodle.com/poll/b43933pkutzh2vs3 πŸ˜ƒ

and of course feel free to propose discussion topics on https://answergarden.ch/view/402318


Was on a flight this morning and didn't read the news yet

Ah what the he'll, why are my messages doubled?


Guys, I'm picking Wed & Sun as the hangout dates

all ok with this?


we *could* do another doodle but that seems tedious

going by that 10pm+ Berlin time seems like a reasonable default

personally I'd prefer european evening

let's see what the US guys think about it

10pm european would be 4pm EST and 3pm CST

@Kenny Naicuslik : is Wed. evening fine with you?

@Jossi: how is 4pm EST / 3pm CST for you?

on Wed & Sun


10pm, yeah

here. anyway


i just set the doodle dates

ill write an update on gab in a sec

sure, I'm up for it


i think today we should go over our schedule for Wed

and make an outline like @Bloodborn proposed

yep, clear winner so far

just posted (https://gab.ai/HeimatFreiheitTradition/posts/2759797) an update on gab, please repost πŸ˜ƒ

ah shit, forgot the days

good thing gab has editing

fixed now

i was wondering though, what is "alt-development"?

ok, cool


so alt-development is our little parallel society πŸ˜ƒ


green means mod

cool, I'll check it out right away

@Jossi btw, you might get more hits on your site if you add the http:// in the link in your gab profile

@Slav we can start now

otherwise it's not clickable

just that


voice gone again 😦

as in, GMOs?

as promised


too late, @Jossi

haha, this place is really taking off

looking forward to our "official" hangout tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ


yeah, this was at the very least borderline

sorry, @VURMYN this is not the place for that

@Bowling King you're on a roll here

@Slav RWDS standing by

haha, the french can keep france as far as I'm concerned

though I wouldn't mind getting eastern prussia back from poland

have some relatives originally from there

you're so blackpilled

we'll make it through

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

I sure hope to see some recolonization in my lifetime

Africa is way too nice of a landscape to leave to the googles

plus we'll need it for our offshore "refugee" camps

indeed. enough with the brother wars.


"One of the provisions, introduced by Roosevelt, was the autonomy of imperial colonies. After World War II, the US and the African colonies put pressure on Britain to abide by the terms of the Atlantic Charter."

how would the "third way" work?

thanks for the shoutout @Brittany Pettibone


thought of it when i was on a #DrunkGabbing roll πŸ˜„

any Swedes here?







why not keep em in here?


ill make a channel


unglΓ€ubige! = infidels!


whitebird: try refreshing the page

a fucking white female!

@Whitebird what happens if you try to join

click Voice channels / "General"


is it though

totally degenerate

un hq is in the US afaik

but yeah, screw em both

hi everyone

hi Brett

Everybody hyped for the hangout?

it'll be awesome

no pedos allowed

it was recently discovered that some Green party politicians had pedo background

in Germany

fucking degenerates

@Liete both are equally overused

I disagree with your disagreement

now what!

lets disagree to disagree then

yes it is

they should at the very least be made to wear larg pink hats saying "pedo"


shit my typing is off today


nah keep em coming

no chill for pedos

throw em off a high place

oh wait

wrong right wing πŸ˜ƒ

ready, aim


headshot +100

bye bye Dylan

-20 celsius?

holy fuck

where are you



nah slav kicked him


any Germans in here?

maybe I should give the hangout another shoutout in German

@diversity_is_racism I feel bad for the pigs though

they shouldn't have to eat pedo scum

hast du das mit dem UBahn-Treter mitbekommen?

heute haben die behauptet, die Polizei sei direkt mit dem Videomaterial an die Γ–ffentlichkeit gegangen

the mud who kicked the German girl in the subway station


schau sie dir doch an

wenn nicht Muslime dann Araber oder TΓΌrken, etc.

alles dasselbe

immerhin das

ah just talking about the subway stairs guy

he asked if hes muslim

i said he's an Arab or Turk or etc. who cares

they are all muds to me

afk for a couple minutes

rather, because people gave in and let themselves be baptized

lots of the burning was christians waging cultural war on native European culture

or maybe I should watch less of Varg VIkernes' yt channel


i like the circular view of history

similar to that in Hindu culture

as they say,


how come?

not even the god emperor!?

I think the backlash against all the leftie hate might fix the culture

They kept calling him white nationalist, racist, etc. and now he won

so people might be thinking, well those might just be bullshit insults

and once the fear of being called racist is gone

who knows what happens πŸ˜ƒ

agree with you on that

but a hell of a lot closer to "ours" than the rest

@Slav i wish i could say the same

up to 10/day now

looking for my headset

what did you say?


aloha snackbar!


spiritually perhaps

but this we can fix

also malnutrition etc

pretty much solved

@Slav do you have kids?

hell yeah

i hope you do πŸ˜ƒ

don't find, make

< kinda

@Slav what's the current topic?

alright, thanks


ill let britt finish first

can u hear me?

ok ill refresh

no 😦


kickstart that shit

grandparents, family history, genetics

it is @Becky

70% heritability afair

which means .7 correlation between parent & child IQ, i think

not a geneticist

we had a definition up there

roughly, #AltRight: white identity, AltLight: western identity

and groups & individuals behave differently

group properties influence group behavior

so 70-IQ somalis behave differently from 100-IQ europeans as a group

what's your point <@258166160237789185>

fuck jack

cook's scared of Mike "Electroshock" pence

<@258166160237789185> stop trolling

you keep asking for defs of everything

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