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@diversity_is_racism wants to deport me :(

Thaddeusz Kuchensko (sp) and Casimir were part of the american revolution 🕶️

i'm an identical twin

so i see heritability of intelligence first hand

my brothers gf is black

so it would be an interracial threesome

she acts indistinguishably white really

you're not what


the term "altright" means whatever someone wants it to be

must be irish

can't we just go to ethno-nationalism

with america being such a clusterfuck it gets all the whites except welsh and irish

oh is that the dj goat stuff

so you're open about who you are under this name now

people are both groups and individuals

you guys have such beautiful voices

i think my mic isn't working, new linux install

that's true

you can hear me?


sorry sneeze

i keep wanting to verbally shitpost, i'm terrible

i wanted to say

"last time i ordered a cheese pizza they delivered a 9 year old to my door, what's up with that"

@diversity_is_racism i am literally wearing adidas sweatsuit pants with the stripes

and i have that hoodie on the floor

guess you could say it's a ..... cohencidence

i'm starting to zone out because i had 4 hours of sleep and the weed is hitting

might need to just stay in text

jews seem to have some sort of need to control others tbh

yeah that was great

netanyahu though i suspect might not be an enemy

let's not forget there are three main groups of jews

into the oven!


i think david cole's view is probably closest to truth


no, david cole the holocaust revisionist


though i love davie allen coe too

... and left us alone, no barbara spectre types who go from israel to sweden

didn't think of that regarding los angeles

oh yeah


exactly austin



i was gonna mention those

ooooh hoooot


I'm just a bit high and enjoying listening in to this

will do


but jews push shit way harder than most though

jews are always gonna be discussed tho

gonna take a break i need silence

i keep sneezing too

i'm in /r/AgainstHateSpeech's discord and the level of intelligence they have vs here is lol

don't even have a voice chat

first word I read when i looked was "therapist" <-- /r/AgainstHateSpeech discord

<--- @Sadist

/r/AgainstHateSpeech chat is talking solely about mental illness

can we get the mods higher on the list

also make me admin too k thx

why is my name not green

i identify as oirish

i'muh potatah fahrmah


that reminds me

At the Pizzagates - City of Screaming Children


i'm really cold

like literally and metaphorically i guess

Sheera Frankel

also clinton being psycho against them

drinking stella with american spirit menthols and some dank weed

irish heaven

like metal heaven


the exorcist 2 theme is good too


i just heard it on youtube

movies in general suck

the only good entertianment is man on man rape

i personally like the human centipede 2

it's a gross-out horror comedy

is phantasm worth it

Jews hate goyim that don't want to be slaves

Nowadays I consider Judaism and the Torah to be hate speech


always be against leftists

this is eugene's maxim

21 subscriptions to coontown, though not a sole account


a forum


@diversity_is_racism why you hiding out in the admin talk channel? how am i supposed to hop in and start challenging you to a rap battle

I'm Eugene with the sickest raps
lowercase works -- don't need all caps
and I is sayin' DIR ain't shit
compared to Eugene's torrent of hits

you've been challenged DIR

to a rap battle

the only honorable move is to accept

i forgot today is your AMA brett


my AMA pic

for evalion

was far better than what they did

/r/altright is a TRS mill, as i suspected

agreed, i just don't trust them


i remember they stole suspook's hate facts

and refused to link to us

sucks the forums didn't work out

millennials don't do forums it seems

have to web 2.0 it up

enough with the all caps something in here is making me sneeze and it's double distracting

my nasal cavity is awful

i cleaned my room for the first time in a year

so i think i knocked dust up everywhere

that's culturally sympathetic

i remember when you railed on slavs comparing us to irish





i told you i predicted the gynoids

i got it frmo your twitter

1488 is much more fun when it's not too autistically serious

slavs are elite

we'll never go soft

poland is doing alright 😉

but poland at least isn't importing muhammeds


I have a syrian jew/pananamian friend. He's a good guy

i was in poland 11 years ago and only saw fellow polaks

not sure how it is now

how's it going brett

Weed is so Overrated

Alcohol is more dangerous imo

anton rays that name sounds familiar


i wrote that in either 2005 or 2006

what was a joking troll became REAL

wow what is this autism

what was goat's so wonderful channel anyways

could i get a tldr of the goat drama

he was sperging out ha rdcore in what i could understand

yeah he seems to have sperged

well maybe you can just replace him with me

so i can feel extremely important with a green name

few knows what he looks like

that's brett

he's currently looking for room to tattoo his alt-right symbol/avatar somewhere

pretty good

im just drinking a sam adams winter lager

he's extremely large and scary looking

shouldn't someone get jared wyand in here to help dole out 'redpills'

dude that's making me cringe like when I found out ciswhitemaelstrom tried to get people wearing a shirt with his username


CWM would try something like that

good thing he's old meme now


and that's it

if I wrote a novel it would be about everyone failing and shit getting even worse

oh a liberal

tell her to read gorilla mindset

lol i was thinking nietzsche too

i have trouble ever trusting women

my dating life

would resemble a bukowski novel

sorry i am kind of drinking away my cigarette urges so i'm in a demoralization mode

not too sure of that

i don't want pity of sympathy

i want


i want to bring forth the end of days

they really do babble don't they

it's like

why athe fuck

are we talking about this

i'm bored

it's funny

i'm high iq

and i love being hated


i'm remembering one of the girls i wanted once

she sent me a bukowski poem about normies love being empty

later on she ended up being what she thought she knew


they'rea ll frauds here

bukowski was great

bukowski at his essence = wow this shit is really fucking up and sad, i'm going to get drunk and right something by myself

both aren't bad

bukowski i like more, but orwell had his place

bukowski was one of us without knowing anybody like us


i know it's not the most fruitful topic to bring up

but last night i think i dreamt about wanting to fuck a sentient vacuum cleaner

over a human girl


were you a blue android without a face?

okay, good. that asshole threw me out of a lucid dream

am i the only one who gets weird psychedelic shit sometimes before dreams begin plus I also seem to get wormholes

like i'll see something that looks "old" but i can't make it out, with like almost a swastika/black sun like pattern over it that i also can't make out

then i get wormholes then i get plopped into a lucid (or semilucid dream)

has happened at least twice that i remember

the "old" shit with pattern over it happened thrice, wormholes twice, the one without wormshole i vaguely made out something trippy then got plopped into a dream that wasn't lucid and i vaguely remember me/something saying "oh now" in a cheesy voice

"oh no"

one of the three times it was close to that image of chaucer, except i couldn't make out who it was and it was in sepia



i've never heard of anyone getting something like that

glad to know i'm not the only one

it usually happens after waking up after drinking and going back to bed during REM stage around 3 or 4 am

and i guess i sneak in a shitty WILD

but yes the sepia object thing i'm glad you noted it as a pre lucid dream thing too

usually goes sepia object -> wormhole -> lucid dream

or "object"

the sepia happened thrice, wormhole into lucid twice

I've unsuccessly tried WILD at early night a few times, only things I got were auditory hallucinations, a 'vision' of medusa that weirds me out, and one a WBTB one at 4-5 in which I wasn't hungover which I saw a series of 'portals' cartoonishly float into view that were liike thomas kinkade paintings"

those portal ones overexcited me and i lost them

the medusa one weird me out because

it was a beautiful blond woman, 'communicating' to me via a series of facial expressions mocking me. then turned green with red eyes like reptilian and left an afterimage with a sensation through my spine like the kundalini thing

oh she was in a primitive looking greek fresco too

which sealed the deal on the weirdness factor

the first lucid dream i had this year (it was more lucid, but not vivid) i had "newspaper" sepia images with like some black symbol over it i couldn't make out, then had a reddish strand of light wormshole

lol night

i'm laughing at this centurion group i'm in

like every discord puts me high up there in ranking, but never enough for actual power


i wantto hear

people screaming in eternal agony

Alien invasion!

Mike "Supercharged Mind" Cuckobitch

Baked alaska deal

Canada is a shithole

I cant even mail beer thetr

I would get arrested for hate speech

Evalion had her laptop stolen by canadian tsa version

The jews keep harassing her too

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