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sodomize the weak

Trumble, I am shocked!

You are not acquainted with one of the best German bands EVER?

Witness the might BLOOD


This song is based on a story from Texas, but there is no grindcore better than BLOOD

Well, except perhaps CARBONIZED

Is it OK if we link this here:

Trumble there is much good German metal to discover!


thank you

we try

also to offend everyone, but in a somewhat respectable way

It parallels (roughly) what we do on

Informed, aware commentary without extremes but with extreme conclusions

howdy sampletext

no idea, trumble

Everything is racism, except Leftism, which is definitely not racist against white people (the New York Times says so)

diversity is poo

of any kind

diversity destroys civilizations

it genocides the source populations as well

for more on diversity,

we are growing larger thanks to holiday food

every goddamn site on the internet wants money these days

guess they did not get the message when people said the world was broke

very true

flight is often better than fight

i described discord the other day as "web-based IRC" and someone got pissed

but really, IRC with voice, through the web, plus ??? profit

two finger anal penetration

I think you can get it for a fake name, they just want you to verify that you are the personality who uses that name normally

For example Tila Tequila, whose real name is Dong Quim Nguyen Gat

It's a pseudonym, anyway

But she can be verified

protection of IP


This speech needs to go everywhere

MSM ignoring it

they covered the event, not the content

Dylan, do not be a wigger please


no need to bait, etc.

me too, no homo

good to see a fellow Texican on there

notice to all: every response I type here should be imagined to have a winky emoticon 😉 and #yolo after it

no, that's faggotry

just say it

He's a good guy, even if he is Slav (speak slowly! much vodka! potato!)

Wasn't that a Phil Collins album? "No Time For Faggots"?

It's to preserve your Twitter handle if it's your de facto nom de plume

That way, if you have @analfag at twitter, you have @analfag at Gab too

Also no impersonation

Tila Tequila was recently impersonated, so they contacted the real lady and verified the fake account was bullshit

leftists gonna left

until we give them FREE HELICOPTER RIDES brazil haha

GAB is remarkably AIDS-free

reminds me of Reddit before Digg really shat the bed

then Reddit got all starry-eyed with dreams of being YUGE

and became idiot friendly

at that point, the bedshitting began

i was never much of a digg user

it went all coca-cola and cheeseburgers early on, just real mainstream

now reddit is mainstream hipster

it's fascinating actually

dylan do you use slashdot?

warning to others: slashdot is fucking nerdcore

be wary, you will end up using lunix and python

nationalism solves every jewish and muslim question

send everyone back

then we need to purge the weakwhites

helicopters to brazil

that question is deeply layered

i won't even go into it until i have time for more history

the situation was fucked in 1850 and now is more complex


i am just underinformed on that question

i will shitpost but not bullshit


er, yeah, sure

nationalism will also be difficult in india...

and there, again, is too complicated for me at this time

research, it sux but it rox

I do not understand. Call like phone, or name?

no time for chill, Dylan, this is TOTAL WAR


Works by me

Reddit actually banned some leftists:

must be the Trump effect

Interesting. Too far Left, making them look bad?

Then what conflict of interest do you see?

I have no idea. Is Reddit pedo-only now?


Sounds exciting

Watermelons (red on inside, green on outside)

Linkola and Kaczynski are the only actual grens


Hanging pedos might be positive; exile is probably better

Just get rid of them as quickly as possible

"Rehabilitation" is a joke!

Some people rehabilitate from regular crimes

Like theft and drugs and stuff

But pathologies? Hell no

Some Leftists can be rehabilitated

For the rest, the helicopters await

The pigs eat everything, including the bones

Countryside human disposal is awesome

Feed pedos to pigs


Poor pigs

Deserve better food

But pedos are fatty and might be tasty if BBQd

Win10 = 50% gay, 50% improved

Howdy Ever (it's alternative_right)

rockin', and you?

ah fuck, no voice for me today -- high background noise area


I agree they are trying to delegitimize the election

Preparing their challenges

And then, they will force a crisis

I do not think it is working

The reason is that Trumpism is succeeding

He keeps busting out headlines about jobs saved and solid people on staff...

This means the average American is content to wait and see

California sliding into the ocean? ahhh

And the economy is in the shitter

People vote with their stomachs and hearts, not brains

Sounds cynical, but ... well, it is what it is


Trump got elected, and business said, "Thankfully!" and went nuts

Not to mention the rest of the world is scared of the USA again

Obama = limp wristed college hipster

Most likely

He is following the Reagan playbook

All I hear is people doing Roman salutes

We can at least be realist about Russia

Yes, they pair with Chinese and yes, they want to invade Western Europe

But not now

Putin knows he will win on conservative wave

Liberalism has shat the bed and people are upset

Liberalism always shits the bed, after Taco Bell and (ugh) Budweiser

Poland is lovely this time of year

USA could invade Canada

for kicks

Go for it hippies! I mean... not a bad idea

Poland has Graveland. Good move.

no voting 😃

Perry is a smart choice -- he has contacts with industry

Greg Abbott might be a good one for something else

Got it! Trying it now

Diversity does not work


Great post

yeah it's the third world

chaos, filth, corruption and instability are normal

the Muslims just make a habit of jihad



Suicide belts

In the past, some learning, but those people were not Arabs per se

Recently? Entertaining terrorism videos.

Enchanting beheadings.

That means, "An explosion is coming," right?

It's how you say "fire in the hole" in Arabic.

Sometimes it means, "Look at that sexy goat!"

apologies @MrGoat

In Texas, ruminants are in the dating pool

sometimes they take a break from young boy anus

goats, sheep, Christians

worry not

I am a vegan

Vegans can only have sex with vegetables

Like this downy here

that's the rule

you must tell everyone that you are vegan

and then explain what it means for an hour

We can't eat any animal products except scat

Which is a form of carbon sequestration

Eating fruit and veggies = diversity

The UN wants us to eat bugs

I think they call it "bug chasing"

abortion is murder

but, some need to be aborted

wait until they have a gene test for Leftists

abort! abort! abort!

Mafiosi basically rule Italy as far as I can tell

So this is good

My stance is leave it up to the GP

No abortion clinics

But, if there is a problem...

I agree with Brittany about souls

Abortion is birth control for the lazy

Wendy Davis ate it huge

I enjoyed the misery on the Left after it

@HeimatFreiheitTradition condoms are terrible

the only bigger win would be sending Wendy Davis to Brazil


@MrGoat things may change

kids are awesome

over time, this becomes more apparent

@HeimatFreiheitTradition I disagree -- the world is at its worst now


people are miserable and cannot articulate it

but we are turning it around

this is the point: work toward goals means fixes

that is true

@MrGoat that was how I felt 20 years ago

we have to get to a higher purpose, or our existential misery ends us

there is a massive upsurge toward what you desire

also we need to dispense with universalism

@Slav some have always thrived, and most failed

this is not bad

those who can have good kids, will do so

@Brittany Pettibone or what many others are doing, having sane lives

we need eugenics

the good must breed

the insane must be pushed back

always keep your eyes open

they are out there

hell no

hmm -- "make"

you discover your ability to be a parent because you have to

like every other big decision in life

no one is ready for anything

they just have abilities

but you want your kids to be paid for, so you would pay it

"Hey kids, your mother is an ass, so starve and maybe she'll snap out of it!"

if you're a horrible parent, they'll be SJWs

yes, you have an obligation -- it is also the only way to enjoy life

sanity and clarity

video? it's a daily event

that is wonderful

the cities are rot

@Jossi analogous to "white lies"

@Slav Nationalism in US = American Nativism


and civil rights and anti-discrimination law

@Slav not a question of who is bad, but who you want

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