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2016-12-28 15:30:43 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

quiet day....will check back later

2016-12-28 15:31:04 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

nah, more of a geek

2016-12-28 15:43:56 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I'm not white and nerdy, I'm black and geeky. . .

2016-12-28 16:05:53 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

what's the topic of discussion?

2016-12-28 16:50:02 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

this is true

2016-12-28 17:04:38 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

"Diversity means "less of you". It was about time white people realized this. " -HFT

2016-12-28 17:08:33 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

It wasn't my intention to have my existence mean less of you.

2016-12-28 17:08:51 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

But I cannot apologize for it, because I cannot fix it...

2016-12-28 17:09:37 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I mean, it's not my fault I am in the West and it's not my fault that euro and euro-american birthrates are down

2016-12-28 17:09:48 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

It's the policy makers fault

2016-12-28 17:10:01 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I just jumped on for the ride...

2016-12-28 17:10:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

what if you can't? What if you need help?

2016-12-28 17:10:33 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Forgive this childish video game analogy...

2016-12-28 17:10:41 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

If you ever played warcraft

2016-12-28 17:11:18 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

The Alliance (lefties) demonized the orc horde on azeroth (euros)

2016-12-28 17:11:52 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

The orcs eventually needed help, including factions that broke away from the alliance (blood elfs, forsaken etc..._

2016-12-28 17:12:53 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I know all through history, whites were independent and powerful...but the powers that be seeking to eliminate the traditional ancestral people of the race are crazy and they mean business

2016-12-28 17:13:54 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

@HFT Sure, when and if you get to where you need to be, you can leave us be...but to get there you need allies...just saying . . .

2016-12-28 17:14:19 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

later meng

2016-12-28 17:56:58 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Guys, what are the odds that an engineered 'world changing' event will happen before Jan 20, 2017 to stall Trump nomination? Thoughts?

2016-12-28 18:21:26 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

what did cernovich...catching up on news...

2016-12-28 18:23:35 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 18:28:31 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

whoa...that's some "mean girls" stuff going on there...between men...disgraceful

2016-12-28 19:06:51 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Is there anything here that cannot be discussed?

2016-12-28 19:07:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Meaning, that it is a guaranteed ban?

2016-12-28 19:11:29 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

i say it as a joke

2016-12-28 19:11:56 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 19:12:46 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

what's 14/88

2016-12-28 19:12:47 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 19:13:52 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

deep symbology

2016-12-28 19:14:04 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

i never knew, thanks.

2016-12-28 19:14:13 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Irish are not white?

2016-12-28 19:14:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

No wonder they dance so good!

2016-12-28 19:15:07 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I know, many slavic people in canada

2016-12-28 19:15:17 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

many finns in ontario

2016-12-28 19:18:06 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

It's not a stupid question

2016-12-28 19:18:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

First, the rest of my family (that I was born in) lives in the soutern us

2016-12-28 19:18:36 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 19:19:14 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I was the eldest child and went off to university in Canada for two reasons.

2016-12-28 19:20:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

1) I got a partial scholarship to go to Universitat Bremen in germany, but the German foreign office refused to issue student visas (incl to me) after 9/11, the year I was supposed to go off to school

2016-12-28 19:21:00 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

2, at that time, Canada was the cheapest place to study as an intl student.

2016-12-28 19:21:18 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Then I just stayed. I love Canada

2016-12-28 19:23:07 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Cultural exposure, proximity to US without some of the drama that US has (this may change), strong privacy laws

2016-12-28 19:24:06 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I like the natural beauty

2016-12-28 19:24:16 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

No, I don't need to...its useless to me

2016-12-28 19:24:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I grew up in a place where YOU were the minority @diversity_is_racism

2016-12-28 19:24:54 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I don't have any insecurities like that @diversity_is_racism

2016-12-28 19:25:35 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

You get used to the cold if you have good gear, and for me, lots of vitamin D

2016-12-28 19:26:04 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Never heard of her, she's hot.

2016-12-28 19:26:18 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Well her teeth could be a bit better

2016-12-28 19:28:55 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Ah boy, I wouldn't have as big a problem with Canada doing stuff like this if they did it to everyone to the same extent

2016-12-28 19:29:16 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

She is a citizen as much as I am, but I can get away with so much more.

2016-12-28 19:29:26 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Just because have more melanin

2016-12-28 19:29:31 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Pretty bad...

2016-12-28 19:29:39 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I have more*

2016-12-28 19:30:37 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

If I could untraceably I would, but I kinda want a tax receipt so...

2016-12-28 19:37:02 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I will look later...I am on a work computer.

2016-12-28 19:37:43 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I guess so, depends on what you mean by welfare and line

2016-12-28 19:38:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I am a federal govt contractor and business owner that stands in line with other vendors to receive lots of coin for services I perform.

2016-12-28 19:39:54 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Yes, some of the tax paid by consumers finds its way into my corporation. Also some of the operating funds of my customers' businesses.

2016-12-28 19:40:56 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Don't slit your wrists, as I said earlier, the Horde (White nationalists) is going to need help from Darkspear Trolls like me to maintain sanity and existence.

2016-12-28 19:41:14 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

silly analogy, but I love the lore of Warcraft

2016-12-28 19:41:38 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Druid is my fave class

2016-12-28 19:42:06 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

brb all...

2016-12-28 19:44:59 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 19:46:00 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I will confess that I haven't played for a few years, but I keep up with the news of each release.

My time is taken up with business, marriage, parenting, other stuff.

2016-12-28 19:46:14 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Maybe when the kids are a bit older I will get into Legion

2016-12-28 19:46:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Illidan is back yay!

2016-12-28 19:48:14 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I just played for lore and random ganks

2016-12-28 19:48:58 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Vol'jin lasted like two seconds as warchief

2016-12-28 19:49:00 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 19:49:27 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Just when I thought trolls would get some good recognition...

2016-12-28 19:52:39 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I can't understand I can't make out the words

2016-12-28 19:52:49 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

and they don't seem to flow with the beat

2016-12-28 19:54:23 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Listening to @Brittany Pettibone hagmann and hagmann interview...

2016-12-28 19:55:35 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

I have never seen @Brittany Pettibone and Nicole Pettibone at the same time in live motion video...Maybe they are really the same person!!!

They don't even tweet or gab at the same time!!!

2016-12-28 19:55:38 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 20:01:40 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

@HeimatFreiheitTradition how do people get badges or roles on this server?

2016-12-28 20:02:24 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 20:02:47 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

i see

2016-12-28 20:03:31 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 20:19:19 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Je suis revenu

2016-12-28 20:38:54 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

It's he who should not be named! Run away (like Jesse Owens...)

2016-12-28 20:47:16 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Is everyone just in private conversations?

2016-12-28 20:49:44 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

*Sigh* I have no friends here, (lol)

2016-12-28 20:53:31 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 20:54:52 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

not much

2016-12-28 20:54:58 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 20:56:20 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

They are mostly gaming and having private convos at the moment...but it's a nice crowd here.

2016-12-28 21:02:30 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 21:02:38 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Where in the world are you?

2016-12-28 21:26:17 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2016-12-28 21:28:58 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

We know the end is nigh...signs of the Bible are being fulfilled

2016-12-28 21:31:27 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


2 Timothy 3:1-5New International Version (NIV)

3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of Godโ€” 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

2016-12-28 21:33:06 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Question...if what you say is true @The Enlightened Shepherd, how is it that Bible Writers nearly 2000 years ago could have envisioned that their religious world would become the largely hedonistic world we have today?

As 2 Tim 3:4 says "lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God"

2016-12-28 21:33:30 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

Or "unholy" verse 2

2016-12-28 21:34:01 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

People back then reading that would have thought Apostle Paul crazy...

2016-12-28 21:34:19 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

but he describes the social affairs of today accurately

2016-12-28 21:34:32 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  

In a sense you are right @HeimatFreiheitTradition

2016-12-28 21:35:35 UTC [GabberHangout #general]  


Matthew 24:37-39New International Version (NIV)

37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man

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