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2017-08-30 14:45:30 UTC

just transfer their evil white sins to a chicken and swing it around and cut its head off

2017-08-30 14:47:05 UTC

jews, niggers and spics can all go to hell

2017-08-30 14:47:39 UTC

@badtanman Powerful anecdote

2017-08-30 14:48:43 UTC

Truth is if you do still have any normie social media just constantly link to anti white articles.

2017-08-30 14:49:39 UTC

>sven listening to a video at 1.5x speed when im already listening to the show at 1.2x

2017-08-30 14:49:41 UTC

i cant follow this

2017-08-30 14:51:37 UTC


2017-08-30 14:58:30 UTC

god damn where has the wang show been all my life

2017-08-30 14:58:34 UTC

this is tits

2017-08-30 14:58:48 UTC


2017-08-30 14:59:36 UTC

>trying to pajeet as fast as we can lol

2017-08-30 15:14:57 UTC

Tropical storm Irma forms off Cape Verde. Forecast to move towards Caribbean as a hurricane.


2017-08-30 15:15:43 UTC

Oops, wrong image


2017-08-30 15:16:17 UTC

lol island naggers getting rekt again

2017-08-30 15:18:04 UTC

They still haven't recovered from the other hurricane... in 1799

2017-08-30 15:18:20 UTC

lol imagine paying money for bottled water when your state is literally drowning in the damn stuff


2017-08-30 15:18:36 UTC

like umm hello sweetie just open ur mouth rofl

2017-08-30 15:23:42 UTC


2017-08-30 15:23:56 UTC

its water that niggers have been dying & shitting in though.

2017-08-30 15:25:00 UTC

here's your fresh hurricane water with a hint of nigger

2017-08-30 15:25:19 UTC

>hint of nigger

2017-08-30 15:26:02 UTC

like at fancy restaurants they'll have cucumber water

2017-08-30 15:27:03 UTC

and a dash of cholera

2017-08-30 15:27:15 UTC

oh sweet cholera

2017-08-30 15:27:16 UTC

what do cucumbers have to do with niggers except if you keep them too long you'll be in a pickle

2017-08-30 15:27:43 UTC

From the River Niger

2017-08-30 15:27:47 UTC

the miasma! *walks around with scented handkerchief*

2017-08-30 15:28:05 UTC

Cue *Alex Jones water filtration setup*

2017-08-30 15:28:07 UTC

Niger of course is pronounced "knee zhair"

2017-08-30 15:29:20 UTC

@northern_confederate what does CAP'D MEAN

2017-08-30 15:29:47 UTC

umm sweetie, are you dumb

2017-08-30 15:29:58 UTC

it means capitated

2017-08-30 15:30:03 UTC

opposite of decapitated

2017-08-30 15:30:13 UTC
2017-08-30 15:30:18 UTC


2017-08-30 15:33:58 UTC

return of the master:

2017-08-30 15:45:42 UTC


2017-08-30 15:45:44 UTC


2017-08-30 15:45:54 UTC


2017-08-30 15:46:08 UTC

@erz1871 if you thought Wang Show was good, Knock Off is even better

2017-08-30 15:46:47 UTC

i disagree

2017-08-30 15:47:04 UTC


2017-08-30 15:48:01 UTC


2017-08-30 15:48:44 UTC

i think i've seen too much internet today

2017-08-30 15:52:56 UTC

Throwback :

2017-08-30 15:53:06 UTC

That's gotta be him

2017-08-30 15:53:17 UTC

Looks and moves exactly like him lol

2017-08-30 15:54:00 UTC

<:wewuzkangs:283520748256231425> <:noose:283798031592062977> 🤔

2017-08-30 16:07:33 UTC

Something tells me this isn't an exact quote of Joel Osteen:

Mr Osteen respond quick-quick, add im wife sef inside di matter: "Victoria and me care well-well about di people of Houston. Lakewood door dey open and we dey here for anybody wey need where to stay."

2017-08-30 16:09:02 UTC


2017-08-30 16:09:37 UTC

does anyone have the latest on the white house awan thing?

2017-08-30 16:13:48 UTC

@gusphase Osteen is a scum fuck.

2017-08-30 16:15:46 UTC

true but the (((media))) only used him to push a christians bad mohammedans good narrative

2017-08-30 16:31:42 UTC

Joe "you'll never work at the NYTimes!" Bernstein has a moral quandary:

2017-08-30 16:33:37 UTC

@northern_confederate well he does that himself by providing them with a target.

2017-08-30 16:34:00 UTC

I'm still not gonna shit on him outside of alt right venues

2017-08-30 16:39:42 UTC


2017-08-30 16:57:15 UTC

The first 15 minutes are golden.

2017-08-30 17:10:33 UTC

re: bottled water. that's why everyone should have at least a small water filter

2017-08-30 17:11:06 UTC

backpacking filters cost almost nothing and will give you all the drinking water you need, from basically any water that isn't contaminated by radiation

2017-08-30 17:12:19 UTC

i have a well, no need for tap water

2017-08-30 17:13:37 UTC

@NSJW The Jew Fears The Samurai

2017-08-30 17:22:38 UTC

Lets meet at taco bell in middletown.

2017-08-30 17:25:35 UTC


2017-08-30 17:26:09 UTC

so was trump just saying that instead of midtown or is that an actual area

2017-08-30 17:31:12 UTC

it's a real town

2017-08-30 17:32:12 UTC

oh ok

2017-08-30 17:32:50 UTC

i lost my shit when i listened to the latest shoah's intro

2017-08-30 17:33:00 UTC


2017-08-30 17:34:45 UTC

lol that taco bell would be so out of the way

2017-08-30 17:35:48 UTC


2017-08-30 17:36:20 UTC


2017-08-30 17:36:22 UTC

Does anyone have a link to that article by Anglin when he talked about getting rid of the left-right dichotomy and using a triangle sort of chart instead?

2017-08-30 17:36:23 UTC


2017-08-30 17:41:59 UTC

thats a pretty old article isnt it

2017-08-30 17:43:10 UTC


2017-08-30 17:43:15 UTC

i do remember it

2017-08-30 17:56:09 UTC


2017-08-30 17:56:14 UTC

@Axe in the Deep
I prefer this political chart:

2017-08-30 17:57:01 UTC

shit,must have erased tat one. nm

2017-08-30 17:58:27 UTC

There we go:


2017-08-30 17:58:49 UTC

top banter

2017-08-30 17:59:13 UTC

isn't "middletown taco bell" a reference to the jerky boys?

2017-08-30 18:07:03 UTC


2017-08-30 18:12:19 UTC

Good vid

2017-08-30 18:14:25 UTC

Interesting twitter won't let me post it

2017-08-30 18:45:29 UTC

every day the hollywood version of the holocaust seems more and more just to me

2017-08-30 18:45:40 UTC

we need magic ovens

2017-08-30 18:56:37 UTC

lol sven motorized goalposts I'd buy that

2017-08-30 18:59:41 UTC

lol just heard that

2017-08-30 19:03:01 UTC

Mfw one of the vampire quests in skyrim is called "chasing echoes."

2017-08-30 19:11:10 UTC


2017-08-30 19:11:22 UTC

this meme is so good

2017-08-30 19:18:27 UTC

it's dead now tbh

2017-08-30 19:18:29 UTC


2017-08-30 19:18:34 UTC

Virgin v Chad is still great

2017-08-30 19:18:47 UTC

virgin memes vs chad memes

2017-08-30 19:19:05 UTC

<:chad:352532639061770242> <:virgin:352532639166758912>

2017-08-30 19:22:18 UTC

liking the two minute tiny tim hate

2017-08-30 19:30:58 UTC

<:chad:352532639061770242> <:chad:352532639061770242> <:chad:352532639061770242> <:chad:352532639061770242>

2017-08-30 19:32:05 UTC

<:chad:352532639061770242> <:virgin:352532639166758912>

2017-08-30 19:39:00 UTC


2017-08-30 19:39:01 UTC

im home

2017-08-30 19:39:57 UTC


2017-08-30 19:40:11 UTC

<:virgin:352532639166758912> <:virgin:352532639166758912> <:virgin:352532639166758912>

2017-08-30 19:40:37 UTC

>tfw the only person who noticed me was some nerd who was eating his free popcorn and liked my shirt

2017-08-30 19:40:46 UTC

>tfw no emo girls

2017-08-30 19:40:55 UTC

what shirt

2017-08-30 19:40:59 UTC

home from where

2017-08-30 19:41:06 UTC


2017-08-30 19:41:12 UTC

and im wearing a video game shirt >.>

2017-08-30 19:41:30 UTC

ha, gay

2017-08-30 19:41:38 UTC


2017-08-30 19:41:39 UTC

its fine its a cool game

2017-08-30 19:41:44 UTC

a japanese dating simulator

2017-08-30 19:41:46 UTC


2017-08-30 19:43:10 UTC

@badtanman you a persona fan too?

2017-08-30 19:43:18 UTC

"japanese dating simulator"? Is that a euphemism for anime now?

2017-08-30 19:43:54 UTC

@☇Unlimited Power☇ haha yes my good sir

2017-08-30 19:43:59 UTC

im wearing my midnight channel tshirt

2017-08-30 19:44:08 UTC


2017-08-30 19:45:14 UTC

i also love slowdrive and our bloodied valentines

2017-08-30 19:45:20 UTC

I wish SMT would come back to consoles

2017-08-30 19:45:34 UTC

@badtanman goddamnit why did you change your name again.

2017-08-30 19:45:38 UTC


2017-08-30 19:45:48 UTC

@badtanman just got a ps4 to plat persona 5

2017-08-30 19:46:05 UTC

*play, but plat works just as well

2017-08-30 19:46:20 UTC

>when you think youre making a new friend but its just good ol badtanman

2017-08-30 19:46:47 UTC

@Eddy i need to get back to persona 5 but genociding orcs and redgaurds is so much fun.

2017-08-30 19:47:07 UTC

i dont like genocide

2017-08-30 19:47:14 UTC


2017-08-30 19:47:21 UTC

i *love* it

2017-08-30 19:47:21 UTC

skyrim for the orcs

2017-08-30 19:47:22 UTC

oh no, you tricked agent senate

2017-08-30 19:47:30 UTC

you jerkface meaniehead

2017-08-30 19:47:40 UTC

yeah out of all the people to complain about me changing my name

2017-08-30 19:47:40 UTC


2017-08-30 19:48:33 UTC


2017-08-30 19:49:34 UTC

I accidentally joined the vampires send help.

2017-08-30 19:49:36 UTC

you hate jews you have no right to judge

2017-08-30 19:54:09 UTC

>mfw i got a 2k laptop for free

2017-08-30 19:54:36 UTC


2017-08-30 19:56:10 UTC

@badtanman same tbh

2017-08-30 19:58:26 UTC

tfw i dropped my laptop so much it's a potato

2017-08-30 19:59:25 UTC

i have an extra one

2017-08-30 19:59:51 UTC

Tfw not carving all your thoughts on a stone tablet.

2017-08-30 20:03:06 UTC


2017-08-30 20:23:29 UTC

@erz1871 it's whites vs non-white

2017-08-30 20:23:41 UTC


2017-08-30 20:23:42 UTC


2017-08-30 20:23:48 UTC

even whites hate whites

2017-08-30 20:24:06 UTC

you talk like a woman

2017-08-30 20:26:03 UTC

@Zorost I love the amount of doubling down they are doing.

2017-08-30 20:26:34 UTC

yeah, too many are trying to bury that meme, saying its dead. but we must come back ever harder, ever stronger, till that meme reigns supreme

2017-08-30 20:26:49 UTC

oh wait, you mean anti-white forces. yeah, that too

2017-08-30 20:27:34 UTC

I've seen people saying "stop talking about jews it's unpopular"

2017-08-30 20:27:45 UTC

"The altright is dead."

2017-08-30 20:28:02 UTC

i've lost a lot of respect for the elites, they have no game. Basically they had total control of media for 50 or so years, so its was EZmode for them. Now that they have a challenge they are falling apart.

2017-08-30 20:29:10 UTC

was just talking about that in another thread. Got banned by https://twitter.com/davealvord164 (new right cernovich/posobiec fanboy) the other day because I keep calling bullshit when he says A-R died after heil gate & if we ever want to recover we need to dump the nazi stuff & appeal to normies

2017-08-30 20:29:12 UTC

It's amazing how a few hundred fashy goys with tiki torches burned down the old order seemingly overnight.

2017-08-30 20:29:56 UTC

Even rickey vaughn was saying that shit.

2017-08-30 20:29:59 UTC

"alt-rt is dead, said increasingly nervous CivNat centrist for the 1000th time"

2017-08-30 20:31:05 UTC

we need to keep in mind that each generation is very different from each other, on average. We'll never reach boomers on subject of WNism, no matter how we sugarcoat our msg

2017-08-30 20:32:45 UTC

younger whites have been raised on nihilism, constantly told they are shit & need to step aside for non-whites. They don't believe anything they are told, they know everyone is bullshitting them. So even w/o the A-R they wouldn't believe in the holohoax, or wouldn't give a shit if they did.

2017-08-30 20:32:52 UTC

Boomers don't matter they can't stop us.

2017-08-30 20:34:00 UTC

White males ages 10-30 is our demographic, as Anglin has put it.

2017-08-30 20:34:18 UTC

Until they start gunning down "ebil natsees in the streets" which they wont.

2017-08-30 20:34:33 UTC

These people dont even want to leave their couches.

2017-08-30 20:34:52 UTC

& they are incapable of reaching us if they haven't already. I spent a lot of time trying to get anti-gov boomers, some of whom are race realists, to support the A-R and donate to people in it like caerulus. But they were fucking worthless.

2017-08-30 20:35:01 UTC

agreed hector

2017-08-30 20:35:32 UTC

our demographic is the same demographic as are stepping off the boats from africa/ME to Europe: the demographic that gets pissed and changes things.

2017-08-30 20:37:05 UTC

If we can't get people to at least say "I don't give a shit about nazi flags or hitler or the holocaust" we'll never get them to say "I care about my race above other races." If we can't get people to say that, even if only in their hearts, we have failed.

2017-08-30 20:39:24 UTC

The left is correct when they cry about people saying nothing tacitly approving of us.

2017-08-30 20:45:56 UTC

Gen-X and millenials should be our focus. the boomers couldnt help even if they wanted to and the youth are already ours

2017-08-30 20:46:05 UTC

Is the Stormer down?

2017-08-30 20:49:22 UTC

no its up

2017-08-30 20:50:04 UTC

@Zorost Very few people actually care about the holocaust on a personal level now. Not even younger liberals really feel that strongly about it compared to how boomers feel. It's just something that happened in the past. Joking about Jews is actually popular among normies.

2017-08-30 20:50:35 UTC

jews revealed themselves to be laughable and deserving of ridicule

2017-08-30 20:50:42 UTC


2017-08-30 20:50:47 UTC

I don't know if this is actually because of us, probably just because of more time passing and people becoming even more hedonistic and detached from the past.

2017-08-30 20:50:47 UTC


2017-08-30 20:50:54 UTC

Dailystormer is not working for me on normie web at all

2017-08-30 20:50:58 UTC

isitidown says it's down

2017-08-30 20:51:11 UTC

i just loaded the page

2017-08-30 20:51:18 UTC

seems fine to me @SwiFT

2017-08-30 20:52:54 UTC

WTF did Comcast block it?

2017-08-30 20:54:00 UTC

i dunno but i wouldnt doubt it

2017-08-30 20:57:39 UTC

GenX-Millenials-GenZ are the three generations that will save this nation

2017-08-30 20:58:30 UTC

pls give me patience not to bash my coworker's head in with an aluminum scale for smacking gum again

2017-08-30 20:58:56 UTC

>gen x

2017-08-30 20:59:00 UTC

fuck gen x

2017-08-30 20:59:12 UTC

i can speak from personal experience when i say Gen-X is salvagable. we knew shit wasnt right but couldnt put our finggers on it. lots of us have come over to the lat reich

2017-08-30 20:59:28 UTC

"I saw the who back in 1978 look at me"

2017-08-30 20:59:40 UTC

Anyone on here have Comcast?

2017-08-30 20:59:55 UTC

Edgerstein that's not genx

2017-08-30 21:00:03 UTC

That's like boomers

2017-08-30 21:00:26 UTC

Gen-X were mostly still in diapers in 1978

2017-08-30 21:00:38 UTC

but please continue sperging

2017-08-30 21:01:34 UTC

nah gen x are from the 60s to 70s roughly iirc

2017-08-30 21:01:57 UTC

they're 30-40yos

2017-08-30 21:02:01 UTC

red pills work on them too. especially now that the great kvetching has begun

2017-08-30 21:02:04 UTC

@everyone Can anyone that has Comcast please check if DailyS is working for them on normie web, please?

Please @ me with response

2017-08-30 21:02:09 UTC

children of the hippies

2017-08-30 21:02:31 UTC

The webpage at http://www.dailystormer.al/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

2017-08-30 21:02:43 UTC

if DS is up

2017-08-30 21:02:50 UTC

they are blocking it in the USA

2017-08-30 21:02:51 UTC


2017-08-30 21:03:07 UTC

Is it working for you?

2017-08-30 21:03:07 UTC

Im so confused

2017-08-30 21:03:19 UTC

dns might be blocked

2017-08-30 21:03:22 UTC

do you use openDNS?

2017-08-30 21:03:27 UTC

me no

2017-08-30 21:03:35 UTC

i do and i can reach the stormer

2017-08-30 21:03:43 UTC

@SwiFT have comcast. In US and no DS.

2017-08-30 21:03:43 UTC

So its on then

2017-08-30 21:03:58 UTC

Edgerstein lol dude your generations are all messed up

2017-08-30 21:03:58 UTC


2017-08-30 21:03:59 UTC


2017-08-30 21:04:01 UTC

doesnt work now

2017-08-30 21:04:11 UTC

@Frank Grimes WTF has Comcast seriously blocked it

2017-08-30 21:04:16 UTC

wrong address

2017-08-30 21:04:18 UTC
2017-08-30 21:04:32 UTC

Still down

2017-08-30 21:04:33 UTC

@erz1871 Yeah, that doesn't work for me

2017-08-30 21:04:36 UTC

Roughly: Genx are in their 30s, Millennials are in their 20s, genz are teens and below

2017-08-30 21:04:39 UTC


2017-08-30 21:04:42 UTC

that one works for me

2017-08-30 21:04:42 UTC


2017-08-30 21:04:47 UTC

@Billy Ray Jenkins You have Comcast? What's your ISP?

2017-08-30 21:04:47 UTC

up for me

2017-08-30 21:04:51 UTC

someone is doing the fucking

2017-08-30 21:04:54 UTC

Here im going to get on Cyber Ghost

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