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thast is wwhat antifa wwould look like if you did a composite

and a shitload cheaper

yeah midwest

who hasnt

hilter was a serious underachiever.

so much oppertunity


ha ha ha




i dont think he so much supports israel as much as he supports their right to be an ethno-state.

they may look white but they act jewish. thats the problem

they dont compete--they jew the system.

now that is some seriously good news.

maybe one day they will figure out why we hate them

hey is anyone able to invite someone into this discord? i have a friend in NJ looking for a ride to cville but doesnt have access to this discord

sorry wrong reply

oh ffs

@The Goy Scout yeah was theraputic to watch


i was as triggered yesterday as i ever haqve been in my life


@โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ yeah man. she showed up to our afterparty

shes tall as fucking hell

more than likely

.@โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ good. hopefully they end up working for our media

starts around -24 min

lmmfao "im not finished, fake news"

omfg he is pummeling the press

yeah those cunts were bashing up every car they thought could possibly be one of us

trumps hate IS love

@andrewanglin omfg someone saw me today at the grocery with my RWDS hat on and he told told me that andre wanglin is a racist nazi. i about pissed myself.

@RCO Nick-TX cool man im on it.

@Greg Brewer - OKC those niggers and antifa trannys were breakling outr windows and slashing tires of anyone they suspected of being alt right. they even got some niggers cars at a diversity class

but they did get a lot of our cars

yeah man i cracked up when i heard about that

@ale we sould have expected this much kvetching

but who could have guessed it would be this bad. that psycho and his challenger of peace shit the bed.

yeah man this shit is getting serious

Since he served for more than 90 days in the military, he technically qualifies as a veteran, but because he failed basic, he never received a Military Occupational Specialty. Notably, Fields also had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been prescribed anti-psychotics.

@OrwellHuxley they are full of shit.

they had large stashes of all kinds of stabby devices

i knoww this to be fact

they buried them in the park and loosened bricks to throw

that is a gigantic lie and he knows it. trying to save face.

and of course he went on the watermelon mans podcast to say that bullshit

the truth can only be hidden for so long. someone needs to interview the police liutenant who found them

besides, nobody in our movement is that much of a fucking psychopath

we didnt want violence. antifa cant get enough of it.

@โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ yes of course it was a nog afrimitve action hire

@caffeinated fascist plus she had reported him repeatedly to no avil

@Chef Goyardee what in the holy fuck kind of bizzao world did i jsut wake up in???

its well established that people liek the clown you had the discussion with on youtube are complete and total fucktards

they have their minds made up and no amount of facts will change their view

they are a lost cause

we wuz no longer alive

we wwuz hurricangz

all of them

166 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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