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>kikes are now trying to actually criminalize not giving them money

the best shit to do on twitter is to fake being a black guy

you can call out kikes all day and never get banned

you can say anything if you just put some random black dude as the profile pic

go on black twitter and just call them all apes

they never catch on

im at the point now where i might hate gays more than niggers

i didnt think it was possible

i know lesbians IRL that just switch back and forth between liking women and men every 2 years

its definitely a choice


>respecting anything



i got a goy who wants to join up. can i get an invite code?


That's where I'm at

Everyone already knows

>civic nationalism


typical finn

>it was all real

real ohio hours

ohioans are the most powerful race in the world


Press F for Ernst Zundel





Is everyone doing the white polo shirts for Charlottesville?

Still might do it anyways. Was just wondering if we had others doing that again

What are the estimates on the number of /ourguys/ attending?

Mcnabb is underrated

damn that usa today article shit on the dems so hard

im actually curious as to how they could convince someone that jews dont run the world

holy shit boxing as a sport is dead

tonight confirms it

get in the voice chat

im not vetted

^boxing stream

if conor wins the irish become white

black swedish man is boxing currently


bake the yids and have white kids

Chimpout imminent


>implying these people arent white

holy shit canada is finished

>"I used to see Jews in high positions of power all over the planet, but now I don't anymore"

I just think it's funny that they think someone truly woke to the Jewish question can be talked out of antisemitism

I'm an antisemite for life

I'm serious. If anyone has any evidence for me that Jews are not pushing anti white policies at the highest levels of most world governments I would love to here it

Yeah. Most of the alt right doesn't blindly hate niggers though

These people think they are dealing with 1.0 types and they aren't

The alt right is a completely different beast

>people still play AC

>tfw you cant play new vegas on ps4 and you never fashed out and sided with the legion

i was such a faggot

is shadows of mordor worth playing

i got it for like 10 bucks awhile ago and havent touched it

just got the eveil within as well

havent started it

i have such a backlog og games to play its ridiculous

nowadays i usually just want something kind of mindless to play while i listen to altright podcasts. the crash remakes and sonic mania have been good to me

>they are labeling themselves


where is my free shoah


Pm it to me

Will not spread it

mattis is a homosexual


A mamzer in modern Jewish culture is someone who is either born out of adultery by a married Jewish woman and a Jewish man who is not her husband, or born out of incest (as defined by the Bible), or someone who has a mamzer as a parent.

anyone who hasnt gone full bowl at this point is CIA tbh


post that bowl classroom with stars and bars

best bowl ever

^big if true


dat pajeet

>he hasn't gone full bowl


Rogan is insufferable


>paying for Jewish media

>any year




i wish my granpa was a holocaust denier

looks legit



Really hope he cuts this shit

says tomorrow is supposed to be the big day

great way to start the weekend

>tfw you had to stop wearing glasses just to not be associated with these fucking numales

martin "if you're gay you're gonna have to pay" shkreli did nothing wrong

about to enter day 4 of a water fast


varg said in his latest video the alt right is controlled opposition

what a joke

anyone doing anything in real life is controlled opposition

making videos in your van about how you hate christians is apparently accomplishing much more

Richard Spencer should go on the Joe rogan podcast

hahaha its too late

they created an army of blue haired freaks advocating mental illness and they arent going back to being normal anytime soon

anyone not supporting kid rock for senate is a cuck

hes a trumpist as far as i understand


i dont like the guys music. but his politics seem more helpful than the alternative

>nazis and the kkk are the same thing





dmarcus is snoring on the mic

>falling for the college meme


everytime i turn on infowars i just get adds for coffee and brainforce

how do people even listen to this shit

its seems like without fail everytime i turn on the live boradcast its always on ads

its as bad as rush limbaugh

just nonstop ads

with breaks of ten and 5 minute content blocks


the comic book industry is dead

no one actually reads them

despite every capeshit watching idiot telling you how the latest movie differs from the comics

they dont actually read them

alex jones is DR3ing really hard right now

imagine spending all your time pandering to minorities who will never vote for your party anyway

what a pathetic existence

>reading comics

>watching capeshit

>cosuming kike media

comic books are the msot jewish form of media by far

there is nothing jewier

>he listens to anything other than classical or black metal

what a faggot

he sure is quite the free speech advocate

guess cernovich hasnt sold enough copies of Marmoset Modus Operandi

thats it

>its not the 19th amendment

actually you're right

thats worse


its science

>It's a people still talking about the weather episode

Sessions announced it

goodbye beaners

let the leafs deal with them

I still cant believe people have doubts about when Anglin is trolling

I've talked to people who actually thought he was in Nigeria


Can you even prove Nigeria is real

The tears on NPR are delicious

Just like the call the Mudslimes "Asian men" when they rape someone

Tucker will definitely be one to watch tonight

Anglin said the gab owner will be on

We need to implement the Aryan skynet

Julian's power level is rising

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