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Ello lads

Nah gotta have a bit of Mongolian in there for Finnish


I'm decimus from the forums

Any time really

It's pretty much 1984 here

The sooner the troops come the better

Not to worry

I'm sure Marcus does a good enough job

So is this like the official TRS discord then?

we dem goys

how long till they go after the lincon memorial?

what really?

jesus christ

i may not like lincon but its still a symbol of america

top kek

every campus needs these

ill be doing the same when i go to my college


when you have a browser for druggies and pedophiles to browse the deep web and dont disavow them

but as soon as some right wingers get on you imediately disavow

fucking jews

anglin is the best

yeah we know


iits over lads

bannon why]

dammit trump

everytime i try to support you you do this shit

taylor offically alt right now

jesus christ

emergency white pills lads, break out the medicine cabnite

millers a jew though

yeahh hes a kike

still a jew

im not saying miller needs to be hated or anything, im reminding you hes a jew

i like miller anyway


hes one of them that was in the SS

i know


thats if they take him back

idk if he counter signals ethnonationalists again i wont be very happy with hin


We know a bunch of others already told

Even if it is the normie still is too stupid to realise what it means

That's a great white pill


is that it?

Breaking: WE



I guess otherwise they wouldn't exist

Yeah because of the blackmail scandal

The faggot

It's going to cease to exist soon anyway

Fair enough

The broken masquerade timeline

Change that car to a challenger


I don't think they care anymore

They're so certain the majority hate us


Probably 75%

Some artist

Wait no I mean some music maker

He made that thrift shop song a few years back

Is he our goy?



Gay jewbin

Moly has been cucking hardcore past week or so

Recently did a vid where he did the whole horseshoe shite

He's certainly better than some

Goodfella is one of those skeptic faggots

Yeah it's a good vid

Yeah he's been on a few sargoy streams


Think they're smart cause they're centrist cucks

Pretty much

A whole lot of guys from the forum are in here


How many times do we have to be told bannon is out

This is like the 10th time now

I'm pretty sure the majority of politicians have done coke

If not addicted to it

Muh constitution

In terms of what

The amount of people that visit the sites?


Disney isn't going to pull it down

No matter what

I'd be fucking pissed

President of Israel said he supports us lol

Prefers us over the alt left or something like that

I'm response to trump


Yeah bc of Palestine

The 8pol shills are fucking idiots that just counter signal anything that goes on

Besides Israel

Bomb it

Nuke it into oblivion

That guy looks a lot older than 21


Honeoye falls?

What the fuck is that name

Mossad more like

Wew lad

I think it's theirs

I doubt they adopted

@Odalman yeah very true

I'm happy they had one finally

Not saying there is

I'm saying I doubt that they did



It's not even black though @β˜‡Unlimited Powerβ˜‡

Top kek

I remember watching a movie with them in it

Wasn't funny at all

110 ashkenazi iq my ass

@Coal most likely


Or mosley

No no has to be Mosley

I know all of them besides 9

Who's number 9

The demography is destiny channel is run by a faggot called naked ape

He's one of the skeptics

Went after edgy before he left and came back as braving ruin

My gor

Who naked ape? @Arminius

He's still a faggot though

As far as I know he's not white either

Idk if you look at his streams he talks about his boyfriend as white implying he's non white


He points him out as white though

Makes me suspicious

Yeah I know he's redpilled but I'm still not sure about it

If Jesus was from god I doubt he got the genes from mary

She's pretty much just a surrogate

Well that's because the father was god

I don't think Jesus was Jewish

While I'm not religious I still entirely endorse religion

Richard is bae

Jews are lizards

Tribal tattoos are fucking gay

I've literally only seen faggots gave them

I hate it when they say rock or anything like that wouldn't exist without blacks

I prefer metal anyway

Some of that black metal

Leaded sticks are illegal?

Is there a reason why?


That band that did the soundtrack for the matrix movie is a good German group aswell

Can't remember their name though

Did Du hast


That's the one

Yeah rammstein is pretty good

Some of their music is highly degenerate though

@Dresden top kek

Is he referring to you @Dresden

What group is it like @Dresden

Is it just friends or people you know irl?

Get rekt

We know

There's been about 10 links to the same article over and over again

Because people don't check before they post

It's funny that chelsea is the one to post it when her mother is probably a satan worshiper herself

She's definitely been spirit cooking


This is like the 5th time we've talked about bannon

The media was flipping out a while back because they thought miller was following David duke

Turns out it was fake

Just a fake account

Clearly all the leaders are Jewish

Gotta post on 8pol mate

Alt right more like alt kiked

You know what I meant ya dummy


Nah no such thing as a scouse Jew

It's northern English


How many of them is there?

Inb4 bomb goes off

What are you


Oh never mind then

I assumed you were American

Stop sending your people across the border

I'm 100% English

Unite the isles

Ireland BTFO

Clearly don't deserve to be a nation

They cut off the g

So I think it's just fucking up

Is that James fields?


Esoteric pan Europeanism now

But seriously a European state wouldn't work

Too many different cultures and shit

It's the reason the Austrian empire didn't work

Speaking of fields

When's his court date?

What the fuck is that thing

Honestly I don't think the bottom right thing is even human

Clints son is rolling in pussy



With Jews you lose

Doesn't apply to miller though

When you lose blame the jews

@Kaiser Wilhelm II I already know quite a bit about Germany

Did he come from Milan?

They're acting like presidents never got rid of members in the White House until trump came around

Im pretty sure Obama got rid of quite a few staff aswell

Centrism is cancer

It solves nothing

Far right or gtfo

It's like they're begging to be strung up

Fuck sake why does this have to happen in Spain

I'm going there for holiday next week

Because I haven't had a holiday with my family for more than 10 years

Because we aren't rich

Spain is pretty cheap

We're going somewhere called costa del sol or something

@SDifference I left the britbong chat

Couldn't stand one of us going full 8pol sperg

@Arminius it's pretty much deas


I mean it isn't

But it's really not even worth it, barely any posting or anything

What I mean to say is it say is that it's barely ever active

How fucking stupid ate these alt lite


Goy means the gentile you fucking idiots

As in Jews are glad he's going

Fucking alt lite

Not even fucking alt anything they're exactly the same as conservatives

I just really can't believe how stupid these cucks are

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