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2018-08-06 23:29:59 UTC

They already turn off all their nuclear power plants and loads of coal ones

2018-08-06 23:30:11 UTC

And are building renewable things instead

2018-08-06 23:30:35 UTC

Again as i said its complex

2018-08-06 23:31:32 UTC

There is also probably some coruption in play

2018-08-06 23:32:22 UTC

In long term eu always wanted more pipes then yust the one from russia

2018-08-06 23:32:31 UTC

alls im saying all these political problems could have been avoided if the LEft kept thier word and left the fucking country like they said they would if trump won but they did'nt and they can't be trusted

2018-08-06 23:33:06 UTC


2018-08-06 23:33:37 UTC

Too bad they were just fake virtue signaling huh ?

2018-08-06 23:36:07 UTC

dude if they constantly complain about our president and how "bad" it is here then they should gtfo

2018-08-06 23:36:17 UTC

EU involvement in middle east is for pipes is it not?

2018-08-06 23:36:21 UTC

they think it's better somewhere else then go gtfo

2018-08-06 23:41:13 UTC

i mean look at all the people that come to the US they want to be here

2018-08-06 23:43:07 UTC

O ya did you see the Ben Shapiro commentary on that?

2018-08-06 23:43:55 UTC

@CreativeRealms no... please share

2018-08-06 23:44:11 UTC

Need to find it.

2018-08-06 23:44:28 UTC

wait he made commentary on what i said right ?

2018-08-06 23:44:35 UTC


2018-08-06 23:44:35 UTC

if so i did see it a while ago

2018-08-06 23:44:41 UTC

On the weird horse thing.

2018-08-06 23:44:43 UTC

on the hrse people thing ?

2018-08-06 23:44:49 UTC

oh fuck lmao

2018-08-06 23:45:29 UTC

sounds familiar

2018-08-06 23:46:05 UTC

i feel like i saw shapiro's a while ago then bearing came out with his and i was like didn't i see this befoe ...

2018-08-06 23:50:23 UTC

When you never tell your kids play time is over

2018-08-06 23:55:41 UTC

i love his reaction

2018-08-07 00:02:30 UTC
2018-08-07 00:03:17 UTC

Don't correct them when they are making a mistake.

2018-08-07 00:03:29 UTC

If both sides are anti Jack it's a great thing.

2018-08-07 00:04:33 UTC

So the youtube ban of alex jones was completely his fault. they suspended his live stream ability and he decided to go around that which means he is banned and i think it means they remove your channel

2018-08-07 00:04:40 UTC

Lmao the comments on that thread. I lost 13 IQ points

2018-08-07 00:04:48 UTC

yeah but how long before @jack capitulates ?

2018-08-07 00:04:49 UTC

I only have like 27 left

2018-08-07 00:04:55 UTC

im seeing them alllll over

2018-08-07 00:05:26 UTC

and theyre all really mad about alex jones

2018-08-07 00:05:38 UTC

I give it less than a day before he's banned from twitter

2018-08-07 00:06:47 UTC

yeah probs. hes gonna go off the deep end or something to get banned there i think

2018-08-07 00:08:55 UTC

@CreativeRealms bearing just released a new vid

2018-08-07 00:09:26 UTC

I have no idea who that is.

2018-08-07 00:09:44 UTC

the most cancerous feminists by the looks of it

2018-08-07 00:09:46 UTC

oh sorry it was @Grenade123 who posted the bearing vid

2018-08-07 00:10:03 UTC

@d3adlyz3bra bearing is one of us

2018-08-07 00:10:11 UTC

the things in the pic are not

2018-08-07 00:10:42 UTC

Guys do you think it will be more cool post banned alex jones content all over yt now ?

2018-08-07 00:10:56 UTC

hmm thats a good idea

2018-08-07 00:11:08 UTC

oh wait its the bear photo with his voice over thing

2018-08-07 00:11:16 UTC

Thats what is foing to happen you know ?

2018-08-07 00:11:21 UTC

yeah i wouldnt say one of yall lol

2018-08-07 00:11:40 UTC

He will move to some place like bit shut or minds

2018-08-07 00:11:50 UTC

yeah his real name is patrick

2018-08-07 00:11:55 UTC

And ppl will be reposting his show

2018-08-07 00:11:58 UTC

but he makes good vids

2018-08-07 00:12:13 UTC

Since they will have to judge each of his vid

2018-08-07 00:12:15 UTC

yeah he makes funny videos

2018-08-07 00:12:22 UTC

And most dont break rules

2018-08-07 00:12:45 UTC

hes part of the sargon, dankula, jeremy (the Quartering) sect of the intertubes

2018-08-07 00:13:12 UTC

yeah people that think logically about situations and not with progressive attitudes

2018-08-07 00:13:29 UTC

and from what i seen they dont immediately think everything is a conspiracy lol

2018-08-07 00:13:30 UTC

Speaking of quartering

2018-08-07 00:13:41 UTC

He is going after the guy

2018-08-07 00:13:46 UTC


2018-08-07 00:13:51 UTC

And its brutal

2018-08-07 00:14:21 UTC

4 chan autists has doxed him and we know everything about him

2018-08-07 00:14:50 UTC

And now they are going everywhere that guy goes and complaining about him

2018-08-07 00:15:17 UTC

That guy is screwed big time

2018-08-07 00:15:28 UTC

Cant feel sorry for him tho

2018-08-07 00:16:02 UTC

The boardgame he made and was promoting at GenCon is called Expancity. It would be a real shame if it got downvoted into oblivion on Board Game Geek

2018-08-07 00:16:06 UTC

A real shame

2018-08-07 00:16:18 UTC


2018-08-07 00:16:28 UTC

Pretty much

2018-08-07 00:16:41 UTC

Btw imagine my shock

2018-08-07 00:16:50 UTC

He teaches at university

2018-08-07 00:16:52 UTC


2018-08-07 00:19:17 UTC

There should be somewhere that keeps track of antifa professors

2018-08-07 00:19:25 UTC

because there are way too many of them

2018-08-07 00:19:34 UTC

There probably is lel

2018-08-07 00:19:59 UTC

Shorter list to keep track of professors that aren't activists for the communist party.

2018-08-07 00:20:42 UTC

idk about that

2018-08-07 00:21:01 UTC

shouldnt be allowed to be an activist for commies and be a teacher

2018-08-07 00:21:04 UTC

certainly many left but not so sure too many go that far

2018-08-07 00:21:58 UTC

i'm not certain my statement was hyperbole...

2018-08-07 00:22:06 UTC

well most of them claim to be supporters of democratic socialism... which just means theyre all for taking down capitalism and installing socialism which is the equivalent to communism...

2018-08-07 00:22:23 UTC


2018-08-07 00:22:48 UTC

Socialism was made to take down capitalism and install communism... theyre one in the same just different stages

2018-08-07 00:22:52 UTC

Comunism is not equal to democratic socialism

2018-08-07 00:23:11 UTC

Its nonsense

2018-08-07 00:23:24 UTC

Comunism has 1 ruling party

2018-08-07 00:23:34 UTC

What's democratic socialism? Why the qualifier?

2018-08-07 00:23:48 UTC

Socialism means different things

2018-08-07 00:23:53 UTC

Democratic socialism means you can vote them out

2018-08-07 00:24:09 UTC

You could not vote out comunists

2018-08-07 00:24:11 UTC

and its a cancer to society no matter what kind of it is implemented

2018-08-07 00:24:18 UTC

You were stuck with them

2018-08-07 00:24:49 UTC

I aggree most socialist policies are dumb

2018-08-07 00:25:00 UTC

Didn't Hitler rise to power democratically though?

2018-08-07 00:25:35 UTC

Comunists did too in my country

2018-08-07 00:25:43 UTC

you can have socialist policies like medicare and what not but when the whole government is socialist is when its cancerous... plus socialist policies just mean more debt

2018-08-07 00:26:00 UTC

The difference is they said once in power they will fuck everyone else

2018-08-07 00:26:17 UTC

socialism fucks the whole country too lol

2018-08-07 00:26:22 UTC

I don't mind public firefighting

2018-08-07 00:26:42 UTC

Socialist policies end with them trying to preplan and controll everything

2018-08-07 00:26:52 UTC

With most ppl taking a piss

2018-08-07 00:26:58 UTC

And making it fail

2018-08-07 00:27:01 UTC

So, use capitalism to fund socialist endeavors, but only so much as you can afford?

2018-08-07 00:27:37 UTC

Socialism would work great in society of robots

2018-08-07 00:27:50 UTC

we are the borg.

2018-08-07 00:28:06 UTC

the problem is that we live in a society

2018-08-07 00:28:16 UTC

Well you can notice they do behave similar lol

2018-08-07 00:28:23 UTC

Many forms of government would work great with robots

2018-08-07 00:28:44 UTC

Almost like a program constructed properly.

2018-08-07 00:28:45 UTC

It's all paradise until you introduce the human factor

2018-08-07 00:29:08 UTC

or we just stick with capitalism and if you dont want to work to make a living you end up homeless and starve cuz of your laziness

2018-08-07 00:29:37 UTC

Btw human factor is also what is fucking the Brexit

2018-08-07 00:29:39 UTC

There are many people who work for themselves

2018-08-07 00:29:40 UTC

if a man will not work, he shall not eat.'

2018-08-07 00:29:42 UTC

or have support mechanisms that are ...voluntary...for those people that can't work to make a living.

2018-08-07 00:29:53 UTC

Its fascinating to watch

2018-08-07 00:30:12 UTC

well theres a huge difference between refuse to work and cant physically work

2018-08-07 00:30:45 UTC

That is why I guess most governments have programs for those

2018-08-07 00:30:56 UTC

"if a man will not work, he shall not eat" dude !!! That used to be comunist party slogan in my country

2018-08-07 00:31:03 UTC

yes but those programs are abused by those who refuse to work

2018-08-07 00:31:23 UTC

So the problem is the people abusing

2018-08-07 00:31:37 UTC

Big time problem

2018-08-07 00:31:48 UTC

is it, or is the problem that we don't have clear enough methods of making distinctions between those abusing and those with actual limitations?

2018-08-07 00:32:06 UTC

Would be both in that case no?

2018-08-07 00:32:38 UTC

one is a problem the other is a symptom

2018-08-07 00:32:42 UTC

Or rather when I say the problem is the people abusing is that the problem is about the people abusing

2018-08-07 00:32:58 UTC

a problem is something that can be solved

2018-08-07 00:32:59 UTC

hard to catch people that are abusing it without having surveillance on them 24/7

2018-08-07 00:33:08 UTC

is it though?

2018-08-07 00:33:35 UTC

yeah cuz without having them watched how do you know they arent acting/lying

2018-08-07 00:33:37 UTC

The commies used to make ppl surveil each other

2018-08-07 00:34:06 UTC

Their favorite trick was to coerce school children to grass their own family

2018-08-07 00:34:15 UTC


2018-08-07 00:34:19 UTC

i would argue that that is again a problem with our methods, or ways of measuring, our ability to gain knowledge.

2018-08-07 00:34:31 UTC

"Tell on"

2018-08-07 00:34:31 UTC

Well are you giving disability purely based on trust?

2018-08-07 00:34:35 UTC

if they can act or lie their way into a disability.

2018-08-07 00:35:04 UTC

its just hard to tell what is wrong with someones body with our technology. some problems you cant see even with MRI's and Xrays

2018-08-07 00:35:09 UTC

or even CAT scans

2018-08-07 00:35:20 UTC

i agree, was my point.

2018-08-07 00:36:04 UTC

Reminds me, a guy I used to know was pulled out of school at age 14 and was never home schooled by his parents so his parents could collect welfare later on.

2018-08-07 00:36:37 UTC

we would need some form of technology that could tell when something actually caused someone pain like in their joints or whatever else their complaint is that is keeping them from working

2018-08-07 00:37:37 UTC

Wel it would be helpful, but I don't think it's necessary to reduce the issue.

2018-08-07 00:37:43 UTC

Is there generally anything severe enough where you can''t work any kind of job and it can't be measured?

2018-08-07 00:37:48 UTC

A start would be to introduce gradients rather than a simple binary.

2018-08-07 00:38:20 UTC

sure, you have limitations, but your limitations aren't so bad, so you get some help

2018-08-07 00:38:27 UTC

from my understanding there is.

2018-08-07 00:38:42 UTC

its not like oh his leg doesnt work well so he cant work at all

2018-08-07 00:39:01 UTC

my understanding is that person would not get any aid, because he can work

2018-08-07 00:39:27 UTC

the current system is if you can work, even if you are messed up, no aid. You have to be so messed up you cannot work, to get full aid.

2018-08-07 00:40:02 UTC

so a binary

2018-08-07 00:40:10 UTC

i mean my mom has cerebral palsy and got SS but not the full amount someone that was completely unable to work got.

2018-08-07 00:41:18 UTC

really? Hmm. Never heard of that, I've heard of differences caused by ssi vs ssdi...

2018-08-07 00:42:32 UTC

You can be deemed incompetent by the state and get a lot, incompetentcy can just be idiocy which is terrible in my opinion. Should just be mental handicaps

2018-08-07 00:43:05 UTC

That is another thing, mental health is a major issue that just gets band aids on it.

2018-08-07 00:43:35 UTC

sure, but a lot of that is still not well understood, and is a lot of trial by error.

2018-08-07 00:43:43 UTC

doesn't mean nothing should be done, ofc.

2018-08-07 00:44:07 UTC

That's the thing, is it should be worked towards being well understood

2018-08-07 00:44:07 UTC

NO, we need the perfect solution... Reeee

2018-08-07 00:44:16 UTC

the brain isnt really fully understood tho so mental issues are harder to deal with

2018-08-07 00:45:09 UTC

of course then theres the generation coming up that thinks they have every condition in the book and just make it harder to understand what causes each condition and how to treat it

2018-08-07 00:45:29 UTC

That's the thing, there is not as big a push to get better understanding as their should be

2018-08-07 00:47:55 UTC

Where should the push be taking place that it isn't?

2018-08-07 00:48:26 UTC

I mean, is it at the pay/funding level, the science/technology level, etc.

2018-08-07 00:49:04 UTC

I would say those are included

2018-08-07 00:50:47 UTC

Even just implementing what is known

2018-08-07 00:52:21 UTC

Still not sure where you think the push should be happening that it's not. Implementing what is known?

2018-08-07 00:52:57 UTC

Unicorn Riot called the Portland protests' Patriot Prayer alt-right πŸ€”

2018-08-07 00:53:15 UTC

Pretty sure they're just christian right...

2018-08-07 00:53:38 UTC

But fuck that, anyone you disagree with is alt-right, right?

2018-08-07 00:53:41 UTC

unicorn riot was streaming from portland

2018-08-07 00:53:49 UTC

I remember them from Justice4Jamar

2018-08-07 00:54:01 UTC

I thought anyone who wasn't a socialist was considered alt-right nowadays, including the moderate left and centrists?

2018-08-07 00:55:20 UTC

Many people don't know how to manage their mental disorders, and people around them don't know how to look for it or manage it either.

2018-08-07 00:56:23 UTC

So, what do you want to happen? You want people to be more educated or care more?

2018-08-07 00:56:36 UTC


2018-08-07 00:56:38 UTC

for one

2018-08-07 00:56:53 UTC

How do you plan for that to happen?

2018-08-07 00:57:20 UTC

Generally awareness campaigns is what is used for that

2018-08-07 00:57:42 UTC


2018-08-07 00:57:45 UTC


2018-08-07 00:57:55 UTC

Have they not had those or are they not working?

2018-08-07 00:58:48 UTC

There is a mental health awareness month, I don't think it has been as effective as it needs to be.

2018-08-07 01:01:24 UTC

I guess there needs to be more or better activist and lobbyist groups to be more effective.

2018-08-07 01:03:17 UTC

Perhaps less negativity associated with treatment.

2018-08-07 01:04:54 UTC

Sure, you do not want people who have issues to be afraid of getting treatment.

2018-08-07 01:06:04 UTC

Then there is the issue of funding. And that goes into healthcare argument.

2018-08-07 01:07:29 UTC

Well the issue with healthcare is that people care more about healthcare insurance than they do healthcare.

2018-08-07 01:08:45 UTC

I think it's a complicated issue.

2018-08-07 01:09:35 UTC

It is.

2018-08-07 01:14:46 UTC

everyone is cover ing this

2018-08-07 01:15:33 UTC

reeee YouTube change all my shit to Catalan AGAIN

2018-08-07 01:17:06 UTC


2018-08-07 01:19:29 UTC

ya, youtube and the other big social media platforms seem to really be trying to kill themselves.

2018-08-07 01:19:31 UTC

Barbara Streisand effect

2018-08-07 01:19:32 UTC

switched it back

2018-08-07 01:19:51 UTC

for whatever reason it always picks Catalan

2018-08-07 01:19:55 UTC

Guy who assaulted Jeremy causing more people to see him

2018-08-07 01:20:28 UTC

i really hope that guy gets arrested

2018-08-07 01:20:47 UTC

Well he is getting sued regardless

2018-08-07 01:20:51 UTC


2018-08-07 01:21:00 UTC

Or at least having charges pressed against him

2018-08-07 01:22:04 UTC


2018-08-07 01:31:01 UTC

it looks like bitchute has 5 times the traffic than yesterday because of this


2018-08-07 01:46:19 UTC

Is this real? Apparently in Australia a new law was released where you have to give a little speech acknowledging your "white privilege" before treating an aboriginal patient.

2018-08-07 01:46:30 UTC

Can anyone confirm whether this is actually real?

2018-08-07 02:11:14 UTC

I would not doubt it... hope it's fake though

2018-08-07 02:18:23 UTC

saw videos on it but the sheer ludicrousness of it makes me wonder

2018-08-07 02:23:09 UTC

ya, the agenda driven censorship on the cartel of tech giants is now hard to not see. All the "alternative" tech platforms will likely see an increase.

2018-08-07 02:27:33 UTC

After seeing how Lauren Southern was treated in Australia, I've lost a lot of respect.

2018-08-07 02:34:25 UTC

I didn't know Australia was that bad. I thought it was only EU/US

2018-08-07 02:34:54 UTC

But looks like they're in the white guilty wave

2018-08-07 02:47:52 UTC


2018-08-07 02:51:43 UTC

Anyone here worried about how governments dependencies on oil causes the to make major sacrifices?

2018-08-07 02:52:25 UTC

whats a sacrifice

2018-08-07 02:52:39 UTC

idk, i guess Iran deal one example

2018-08-07 02:53:00 UTC

letting imports of oil be used as leverage

2018-08-07 02:53:03 UTC

one man's sacrifice is another man's opportunity

2018-08-07 02:53:13 UTC

U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia

2018-08-07 02:53:50 UTC

Europe involvement for building a pipeline

2018-08-07 02:54:54 UTC

Well, we certainly don't owe any country any loyalty when it comes to spending. We'll choose our economic allies as we see fit.

2018-08-07 02:55:58 UTC

still our need for oil is a weakness

2018-08-07 02:56:10 UTC

can be used as leverage

2018-08-07 02:56:56 UTC

Its just like any other object we rely on. No different than our trade agreements with China and other third world exporter that make things cheaper for us here. We can't go back.

2018-08-07 02:57:14 UTC


2018-08-07 02:57:21 UTC

can't go back to what?

2018-08-07 02:58:21 UTC

the whole quality american made stuff, or euro made stuff. its just luxury items at this point. our economy is built on the back of 99c store items shipped from China and India

2018-08-07 02:58:37 UTC

Thats a weakness too.

2018-08-07 02:59:32 UTC

I don't think as big of a weakness

2018-08-07 02:59:51 UTC

However even there

2018-08-07 03:00:08 UTC

automation can help alleviate that dependence

2018-08-07 03:00:55 UTC

I happen to think so. We have oil reserves and can import it from other countries though it would be more expensive than the middle east. But if the goods countries seized production or conglomerated against us (which won't really happen, just using it as an example) we'd be hurt more I think.

2018-08-07 03:01:32 UTC

I guess I was thinking more of that it is easier to reduce dependency on oil than it is other goods.

2018-08-07 03:01:34 UTC

Its not really the automation but the scale and resources needed

2018-08-07 03:02:44 UTC


2018-08-07 03:02:45 UTC

Eh, they've been saying its easy to curtail oil usage for 20 years or so now. We;ve had all sorts of bubbles and nothings stuck

2018-08-07 03:03:11 UTC

solar almost got there if it werent for the crash but maybe that's just something to blame it on. maybe it wasn't going anywher

2018-08-07 03:03:27 UTC

it was certainly expensive.

2018-08-07 03:03:47 UTC

I like nuclear

2018-08-07 03:04:05 UTC

Me too

2018-08-07 03:08:23 UTC


2018-08-07 03:08:24 UTC

this is smart. ban everyone that you dont agree with. cuz liberalism


2018-08-07 03:08:46 UTC

What the stupid fuck doesn't know, is that Youtube wants to Rid ALL non MSM content

2018-08-07 03:08:47 UTC


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