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2018-07-03 01:12:08 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-07-03 01:13:29 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-07-03 01:13:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

UKIP = mudkips

2018-07-03 01:14:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

everything is alt right if your not extreme left

2018-07-03 01:15:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

if you are the msm

2018-07-03 01:15:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

i doubt it @Deleted User the fact that your on this chat means you are smart like the rest of us

2018-07-03 01:16:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

rly ?

2018-07-03 01:16:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-07-03 01:16:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

ben shapiro is .... well he's far jewish

2018-07-03 01:17:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-07-03 01:18:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

eye dee kay

2018-07-03 01:19:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Deleted User lmao wtf

2018-07-03 01:20:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

i used to work at NBC

2018-07-03 01:20:12 UTC [Subverse #general]  

before they became far left

2018-07-03 01:20:32 UTC [Subverse #general]  

now nbc has become a disengenious shithole

2018-07-03 01:20:53 UTC [Subverse #general]  
2018-07-03 01:24:20 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@RakkaKaze everything gets compared to the holocaust yet i heard they dont teach that in high school anymore

2018-07-03 01:24:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

nj/nyc area

2018-07-03 01:25:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@RyeNorth why where you from bruv ?

2018-07-03 01:25:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

fucking alex jones lmao

2018-07-03 01:25:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

DC ?

2018-07-03 01:25:51 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Califonia lol

2018-07-03 01:26:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

damn that sounds cool

2018-07-03 01:27:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

i hope the sjw left start hemorraging males

2018-07-03 01:28:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  

he ran away ... the french are good at doing that amirite.jpg

2018-07-03 01:29:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

oh god lmao

2018-07-03 01:30:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

wtf why isn't there a meme channel

2018-07-03 01:30:51 UTC [Subverse #general]  

nvm i see it thanks

2018-07-03 01:31:55 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-07-03 01:32:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

dude i cant find my gay frogs meme

2018-07-03 01:34:02 UTC [Subverse #general]  

found it

2018-07-03 01:34:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-07-03 01:34:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  
2018-07-03 01:34:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-07-03 01:35:27 UTC [Subverse #general]  

it's nice and rounded ehh

2018-07-03 01:35:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

count dankula had a whole video on the (((Question)))

2018-07-03 01:37:11 UTC [Subverse #general]  

oi u hav a permit for that pug m8

2018-07-03 01:38:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

oi tweet to the uk police we have a butter knife weilding criminal

2018-07-03 01:38:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

im more center that tim

2018-07-03 01:39:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

in fact im super center

2018-07-03 01:39:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Nine but bro im really center

2018-07-03 01:40:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

like i thought i was conservative and more right but im center

2018-07-03 01:42:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

tbh i took the test and i still dont know where i am

2018-07-03 01:42:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Deleted User illl try that

2018-07-03 01:43:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I will record it

2018-07-03 01:46:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  

changed my name to my real scn

2018-07-03 01:49:26 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  


2018-07-03 01:52:32 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-07-03 01:53:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

so uhmmm we are gonna half mast flags for every single tradegy

2018-07-03 01:55:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  

oh shit are you guys saying if i unsub from r/politics i wont see the insane reddit liberal retoric

2018-07-03 01:55:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

google works also

2018-07-03 01:55:43 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  

thanks m8 im using a chromecast on my monitor

2018-07-03 01:57:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Heartsโ„ข i only go on reddit for the memes the politics hsit gets annoying as fuck though

2018-07-03 01:57:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Hans-Hermann Helicoppter i didn't know about it either

2018-07-03 01:58:37 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  


2018-07-03 01:58:45 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  


2018-07-03 02:00:55 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  

Tim's a conservative REEEEEEEEEEEEE

2018-07-03 02:02:11 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  

oh damn i memba that sho "Doug"

2018-07-03 02:02:16 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  


2018-07-03 02:11:20 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  

tim is fapping now

2018-07-03 02:11:41 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  


2018-07-03 02:11:46 UTC [Subverse #live-stream-chat]  

top kek

2018-07-03 12:28:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

@Timcast please keep an eye on that crowd pac story censoring republicans from their platform id really like to know what happens with what the are doing about the election meddling argument that that girl is saying

2018-07-03 12:29:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Lawyer and plumbers are also old jobs

2018-07-03 12:31:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

@LOLTRON agree

2018-07-06 18:51:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Dat hammer

2018-07-09 22:40:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

@LotheronPrime yeah i know he doesn't cover much foreign stuff

2018-07-09 22:40:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-07-09 22:42:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-07-09 22:43:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

well they got 8 kids out already out of .... 13 i believe right ?

2018-07-09 22:45:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

isn't it more like the msm is attacking musk ?

2018-07-09 22:45:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

"Who do you think controls the media?"

2018-07-09 22:46:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

the engadgt ddude

2018-07-09 22:47:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

yeah i memba wen engadget was gud

2018-07-09 22:47:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

then they jumped on apple's dick and shit on android

2018-07-09 22:48:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

this was back before reddit existed and back in the slashdot days

2018-07-09 22:48:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

oh shit digg by whats his name kevin rose

2018-07-09 22:49:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

he used to be on .... The Screen Savers right ?

2018-07-09 22:50:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

those were the tech days .... back when politics were kept seperate from the tech

2018-07-09 23:02:36 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-07-09 23:28:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

lmao @Deleted User but a man training a pug to make nazi salutes isn't

2018-07-09 23:28:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Also ... I hope the sadiq khan ballon gets funded

2018-07-09 23:29:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  

dude thats fantastic news

2018-07-09 23:30:20 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-07-09 23:30:30 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-07-09 23:30:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

lmao watch them banned ballons

2018-07-09 23:31:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

omg its h8 speech

2018-07-09 23:32:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  

this ^

2018-07-09 23:33:45 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Deleted User bow and arrow

2018-07-09 23:35:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-07-09 23:36:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I dont agree with @Dennafen choice of being with her but im not mad

2018-07-09 23:36:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

oh god TYT meltdowown was pure gold

2018-07-09 23:36:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

i abstained .... sadly

2018-07-09 23:37:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

but if trump runs again im def voting for him

2018-07-09 23:37:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

this is my fav hilldawg video

2018-07-09 23:39:07 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Deleted User tru but at least we got someone who didn't push anything extreme

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