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2017-11-07 04:02:35 UTC

God dammit he was one of the most optic consious there

2017-11-07 04:02:39 UTC


2017-11-07 04:02:47 UTC

between making sure we were organized, everyone had housing, the League of the South pulling guns on one of our officers, etc; i didnt spellcheck

2017-11-07 04:02:50 UTC

my fault

2017-11-07 04:02:55 UTC

but not really, Gunther gets flogged

2017-11-07 04:02:57 UTC

>LotS pulling guns

2017-11-07 04:03:00 UTC


2017-11-07 04:03:08 UTC

Because LotS are badasses.

2017-11-07 04:03:19 UTC

And by that you mean, one of their boys went full retard

2017-11-07 04:03:29 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach Also did anyone ask you about my helmet? I think somone threw a PASGT in your helmet pile with a "K.M." on it

2017-11-07 04:03:31 UTC

The chad Gunther

2017-11-07 04:04:24 UTC

I still love Gunther

2017-11-07 04:04:28 UTC

ill check @K Martin

2017-11-07 04:05:01 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach many thanks brother, I'd hate to think someone stole it amongst comrades.

2017-11-07 04:05:13 UTC

I'm sure it was an honest mistake

2017-11-07 04:05:38 UTC

I'm sure, ill check out our stockpile

2017-11-07 04:05:40 UTC

Hey inquisitoy get on voice

2017-11-07 04:05:47 UTC


2017-11-07 04:05:48 UTC

When someone tells you Homosexuality is the last stand of implicit white identity.


2017-11-07 04:06:47 UTC

I am a proud Tradworer.

2017-11-07 04:06:48 UTC

Literally bog them

2017-11-07 04:07:27 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach Many thanks again, it's a PASGT helm with "K.M" and "614" as well, both in white out

2017-11-07 04:08:27 UTC

terrible black paint jon on the outside, I spray painted it the night before Sville.

2017-11-07 04:08:53 UTC

But damn we looked good


2017-11-07 04:09:07 UTC

I'm the dick on the far right (as always)

2017-11-07 04:10:03 UTC

haha truth, im going to meet nordic resistance this week; they had nothing but good things to say about Sville

2017-11-07 04:10:06 UTC

we're winning guys

2017-11-07 04:10:06 UTC

But the media didn't like this pic simve you couldn't see "Tardworer"

2017-11-07 04:10:20 UTC

I know it

2017-11-07 04:10:25 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach You are? Interesting.

2017-11-07 04:10:32 UTC

Optics cucks get the rock too lads

2017-11-07 04:10:53 UTC


2017-11-07 04:10:54 UTC


2017-11-07 04:10:58 UTC

muh optics

2017-11-07 04:11:08 UTC

other countries wont take us seriously guys

2017-11-07 04:11:19 UTC

I wanna see NRM come out and attack the alt-right

2017-11-07 04:11:24 UTC

plus we look just like Nordic Resistance with black shirts instead of white - I think our optics are solid

2017-11-07 04:11:40 UTC

NRM was literally founded by a cop-killing skinhead group

2017-11-07 04:11:46 UTC

our optics are much better by comparison

2017-11-07 04:11:56 UTC

We just need the physical fitness requirements, so some of our not-so-good-looking members can get fit.

2017-11-07 04:12:02 UTC

I need to lose some weight myself.

2017-11-07 04:12:05 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] Alt Right is pretty much uniquely American cancer, like libertarianism, thank God.

2017-11-07 04:12:33 UTC


2017-11-07 04:12:43 UTC

I think it's a gods send

2017-11-07 04:12:45 UTC

We have one, when @parrott publishes it, its real

2017-11-07 04:13:19 UTC

Heimbach, you making a trip abroad or comrades dropping by or is it state level secret.

2017-11-07 04:13:22 UTC

I'm working on that too tbh

2017-11-07 04:14:28 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) with the low-level bantz

2017-11-07 04:15:02 UTC


2017-11-07 04:15:06 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Representing TWP at a conference in the Czech Republic, planning on swinging by Sweden

2017-11-07 04:15:20 UTC


2017-11-07 04:16:26 UTC

Just don't get raped in Sweden <:hitlerdab:374715737799131146>

2017-11-07 04:19:04 UTC

ill try

2017-11-07 04:19:52 UTC

>when somebody posts a photograph of the wedding between you and your Jewish wife


2017-11-07 04:20:17 UTC


2017-11-07 04:21:19 UTC


2017-11-07 04:21:31 UTC

@here does anyone have the "It's okay to be white" but with the TWP/LS logo?

2017-11-07 04:22:59 UTC


2017-11-07 04:23:11 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) you have my OC on tap, fam

2017-11-07 04:23:17 UTC


2017-11-07 04:23:25 UTC

Its good.

2017-11-07 04:23:50 UTC

We have em going up, but i dont have the pdf yet


2017-11-07 04:24:48 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach So you dont have any originals of any of those?

2017-11-07 04:25:01 UTC

asking now

2017-11-07 04:25:12 UTC

I'm bored andcan solo poster <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808>

2017-11-07 04:25:25 UTC

Let me know. Thank you sir.

2017-11-07 04:26:38 UTC

@here anyone near Columbus Ohio wanna come with? I put up 20 posters today and only 3 got taken down so far

2017-11-07 04:26:38 UTC


2017-11-07 04:27:28 UTC

Also anyone @here in Cbus Ohio i have a working printer lol come help me

2017-11-07 04:27:34 UTC

@K Martin That's a higher survival rate than I get here on campus lol

2017-11-07 04:28:12 UTC

Well I'm a tad bit off campus in Hilliard OH

2017-11-07 04:28:24 UTC

close though

2017-11-07 04:30:17 UTC

I have many printed off already but if anyone has the TWP/LS version I'd like it

2017-11-07 04:30:36 UTC

hsve plenty of ink

2017-11-07 04:33:09 UTC

As soon as I get the TWP verson of "It's okay to be white" I'm goinf, are none of you close to CBus Ohio? Feels bad man.

2017-11-07 04:33:25 UTC


2017-11-07 04:34:03 UTC

@brig What was your rate of posterafter 24 hrs?

2017-11-07 04:34:31 UTC

24 hrs? Lol. It's basically 0% after 3 hours

2017-11-07 04:34:55 UTC

And that's on a campus that's considered "conservative"

2017-11-07 04:35:04 UTC

lol. JC doesnt have the original thing

2017-11-07 04:35:13 UTC

Damn brother. I'm about to gi check mine and put up more

2017-11-07 04:35:55 UTC

I still have plenty of ink, So I'll print asmany as I can

2017-11-07 04:36:32 UTC

Heimbach's a swell guy, he'd be closer to a saint if only he'd also reply to private messages of people wanting to send him Iron Guard material

2017-11-07 04:36:49 UTC

dont forget all our leaflets are available for DL... https://tradworker.org/propaganda/

2017-11-07 04:37:06 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach Do you think it would be too tryhard to write "tradworker.org" on all the posrters i print tonight?

2017-11-07 04:37:20 UTC

@(H) Sterie Ciumetti I'm gonna be real man, on discord im 250+ messages in the weeds, my phone is even worse; my bad man

2017-11-07 04:37:37 UTC

They''re all "it;s okay to be white" posters

2017-11-07 04:38:25 UTC

I could actually type it under the poster I think @MatthewHeimbach

2017-11-07 04:38:32 UTC

Up to you brother, i trust ya

2017-11-07 04:38:56 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach I understand, a lot of supporters will write to you. I've translated an Iron Guard book with my compatriots and have been trying to spread it around, figured you would be interested since you like Corneliu Z. Codreanu. You can download the PDF from here; https://www.incorectpolitic.ro/2017/09/12/nest-leaders-manual-accurate-english-translation/

2017-11-07 04:39:09 UTC

Amazing! Thank you brother!!

2017-11-07 04:39:42 UTC

TWP "It's okay to be white" posters it is @MatthewHeimbach πŸ˜‰ 25 in the printer now.

2017-11-07 04:39:58 UTC

You're a Saint man

2017-11-07 04:40:09 UTC

I'm slightly disappointed nobody has registered tradworer.org yet

2017-11-07 04:40:12 UTC

YOU are the saint mein Fuhrer

2017-11-07 04:40:37 UTC

We all have some miles to walk before getting there

2017-11-07 04:40:43 UTC

Official Schism, i create the group now known as Tradworer, join me.

2017-11-07 04:41:05 UTC

We all need to be walking several miles a day to meet the firtness standard

2017-11-07 04:41:10 UTC

We will spread the word of Wite Natonelism.

2017-11-07 04:41:24 UTC

I remember when Enoch made an offhand joke, someone instantly registered therightstuff.wang and redirected it to interracial porn

2017-11-07 04:41:47 UTC

Gents if you're not working out now, it's time to start.

2017-11-07 04:42:17 UTC

Thoughts on these for the standards?

2017-11-07 04:42:18 UTC

Bronze status shall be
Run 2 miles in 17:00
Push-ups (one minute) 25
Sit-ups (one minute) 40

Silver status shall be
Run two miles in 15:30 minutes
Push-ups (one minute) 30
Sit-ups (one minute) 50

Gold status shall be
Run two miles in 14:00 minutes
Push-ups (one minute) 45
Sit-ups (one minute) 60

To participate as a member of the security detail or color guard, you must be silver status or above. Pins will be awarded for members who qualify that can be worn on your jacket.

2017-11-07 04:42:25 UTC

I hate to be an optic cuck, but the chad lift-wafffe will always beay the virgin antifa

2017-11-07 04:42:32 UTC


2017-11-07 04:43:20 UTC

What our Fuhrer said!! These are the STANDARDS. You shoud surpass these!

2017-11-07 04:43:32 UTC

I will need to start my jogs, starting tomorrow morning.

2017-11-07 04:43:56 UTC

As part of the rules guys, I do my fitness test first, and if i dont hit it, i dont attend the rally

2017-11-07 04:44:03 UTC

I wont ask any of yall to do anything i dont do

2017-11-07 04:44:07 UTC

Starting tonight! I'm about to hit a late night jog, so should you all

2017-11-07 04:44:42 UTC

We have at least 3 months to get in better shape, lets do this guys.

2017-11-07 04:44:51 UTC

Our Fuhrer leads from the front and so should you.

2017-11-07 04:45:01 UTC

Amran brorther

2017-11-07 04:45:05 UTC

Get all your guys working on this. I want us to absolutely btfo these optics faggots

2017-11-07 04:45:20 UTC

^ ^ ^

2017-11-07 04:45:50 UTC

Next rally I want to see NOTHIMG BUT CHADS!

2017-11-07 04:45:50 UTC

Maybe some kind of lifting standard?

2017-11-07 04:46:05 UTC

Id thought of that, for silver and gold status, and such

2017-11-07 04:46:28 UTC

Ohio Chjapter has a standard, I'll see if I can't find it and post it.

2017-11-07 04:46:50 UTC

sorry for all my shit spelling guys, my phone is a cuck

2017-11-07 04:46:58 UTC

I've been doing my best to get to the gym, been doing the Stronglifts program

2017-11-07 04:47:33 UTC

Bronze status needs to be easier than that.

2017-11-07 04:48:06 UTC

does it though?

2017-11-07 04:48:12 UTC

What about members of advanced age or disability? do they get a freebee?

2017-11-07 04:48:28 UTC


2017-11-07 04:48:39 UTC

its for ages 18-34; for those in good health

2017-11-07 04:48:45 UTC


2017-11-07 04:48:52 UTC


2017-11-07 04:49:12 UTC

TWP on its way to a march. 2018 black and white


2017-11-07 04:49:20 UTC

We must secure a future for based boomers and their Filipino wives.

2017-11-07 04:50:29 UTC


2017-11-07 04:51:27 UTC

Bronze should be the bare minimum to preclude people who are outright unhealthy, ...not healthy people who don't exercise.

2017-11-07 04:52:09 UTC

40 sit-ups in one minute, at the very least, is one minute too short.

2017-11-07 04:52:14 UTC

I'd tend to agree. Maybe a little stricter than that so Morriakiu can't joke about 400lb natsocs who can't spell Worker

2017-11-07 04:52:37 UTC

The person who stole our K's gets flogged.

2017-11-07 04:53:00 UTC

I don't want to overreact to people kvetching about our men not being homoerotic enough for their twink parties.

2017-11-07 04:53:08 UTC


2017-11-07 04:53:19 UTC

We can expand the time perhaps

2017-11-07 04:54:31 UTC

Expanding the time by double would be vital. Even then, I think twenty push-ups and thirty sit-ups would ensure that the guys at events are fit to fight without making the whole party into a jazzercise clinic.

2017-11-07 04:55:16 UTC

Well, we need to work out; have you watched the new Identity Evropa recruiting video???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcKW2xDcxLM

2017-11-07 04:57:18 UTC


2017-11-07 04:57:20 UTC

They accept blacks now!

2017-11-07 04:57:23 UTC


2017-11-07 04:57:33 UTC


2017-11-07 04:58:14 UTC

Only if they believe that Jews are "Men of the West" πŸ˜‰

2017-11-07 04:58:34 UTC

Focus groups say that the village people aethestic is great optics for that 18-25 demographic

2017-11-07 04:58:43 UTC

Antisemitism offends my Judeo-Christian values.

2017-11-07 04:59:12 UTC

@brig only for Counter Currents readers

2017-11-07 04:59:16 UTC

Buy my e-book and order my placebo supplement pills.

2017-11-07 05:01:17 UTC


2017-11-07 05:01:46 UTC

"daddy trump, are you proud now??"

2017-11-07 05:02:51 UTC

TWP should sell supplements as a fundraiser

2017-11-07 05:03:56 UTC

'Hey, want some penis enlargement pills?"

2017-11-07 05:04:08 UTC

Maybe once we all meet the fitness requirements

2017-11-07 05:04:24 UTC

Nah, Natural T will handle that man

2017-11-07 05:04:29 UTC

just dont drink the flouride

2017-11-07 05:05:23 UTC

Pierce built his organization on publishing money

2017-11-07 05:05:28 UTC

TWP book deal when?

2017-11-07 05:05:35 UTC

don't overdose on super male vitality kiddos

2017-11-07 05:05:40 UTC

White Juche is half done...

2017-11-07 05:05:40 UTC

Gotta get me one of those InfoWars β„’ approved water filters that daddy Alex has been talking about.

2017-11-07 05:07:10 UTC

I am sure Heimbach could write a great book.

2017-11-07 05:08:37 UTC

He could tell us all about his struggle

2017-11-07 05:08:58 UTC

@Mr. Hughes Imagine my shock

2017-11-07 05:09:06 UTC

Exactly lmfao

2017-11-07 05:09:20 UTC

We don't do that shit.

2017-11-07 05:09:33 UTC

>whites only, nigger boy

2017-11-07 05:09:34 UTC

\*puts down spray paint\*

2017-11-07 05:09:44 UTC

Only niggers graffiti shit, we are not 70-80's Skinhead stereotypes.

2017-11-07 05:09:51 UTC

@Hadrian good start, but we need a hook

2017-11-07 05:09:56 UTC

maybe make the title in a foreign language

2017-11-07 05:09:58 UTC

any ideas?

2017-11-07 05:10:45 UTC

>hey rabbi, watcha doin'


2017-11-07 05:11:07 UTC

literally we never do this shit

2017-11-07 05:12:05 UTC

Tbh, i wouldn't past some NSM guys, but thats something else.

2017-11-07 05:12:19 UTC

put it past*

2017-11-07 05:12:50 UTC

1.0 nationalism is where it's at

2017-11-07 05:12:58 UTC

Hail hortler mein borthers

2017-11-07 05:13:00 UTC


2017-11-07 05:13:05 UTC

who wants to go sling some meth with me?

2017-11-07 05:13:09 UTC


2017-11-07 05:14:24 UTC

Btw, the ruling will come out by the end of the month and we'll find out if we're getting National Action'd. Send your energy & prayers & that

2017-11-07 05:14:45 UTC

Is that just for Sweden?

2017-11-07 05:14:49 UTC

Or Finland, etc

2017-11-07 05:16:27 UTC

Finland, but the parties in Sweden in parlament including faux nationalist civic cucks have brought it up as well, so if we get banned in Finland it will undoubtedly strenghten the ZOG's case for banning as they can just point to Finland and do the same without feeling they violate any "rights".

2017-11-07 05:16:42 UTC

That was what the big demo was all about, voicing our opinion about the whole case.

2017-11-07 05:16:51 UTC

ugh, the NMR in Sweden is an official political party, right?

2017-11-07 05:17:41 UTC


2017-11-07 05:18:30 UTC

hopefully y'all win. What's the basis of their case? Muh racism

2017-11-07 05:20:06 UTC

It literally violates people's feelings. I'd laugh if there was something to laugh about: https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finnish_police_begin_court_battle_to_ban_neo-nazi_organisation/9803237

2017-11-07 05:21:51 UTC


2017-11-07 05:22:24 UTC

The banning process thing begun after the antifa dying thing, even though we later won the case, the cucks had to be placated and political police was happy to do so. Unlike in Sweden, we have a precedent for banning fascist organizations, as peace terms with USSR forbade "Hitlerite" organization, so there were a bunch banned, so leftists were literally arguing for implementing the shameful communist peace terms.

2017-11-07 05:23:32 UTC

The whole case is naturally bullshit, so if there's any resemblance of justice left it'll fall though, and we did win two previous cases, but I legit don't know. We'll have to wait and see.

2017-11-07 05:25:48 UTC

Luckily the demonstration against the banning drew a big crowd, more than I hoped for, it was heartwarming to see even patriotards had understood if the ZOG starts banning nationalists its a slide towards England like sick surveillance society.

2017-11-07 05:27:05 UTC

England has more cameras installed per block than any country in the world.

2017-11-07 05:27:23 UTC

And London is the most watched city in the world, no where in London without a camera on you.

2017-11-07 05:27:31 UTC

either it be government or private.

2017-11-07 05:29:51 UTC

And what they do to nationalists, just no words.

2017-11-07 05:30:27 UTC

Reading the fitness standards from above, I gotta disagree with it being a minute for pushups and situps

2017-11-07 05:30:45 UTC

Ideally you should be doing them a bit slower rather than letting momentum do part of the work

2017-11-07 05:32:01 UTC

@K Martin
"Ohio Chjapter has a standard, I'll see if I can't find it and post it."

nigga no we dont
our only standard so far is "you have to be able to kick @brig 's ass"

2017-11-07 05:32:14 UTC

Who had the standard?

2017-11-07 05:32:22 UTC

Region 4 or something I think

2017-11-07 05:32:24 UTC

Matt was talking about it

2017-11-07 05:32:29 UTC

Can confirm

2017-11-07 05:32:55 UTC

Ahh hyeah.

2017-11-07 05:32:58 UTC

@MattTimbrook nvm this nigger has his name on his discord handle i dont have to delete that

2017-11-07 05:33:22 UTC

Still, should we not set a fitness standard?

2017-11-07 05:33:33 UTC

We're implementing the one that Heimbach posted above

2017-11-07 05:33:59 UTC

Is losing 10 pounds a month a good, fair goal?

2017-11-07 05:34:06 UTC

i want to lose 3 pounds.

2017-11-07 05:34:12 UTC


2017-11-07 05:34:13 UTC

We're going to fatshame everybody who doesn't at least make bronze

2017-11-07 05:34:26 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) Can I have some of that pls

2017-11-07 05:34:28 UTC

You're a nigger fevs. I lost mt PASGT at SVille lokl

2017-11-07 05:34:32 UTC

I like ranking people based on physical performance though. Gives some more incentive to work out, a physical thing to attain

2017-11-07 05:34:37 UTC

You never got that back? Sheeiiit

2017-11-07 05:34:45 UTC


2017-11-07 05:34:47 UTC

I'm telling you, $40 on ebay get you a new one

2017-11-07 05:34:50 UTC

Ah it's all god

2017-11-07 05:34:56 UTC

no shit

2017-11-07 05:34:58 UTC

PASGT nationalism

2017-11-07 05:35:19 UTC

Remember, water is our national beverage.

2017-11-07 05:35:24 UTC

PASGT is best helmet. Fevs and I get it why don't yall?

2017-11-07 05:35:28 UTC


2017-11-07 05:35:33 UTC


2017-11-07 05:35:36 UTC

Not vitamin water, that shit is for pussies.

2017-11-07 05:35:39 UTC

πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯› πŸ₯›

2017-11-07 05:35:52 UTC

Milk is the ONLY white drink

2017-11-07 05:36:02 UTC

can confirm

2017-11-07 05:36:24 UTC

I am playing Day Of Infamy and 2 guys in chat are arguing over either traps are gay or not, the guy saying they are not is so triggered.

2017-11-07 05:36:39 UTC

I'm torrenting COD WWII

2017-11-07 05:37:00 UTC

Get Day Of Infamy.

2017-11-07 05:37:01 UTC

because fuck paying for black female nazis

2017-11-07 05:37:06 UTC

Its much better.

2017-11-07 05:37:18 UTC

DOI is a WWII shooter without that shit.

2017-11-07 05:37:30 UTC

Dont get source. get the new standalone version.

2017-11-07 05:38:43 UTC

Btw, I have to disagree about graffitis though, there's a shit ton of great NS street artists.

2017-11-07 05:39:02 UTC

National Action had some dope street art as well.

2017-11-07 05:39:13 UTC

<:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808> \

2017-11-07 05:40:16 UTC

There was even this documentary of Russian NS street artists, wish I could remember the name.

2017-11-07 05:46:02 UTC

you better start remembering because I'm interested now

2017-11-07 05:46:18 UTC

I'll ask.

2017-11-07 05:46:35 UTC

*sidebar* we officially have a leader for our Women's Division

2017-11-07 05:47:27 UTC

Don't worry too much brother I have no raeal athotity @Kombat-Unit

2017-11-07 05:47:35 UTC


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