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2021-01-06 21:18:05 UTC

I'm not seeing any updates

2021-01-06 21:18:26 UTC

Probably not

2021-01-06 21:19:57 UTC

No updates

2021-01-06 21:21:11 UTC

The live streams are still active

2021-01-06 21:34:53 UTC

I hope a war does start, cause if we as patriots let this level of corruption go unchecked America will be the laughing stock of history till time runs out for the universe.

2021-01-06 21:47:16 UTC

> I hope a war does start, cause if we as patriots let this level of corruption go unchecked America will be the laughing stock of history till time runs out for the universe.
@swiggityswooty we obviously need 1

2021-01-06 21:47:28 UTC

This just increased the chances

2021-01-06 21:54:23 UTC

Our republic needs us patriots now more than ever. This is why I have been stocking ammo. It’s almost war time

2021-01-07 04:39:25 UTC

What a shitty day

2021-01-07 14:17:42 UTC

Now you can worry about America’s future

2021-01-07 14:18:18 UTC


2021-01-07 14:18:18 UTC

Pence is a rhino

2021-01-07 14:18:28 UTC


2021-01-07 15:27:06 UTC

Sold us out like biden will

2021-01-07 15:27:38 UTC

Linsey Graham

2021-01-07 15:27:42 UTC

Kelly loeffler

2021-01-07 15:27:50 UTC


2021-01-07 15:51:09 UTC

Out of all the atrocious things that happened yesterday due to the actions committed by terrible people, the one you're most worried about is Pence being a "traitor"?

2021-01-07 15:51:39 UTC

And why? Because he said he was going to accept the election results? That he wasn't going to fight back against one of the most important democratic practices?

2021-01-07 16:05:15 UTC

The election was stolen and I fully believe that. I get that you believe Biden was chose by the people to lead but he wasn’t. He is a crook just like most of everyone in the White House. And yes I don’t care people stormed the White House, it needed to be done at some point. It’s terrible people lost their lives but this is the first violent right wing protest. And there were antifa and blm there too causing a scene dressed as trump supporters. No trump supporter would raise their fist in the air. That’s not their way and you should know that. Storming the White House needed to be done so those crooks know we aren’t going to accept communism

2021-01-07 16:05:41 UTC

Fuck off ktb

2021-01-07 16:07:19 UTC

> The election was stolen and I fully believe that. I get that you believe Biden was chose by the people to lead but he wasn’t. He is a crook just like most of everyone in the White House. And yes I don’t care people stormed the White House, it needed to be done at some point. It’s terrible people lost their lives but this is the first violent right wing protest. And there were antifa and blm there too causing a scene dressed as trump supporters. No trump supporter would raise their fist in the air. That’s not their way and you should know that. Storming the White House needed to be done so those crooks know we aren’t going to accept communism
@swiggityswooty well whoever is running in 2024 needs to be 2x as smarter than trump and 2x when it comes to solving problems

2021-01-07 16:10:26 UTC

If Republicans can win another election you mean. But I’m never going to trust an election again after this shit so

2021-01-07 16:12:51 UTC

swiggityswooty: You said weeks ago that you would accept the election results once the allegations of fraud had been looked at in court. They have been now, and not only has every *serious* allegation been completely disproven and discredited, but the election results themselves have been reaffirmed multiple times; by the electoral college, and now the capitol is working to certify and finalize the results.

2021-01-07 16:13:18 UTC

I said I’d accept it if it was legit

2021-01-07 16:13:20 UTC

Do you actually care about the truth, or do you just not want to accept the fact that the candidate you voted for may have lost fair and square?

2021-01-07 16:13:21 UTC

And it’s not

2021-01-07 16:13:51 UTC

It wasn’t fair and square 😂

2021-01-07 16:14:05 UTC

If it was I would accept it.

2021-01-07 16:15:08 UTC

Enjoy your day KTB, I’m pissed today so I honestly won’t respond to you cause I don’t want to tell you fuck off or shit. Even though I reallly want to

2021-01-07 16:16:06 UTC

Ktb is ok with fraud

2021-01-07 16:16:12 UTC

I mean, you (and others in this server) are always going on about how the media is constantly lying to the people, and how most people in the country are sheep for disliking the way the Trump term has gone. Let's suppose you're right. Let's suppose that Trump is actually an awesome and wonderful human being, and the only reason why anyone would dislike him is because of how "fake news" outlets like CNN spread "lies" about him. Wouldn't the logical conclusion then, be that Trump would lose simply based on those supposed lies? Based on all the sheep? If you want to whine and complain about how unfair it is that he lost, then you're absolutely free to do so, but legally speaking, it was 100% a legit election.

2021-01-07 16:17:20 UTC

There has yet to be even one speck of evidence that there was a significant amount of fraud; this fantasy land that you people have crafted is not only utterly insane to me, but as of yesterday, it's cost a woman her life. What would have to happen for you to listen to reason?

2021-01-07 16:17:54 UTC

When you sit there overnight and you watch the votes for Trump disappear on screen and go to Joe, yeah it was definitely bull.

2021-01-07 16:18:16 UTC

Ktb is an asshole

2021-01-07 16:18:21 UTC

That supports the left

2021-01-07 16:20:00 UTC

I do not support the left. I support evidence. There has yet to be any evidence pointing to fraud that hasn't been completely disproven.

2021-01-07 16:20:48 UTC

Ktb shut the fuck up for once. I also never said I don’t accept the results, I said I won’t accept communism in this country. Are you admitting Joe and Kamala are commie fuck ups?

2021-01-07 16:21:20 UTC

Are you still going on about the fake phone call? God damn

2021-01-07 16:21:25 UTC

No evidence

2021-01-07 16:21:31 UTC

Get ur head out of ur ass

2021-01-07 16:21:34 UTC

For once

2021-01-07 16:21:47 UTC

Lmfao I’m going back to work. Enjoy your day KTB.

2021-01-07 16:21:51 UTC

..What? I never said anything about Joe or Kamala, nor have I said anything about the phone call today? Are you even reading my messages or are you just assuming I'm saying things that I haven't?

2021-01-07 16:22:14 UTC

Per the constitution, Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. There has been plenty of times before this administration that the government has given money and aid to countries that did not like us solely for the purpose of waging war against the United States. Remember, they gave Iran money and now Iran has missiles they plan to us against the US. That in itself if enough reason for anybody who signed off on that to be tried for treason.

2021-01-07 16:22:47 UTC

For the record, I hate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris probably just as much as you do. I think calling them "communists" is going too far, since neither of them have ever really overtly spoken in favor of communism (or even socialism really), but I stand by my statement earlier that they're both terrible people who shouldn't be in office at all.

2021-01-07 16:23:21 UTC

They are communists

2021-01-07 16:23:34 UTC


2021-01-07 16:24:09 UTC

I don't like the fact that Biden won. But I'm not going to let that cloud my vision from the fact that denying an important democratic process based on minimal evidence is far more risky.

2021-01-07 16:25:25 UTC

Let's get this clear, this country is a constitutional republic not a democracy.

2021-01-07 16:25:56 UTC


2021-01-07 16:26:16 UTC

Cool. Doesn't change what I said

2021-01-07 16:26:27 UTC

The only sad part about yesterday was the women getting shot.

2021-01-07 16:26:42 UTC

The country can be a republic and also have democratic processes (which is what voting is)

2021-01-07 16:26:54 UTC


2021-01-07 16:28:32 UTC

It's good for all politicians to have some fear of the people.

2021-01-07 16:28:44 UTC

@WarlordStarfire as they should

2021-01-07 16:29:01 UTC

They need a reminder that WE put them there

2021-01-07 16:30:27 UTC

If the capitol police didn't shoot that women I would have know problem with what happened yesterday.

2021-01-07 16:31:17 UTC

She was a vet

2021-01-07 16:32:02 UTC

Regardless of that, they are trained to open fire when the VP or POTUS is threatened

2021-01-07 16:33:26 UTC

yes i know that but were they threatened? They were probably already gone.

2021-01-07 16:33:44 UTC

Pence was evacuated during the whole event

2021-01-07 16:33:47 UTC

Ofc they were gone

2021-01-07 16:33:53 UTC

And pence is a traitor

2021-01-07 16:34:50 UTC

He assisted them in betraying the Nation so yes

2021-01-07 16:35:03 UTC


2021-01-07 16:35:29 UTC

Some say

2021-01-07 16:35:31 UTC


2021-01-07 16:35:38 UTC

Martial law is the answer

2021-01-07 16:38:58 UTC


2021-01-07 16:40:56 UTC

The answer to what?

2021-01-07 16:50:01 UTC

I wasn't asking u

2021-01-07 16:50:08 UTC


2021-01-07 16:51:05 UTC

@Kevin_the_wise who were you asking

2021-01-07 16:51:33 UTC

I wanted ur thoughts

2021-01-07 16:51:59 UTC

You should have tagged us. Not doing so left it open to anybody to answer

2021-01-07 16:52:29 UTC


2021-01-07 16:52:39 UTC

It still is open to anybody as this is an open forum

2021-01-07 16:53:18 UTC

Do u think trump should declare Martial law

2021-01-07 16:53:25 UTC

To answer your question, if it comes down to it then yes

2021-01-07 16:53:29 UTC

Alot of Patriots are saying yes

2021-01-07 16:54:00 UTC

I couldn't agree more

2021-01-07 16:55:03 UTC

As President Reagan said, if you don't crontol your government, they will control you.

2021-01-07 16:55:22 UTC

We need reagan back

2021-01-07 16:55:47 UTC

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us

2021-01-07 16:55:57 UTC


2021-01-07 16:56:30 UTC

2021-01-07 16:57:01 UTC

He's probably watching down like

2021-01-07 16:57:11 UTC

Wtf is going on

2021-01-07 17:12:14 UTC

Martial law would be great right now

2021-01-07 17:12:43 UTC

I never thought in my life I'd hope there'd be Martial law

2021-01-07 17:34:42 UTC

Honestly same here

2021-01-07 18:24:10 UTC

In my opinion since both sides rioted I should become leader of the united states my plans are give northern ireland to Ireland and buy and sell england as a colony

2021-01-07 18:31:23 UTC

Wanna know the difference between Blm riot and the capital riot? Patriots went to the source of the problem while blm attacks innocent people. Patriots yesterday did the right thing.

2021-01-07 18:31:48 UTC

Now biden will come after our guns and there will be more riots and fights

2021-01-07 18:32:12 UTC

@luzaddamymind imagine ignoring the fact that it was antfia

2021-01-07 18:32:17 UTC


2021-01-07 18:32:23 UTC


2021-01-07 18:32:28 UTC


2021-01-07 18:34:14 UTC

Homie just because like 4 people were there from antifa doesnt make it antifa

2021-01-07 18:34:39 UTC


2021-01-07 18:35:37 UTC

2021-01-07 18:35:37 UTC

XD 4 ppl

2021-01-07 18:45:18 UTC

He doesn’t have one

2021-01-07 18:45:21 UTC

It’s a tattoo from a game

2021-01-07 18:45:39 UTC

Horns guy is also a paid actor not necessarily for either side but nobody knows

2021-01-07 18:45:52 UTC

He was seen at BLM'S

2021-01-07 18:46:02 UTC

He was holding a pro trump sign lmao

2021-01-07 18:46:03 UTC

And we've rallied before peacefully

2021-01-07 18:46:08 UTC

He was a counter protester

2021-01-07 18:46:13 UTC

Anyone can hold signa

2021-01-07 18:46:19 UTC


2021-01-07 18:46:41 UTC

Exactly lol but he’s definitely not a leftie

2021-01-07 18:46:46 UTC

2021-01-07 18:46:53 UTC

From anyone’s understanding

2021-01-07 19:48:36 UTC

2021-01-07 20:56:35 UTC

Apparently Pence is enraged at Trump saying he’s a traitor

2021-01-07 21:00:59 UTC

Well then Biden wins due to election fraud. And I thought he Dems were so much more “tolerant”

2021-01-07 21:01:24 UTC

Martial law

2021-01-07 21:10:40 UTC

Pence is such a backstabbed

2021-01-07 21:10:46 UTC


2021-01-07 21:10:47 UTC

This election was not fair. Trump would have won if this election would have happened legally, but it didn’t therefore Biden “won”.

2021-01-07 21:21:26 UTC

2021-01-07 21:22:30 UTC

2021-01-07 21:40:54 UTC

2021-01-07 21:41:51 UTC

Seems legit

2021-01-07 21:42:07 UTC

Hey look

2021-01-07 21:42:11 UTC

Its ktb

2021-01-07 22:05:08 UTC

Nah, I'm way uglier than that guy

2021-01-07 22:06:18 UTC

Guenther Steiner is my real name though

2021-01-07 22:07:00 UTC

@K.T.B. If that is so, what are your thoughts on former team sponsor Rich Energy?

2021-01-07 23:17:37 UTC

Guenther is God

2021-01-07 23:24:24 UTC

Idk who that is but alright

2021-01-07 23:24:27 UTC


2021-01-07 23:24:48 UTC

@Kevin_the_wise team boss at Haas F1

2021-01-08 00:34:16 UTC

2021-01-08 00:34:53 UTC

I watched the video. He said “transition of power” power that was stolen!!!!

2021-01-08 00:38:23 UTC

@Homura ur drunk! read what I shared.

2021-01-08 00:43:46 UTC


2021-01-08 01:03:50 UTC

Trump concedes

2021-01-08 01:04:00 UTC


2021-01-08 01:04:26 UTC


2021-01-08 01:04:33 UTC

Time to look to secession. The right and left are too far apart to ever unify again

2021-01-08 01:04:43 UTC

I'm moving to Texas

2021-01-08 01:04:44 UTC

And I’m 100% serious

2021-01-08 01:04:48 UTC

No, he didn't concede

2021-01-08 01:04:58 UTC

In the video he did

2021-01-08 01:05:05 UTC

Did you not hear what he said at the end, this is only the beginning

2021-01-08 01:05:14 UTC


2021-01-08 01:05:21 UTC

Oh I missed that

2021-01-08 01:05:21 UTC

Here we go

2021-01-08 01:05:43 UTC

I’m still looking to secede

2021-01-08 01:05:46 UTC

He exhausted all legal means and now being the chief legislator, he is going to handle it himself

2021-01-08 01:05:57 UTC

2021-01-08 01:06:12 UTC

2021-01-08 01:06:23 UTC

When was that made

2021-01-08 01:06:24 UTC

2021-01-08 01:06:34 UTC
2021-01-08 01:06:42 UTC

Oh ok

2021-01-08 01:06:56 UTC

Well I haven’t given up on America yet

2021-01-08 01:07:17 UTC

Shit fixing to go down next Wednesday

2021-01-08 01:07:21 UTC

I'm only going by this name now

2021-01-08 01:07:52 UTC

If shit hits the fan my information can't be leaked cause for dems I know to much

2021-01-08 01:08:19 UTC

I never will. But I take back my words of saying I’ll take the results of the court. It’s obvious the courts are corrupt. All three levels of government are corrupt and we can’t trust anyone but the patriots

2021-01-08 01:08:25 UTC

If Obama can say that all he needs is a Pen and a Phone and no congressional approval, so can Trump

2021-01-08 01:08:32 UTC


2021-01-08 01:08:41 UTC

The storm is coming

2021-01-08 01:08:49 UTC

Flack is flying

2021-01-08 01:08:56 UTC

It's only a matter of time

2021-01-08 01:08:59 UTC


2021-01-08 01:09:06 UTC

No he didnt

2021-01-08 01:09:15 UTC

2021-01-08 01:09:16 UTC

He did not concede

2021-01-08 01:09:26 UTC

@Kevin_the_wise you are late to the party

2021-01-08 01:09:33 UTC

@Swampfox169 actually we're at red 5

2021-01-08 01:09:53 UTC

Let me find what I had real quick and it'll show

2021-01-08 01:09:56 UTC

Good thing I have my weapons ready and loaded

2021-01-08 01:09:57 UTC


2021-01-08 01:09:58 UTC

I'm sorry

2021-01-08 01:10:07 UTC


2021-01-08 01:10:11 UTC

2021-01-08 01:10:14 UTC


2021-01-08 01:10:20 UTC

Martial law

2021-01-08 01:10:25 UTC

Kevin, I done told them

2021-01-08 01:10:29 UTC

If he concede he would've said so

2021-01-08 01:10:30 UTC

Who’s with me in fighting for America

2021-01-08 01:10:43 UTC

> Who’s with me in fighting for America
@swiggityswooty I'm with you!

2021-01-08 01:10:51 UTC

With my spiked bat

2021-01-08 01:10:55 UTC

We will start another militia

2021-01-08 01:11:36 UTC

We will not let this false president Biden come for our guns and rights

2021-01-08 01:11:56 UTC

If I’m going to die I’m going to die fight for the red white and blue

2021-01-08 01:12:54 UTC

> If I’m going to die I’m going to die fight for the red white and blue
@swiggityswooty damn

2021-01-08 01:12:55 UTC

2021-01-08 01:12:59 UTC


2021-01-08 01:13:01 UTC

I don’t give a fuck if I’m “overthinking” this. Anyone who says that America isn’t threatened by Biden and Kamala is fucking stupid

2021-01-08 01:13:03 UTC

Words from a true patriot

2021-01-08 01:13:27 UTC


2021-01-08 01:13:33 UTC


2021-01-08 01:13:42 UTC

Fucking red5 confirmed

2021-01-08 01:13:55 UTC


2021-01-08 01:13:56 UTC


2021-01-08 01:14:01 UTC

I liked that photo?????

2021-01-08 01:14:03 UTC


2021-01-08 01:14:06 UTC

I will add this in since a majority of yall are here. The other day in Angier North Carolina (I think I spelled that right) there was video of Apache choppers low level through neighborhoods. They were practicing for the big dance if you will

2021-01-08 01:14:08 UTC

I dont remember that!!!

2021-01-08 01:14:20 UTC
2021-01-08 01:14:28 UTC

Just look at this @Swampfox169

2021-01-08 01:14:34 UTC

2021-01-08 01:14:42 UTC

I'm quite curious to find out what Trump meant in the video when he said "this is just the beginning"

2021-01-08 01:14:54 UTC

@K.T.B. look at the pictures I just sent

2021-01-08 01:15:00 UTC

2021-01-08 01:15:02 UTC


2021-01-08 01:15:05 UTC

This ain't over

2021-01-08 01:15:18 UTC

Not yet atleast

2021-01-08 01:15:31 UTC

We need red4 and red6 and martial law will be in order

2021-01-08 01:15:40 UTC

I'm lost - what do those pictures mean exactly? Is martial law happening?

2021-01-08 01:15:49 UTC

@K.T.B. I think so

2021-01-08 01:15:56 UTC

Does Trump expect anything to happen in 13 days

2021-01-08 01:16:03 UTC

Not very happy are you snowflake @K.T.B.

2021-01-08 01:16:16 UTC

82nd Airborne is across the state from me in Fayetteville, NC

2021-01-08 01:16:21 UTC

Even I know KTB isn’t a snowflake lol

2021-01-08 01:16:35 UTC

@swiggityswooty idk she or he's been acting it lately

2021-01-08 01:16:36 UTC

texasreaper: Uh.. chill. I'm just as interested as you are in seeing where this is going

2021-01-08 01:16:46 UTC

If something exciting's about to happen, I'm all for it

2021-01-08 01:17:07 UTC

KTB will you join the militia and fight for America

2021-01-08 01:17:10 UTC

> Not very happy are you snowflake @K.T.B.
@Texasreaper 🤣🤣

2021-01-08 01:17:22 UTC

Tex is a Fucking SAVAGE

2021-01-08 01:17:27 UTC


2021-01-08 01:17:34 UTC

Nah I'm no fighter, I'm too weak

2021-01-08 01:17:42 UTC


2021-01-08 01:17:45 UTC

I'll leave all the fighting to you boys

2021-01-08 01:17:50 UTC

I was in karate back then

2021-01-08 01:18:02 UTC

Now I just own a spiked bat

2021-01-08 01:18:02 UTC

Martial law will be indicted cause we got red1,2,3,5 and now we just need 4 and 6 and the military will take our country from the hands of communists and crookid politicians

2021-01-08 01:18:04 UTC

Can you aim a gun

2021-01-08 01:18:29 UTC

I've never even touched a gun

2021-01-08 01:18:31 UTC

If it was happening now, we wouldn't still be talking to each other.

2021-01-08 01:18:38 UTC

If martial law happens, I’m all for it honestly

2021-01-08 01:18:41 UTC

And 4 and 6 can happen over just the course of a couple days @swiggityswooty @Swampfox169 @K.T.B.

2021-01-08 01:18:56 UTC

So we just need red4 and red6

2021-01-08 01:19:06 UTC

Like I just said though

2021-01-08 01:19:26 UTC

Those two can be called into play within a couple days maybe even before Wednesday

2021-01-08 01:19:38 UTC

2021-01-08 01:19:43 UTC

Everyone listen up.

2021-01-08 01:19:53 UTC

These three pictures alone explain the potus method

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