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Duke boys

I'm dead πŸ’€

It's true tho


New pfp

Dude rebel flag monster symbol

I need that for when I can get a vehicle


Turning 16 this year

I've been raised around them redneck boys tho


Idgaf! What I wear I will wear the most torn up shit still won't give a fuck

My sister forgot where we came from

Like the roots

Boyd Texas

Born in Arlington

But me I prefer backwoods and feilds over cityy streets

Her on the oyher hand

Oh I'm bisexual so i gotta post it everywhere=her me:gggggaaayyy asss fruity feller

Yes it's Joe dirt

@Si jrotc?

I'm in army jrotc

Leuitenant colonel Daniels is my senior instructor



Let 3 IV already been through jpa


I'd be sergeant had it not been for the guy who was on staff who was supposed to do the paperwork for promotions

He neglected to do so and got removed from the position

So I'm still stuck at pfc or else I woulda gotten from pfc to corporal to sergeant in no time

But I also have to March a platoon to get corporal and my first sergeant kept denying me opportunities

I even asked it was flat out no

Ah we have to suggest trips or activities for jrotc here or else it's just football games

That's it

Jrotc here is pretty shit

So I'm thinking about leaving I been fucked over so many times in there

My buddy Brian left jrotc because literally were getting fucked over so much

And when were accused of shit they don't bother to hear our side

That happened to me I almost got fucking expelled cause my dumbass friend pulled a prank that nearly got me expelled

Didn't bother to hear what I had to say

I knocked TF outta my friend for that shit

I've known this guy for a while

Almost three years

Guys i run with I've known for years

Navy? Lmaoo squid

Marines all the way

Lazy asses

Marines rotc


I'm not joining for the money

Lmao it really is

I'll be a first leuitenant most likely or captain


No jail time either

Sign me tf up

Me and my buddy I consider a brother are both joining but he's going enlisted but both raiders

I will literally have to put in a request for him to be put in my platoon


I might sign up at 17 while going to college to get my degree to become an officer


No gaurd tho

I talk to gunny

And ssg

Army recruiters are trying to get me to join the army I have two on insta

I haven't talked to navy or chairforce

One sec





Welp I just called out for simping

This girl good looking tho and actually a nice person sooo

I will fucking simp





Damn I'm sorry dude

City girls eh?

That's how Oklahoma is

I live in lawton and it's the same way

I win em over with my southern charm next thing you know about a month later they leave


Everyone says i got an accent but I don't hear it but everyone says I sound like a hillbilly

I'm like y'all got me fucked up

Imma redneck there's a difference

I shit you not my nickname at school is cowboy

I show up in like any shirt with a cowboy hat old jeans and boots

My teachers from past years hate me cause that

Master hatter's of Texas

10 star

I gotta get a new one

Why TF can I not find trump hats here

Shit let me ask my dad rq oh wait we poor folk round here

It's sad I live in the south and yet theres no trump hats in stores

Another reason I say fuck Oklahoma

Oh my damn I need that

I need it all holy shit man


I gotta get a job so I can buy this

Watch me get fired for wearing that stuff


When my dad gets payed imma ask him to order me two things since I don't ask for much

I don't ask for much so this would be like a rare thing

I roll with what I got



@Si whatcha think lmao

Lmao found that on Facebook been sending to whoever I can now

Even libertarians and boog Bois are saying eat shit to antifa

I think blm and antifa need to come farther down south hehehe

And try going to the backwoods and hills

They won't face rednecks and hillbillys

They won't face no cowboys either

If you Kim Jong un I'm trump lmaoooo

Now I am

Not British



I thought it said she was in dubai

Fucking wierdos who dress and act like animals at times kinda wierdos







Lmao I wished

Just let it roll into a crowd of blm,antifa with some c4 charges on it




What if he just runs into a building

Yes definitely


Ill gladly run them over

Lmao yup

Might as well get the whole fucking thing running

Cannon 🀣

Dude I'm starting a militia here in Oklahoma


I'm getting a bunch of my buddys,people I don't know,anybody against them together

Play CCR while killin

Howdy partner

Look here



I told you Texas don't shut down 🀣

I left rebel hell blm members started showing up

The admins wouldn't do anything and still won't

"were true Rebels" no your not admins/creator or they wouldn't be there

All of blm and antifa are on my list

I called those fuckers out on my insta

Me and my buddy made a live video calling them out

So they know what i look like when they see it

Bring it on is all I gotta say

I already got one blm supporter after me because I know him from middle school plus same high school

He kept telling my friend tyler who keep in mind is black doesn't support blm and he was ringing Tyler's phone saying I need to apologize and we said for what and he wouldn't say

So my guess is cause I'm white

I know for a fact this mfers a blm supporter because thats the kinda person he is

Im saying the shit

All three need be deployed

Time to kill this guy

Y'all havent gotten the new ones?



We got the multicams


But I don't get to where em because

I'm not in drill team

If you go to jclc you get it here

Yeah sure

Ill just go buy an urban combat uniform




Fucking phone



Urban combat uniform

The newly issued gear


Flash and frag



With a scar-h

Imma get everything I can

I'm buying everything I can


Since I'm only nearly 16

Why not


Nothing but the facts

They won't come to me

I'll light all of em up

Give them a message from me

Come down to Oklahoma bitches

Y'all motherfuckers won't face this cowboy

I'll light all of em on fire

Molotovs bitch

Hand grenades


I will commit a massacre

Fuck this no more mister nice guy

They want an invitation come on down boys


Wtf Kevin

Why feminism


@Kevin_the_wise the pic you sent

Nevermind that was wizard

@americanaf bruh why feminism

Bruh why feminism @americanaf


Just why

It's downloading




You said dope sooo

I was just trying to keep the list going 🀣

Dude I'm fucking bored ok I got nun to do

The pic

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