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premarital sex is a sin

Marty Robins what a chad

I live in Wisconsin so i wouldn't have to fly

I think you have to many women on your mind.

No they don't human lives are still more important than animals. If I was starving I would eat my dog.


tell him to stop being a fag


but its not possible to have 138000 votes in a row for bidden at once with out any trump votes. trump was pulling ahead the dems cheated.

Shure "systematic glitch" do you really think the democrats are above fraud?

@K.T.B. the votes that are done with sharpies are not counted because of bleed through, and where the machines are counting the machines wont count sharpie votes.

we need to fight this fraud, if it was any other republican i would be skeptical but i think trump is going to fight the good fight.

I posted the charts i straight line like that is not possible.

they are a bunch of rats

@figgs do you think the us army will attack Americans?

this is not a democratic process we are a constitution republic

Isn't it a little convenient that no glitches have been found to favor trump.

no there haven't been

Thats not true in 2016 mistakes did not favor trump the dems just hate the man so they tried to discredit him and make his presidency illegitimate. In 2020 there have been videos of poll workers filling out ballets and poll watchers not being allowed in. In addition to that multiple glitches that only favor Biden. You're lying when you say there were mistakes that favored Trump in 2016, and there have not been glitches that favor him in 2020.

Well there is a chance it will and a chance it wont we just have to wait it out. It depends what Trumps legal team can dig up, it could overturn the election or if could do nothing. He is not overturning the verdict he is looking for instances of illegal ballots being counted so that they can possibly be discarded. So saying Trump's attempt at overturning the verdict won't do him much good doesn't really say anything about the situation right now. Because his legal team is still finding evidence to build a strong legal case in multiple states.

It's not true that there is almost no evidence

his legal team has found evince and is still finding more

So you didn't just read the headline saying the this was a panel of the first people to receive the vaccine in that area?

The cure shouldn't be worse than the virus and for healthy people under the age of 60 it seems to be.

This virus is not a danger to healthy people under the age of 60 and the lockdowns and vaccine seem to be worse than just getting the virus.

oh really KTB its not common sense that destroying peoples livelihood is horrible

is that from the same cdc that told people not to wear a mask?

I'm saying the lockdowns have been worse than the virus for almost the entire population.

655,000 Americans die from heart dieses every year why don't we make a big deal out of that.

This whole pandemic has been almost completely political.

okay why don't we just shut down every unhealthy restaurant?


There is inherent danger in life and destroying millions of small businesses isn't worth it to combat a virus with an extremally low death rate like covid.

@K.T.B. getting heart disease is a personal choice just like going out during corona virus.

I'm not getting it

how fascinating

Merry Christmas


just literally just how the eyes work

The only sad part about yesterday was the women getting shot.

It's good for all politicians to have some fear of the people.

If the capitol police didn't shoot that women I would have know problem with what happened yesterday.

yes i know that but were they threatened? They were probably already gone.

its his own fault for not dealing with big tech while in office

@K.T.B. when was the party switch?

@Kevin_the_wise I agree with you on a lot of things but when you call someone a Russian spy and use emotions you've lost the argument.

It depends which vaccine you're talking about.

no i'm not anti flu shot

i'm against to covid vaccine unless the person is older than 60 or with pr-existing conditions .

Why don't you give them actual evidence then inside of a picture.

Kevin I think you have the right idea a lot of the time you just don't convey your arguments very well.

my dislike of vaccines has nothing to do with autism

I don't know if that counts as bragging.

2021-01-14 01:32:25 UTC [United Patriots Party #music]  

-play kickstart my heart

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