Bradley IL

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Thank you, that’s correct.

Glad to be here, looking forward to helping the organization.

Yea doing it now

I’m from the Elgin IL area

Went well I think, I’m here so it must have!

Very detailed and organized

Looking forward to it

Looking forward to it

Glad to be here everyone

I think I’m in

Says access denied to meeting room 1

Thanks, from Elgin area.

Looking forward to it

thanks for reaching out

Hi, Vincent. Can you verify me on Mumble?

Yes I am now

Thank you

You could say that was the final motivation

I admire the fact that everyone seems to have strong convictions

Thanks, Carter. A lot to take in at the moment.

Will do, thanks. Sorry I missed that instruction. A lot going on right now.

That’s going to be extremely motivational

How long have you been part of the organization?

I appreciated the security measures that were taken and I was very surprised at how thoroughly I was questioned. The drive was long but I saw it is as a test of commitment.

Looking forward to it

Hey man just wanted to connect with you here

I have a dr appt tomorrow that I forgot about so tomorrow won’t work. You free Wednesday or Thursday?

Sounds good let’s meet tomorrow

Hey, Randy. Still trying to understand everything. So I just created an order in the print shop. I’ll get a bunch of stickers sent back to the return address on the envelope correct? Seems pretty straightforward if that’s it.

Easy enough, yea I got the number saved. I’ll be sending that out tomorrow. Just getting started here.

Looking through activism post right now to get a better idea of what pictures need to look like.



Yea I saw a post on what is a good picture and what’s no good on there. I took this one during my interview.

Excited to help spread the idea

Hey just wanted to say hope mother and child are well. Take care!

36 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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