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I don’t

i’m cool with that

I don’t think so but hang onto it. Might be Randy’s

Springfield Footage

Hey at the Dec. 4 event I will most likely be shield team leader. You will be on the team. Right now @ND - Carter MO doesn't know if he will be attending or not. If he does, he will be shield team leader. Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know whats going on. If I end up being the leader, I want you as my #2. We worked together pretty well drilling at the Michigan hike.

I have read the messages

if you guys want a serious Nazbol rabbit hole

Got it. Randy and I will handle everything just fine.

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No nothing as of yet. I will let you know if I think of something


Sounds good

Good stuff man

who made that:joy:

All good. I’m forgot anyways. We will definitely do it tonight.

@Zach MO Yes you all can come to my house.

Would you be willing to email me your works?

Sounds good. I’ll be there

Sam gave me a copy of Hitlers Table talks the other day by Bormin. I’m guessing that’s a fake as well?

haha that’s awesome


Ya man. Excited to see you as well. I know @Randolph IL can’t wait.

Who all will be coming to my house tonight?

We are in Indiana right now. We are past ohio. Going through Indianapolis right now.

No we’re good. Thanks brother for reaching out.

Good stuff yesterday man. Everything went very smoothly and we just had to look pretty for the camera

We don’t have any room. We have two rental cars that are completely full. There are some Indiana guys you could contact to maybe help you out. @Billy IN @Adam IN @Robert IN

Alright. Keep me posted

Ok sounds good. Glad to hear it worked out.

Do you have my GoPro?

Hey brother! It was great talking to you too. Definitely let me know when you're in town and we can link up and go do some activism.

Feel free to close group. Zach and I have things covered

Hey William. I'm getting a bus headcount. Who was laying in the back with you? We're missing 1 guy and think it was an OK guy

Nevermind. Got it

Hey Jon. Some of your guys gave $80 to @Sam MN the other night to help with our costs. I just want to say thank you for that. We really appreciate our brothers lending a helping hand like that. It was an expensive trip but the fruits from this event far outweigh any of the negatives. It was great to see you and a pleasure marching with you guys in DC. Hope you guys made it home safe! Can’t wait to see you all soon!

I will let you know today. Is there a method you would prefer? Cash app/ Venmo?

We just had the harnesses on

Hi Vincent. I’m on mumble and am ready to be verified whenever you get a chance.

Thanks bro! Great meeting you too!

Haha ya i’m feeling good. We will be able to spar in about 3 months

Pretty good man. Hopefully everything is fixed now. Thanks for checking in!

I’m waiting to be verified.


Thank you!

Hey Christopher. Congratulations on your new position. It was a pleasure marching under your leadership in DC. You did a fantastic job and your position as ND is well deserved. Good luck brother!

Sounds goos

pretty good man. how are things going with you?

Congrats @ND - Carter MO !

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Either works. What do u think is best? I feel like saturday may be better.

Most students should be home for the holidays. I’m gonna do a driveby tonight and see what’s going on. Security would be our biggest problem with this.

we should wear medical masks too

Ya we can do that

As whites you will never be first in line for welfare. You will just be extending that line. You will never be able to access that line of credit over other groups. If I’m to understand the analogy correctly; adding more whites on welfare adds the groceries in my basket. Therefore requiring me to pay more when I get to the register. I’m not interested in debating this any further because I understand this could devolve into a very heated argument because some folks may feel attacked. I was just speaking my mind on my opinion on welfare.

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