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I have only just started looking for jobs

Carter said I should run it by you

So overall I think it's probably fine but if you have some suggestions I could definitely hop on a call for a few

Alright cool what time works for you

Ok sounds good thanks

Yeah weird

F it telegram call?


Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges

We're going directly to St Louis

I will be there sometime Thursday night after work like I said

Doesn't make sense to meet up with KC guys and spend extra hours in the car

They'll be coming up 70 we'll be coming up 44

All of Missouri and KC area are meeting in STL to head generally east from there

Just a heads up, I'll be meeting you and Clarke in Springfield at a Walmart of your convenience close to 44

For dec4

Thursday evening

We'll be driving to STL and meeting the rest of the Missouri area guys to head generally east from there

Let's meet at a Walmart close to 44, whatever is convenient for you and Leo

2825 N Kansas Expy, Springfield, MO 65803

That work for you?

2825 N Kansas Expy, Springfield, MO 65803

That work for you? Looks closest to hwy

Thursday evening, probably like 8 pm

That ok?

8pm Thursday ok?


Yeah it's going to be a great time

Yeah I have 3 pads so you should be good. You me and Kyle probably

What's up with the bus tomorrow

Might be able to come by for a couple hours and help

How early are you trying to start

Ok I can head over around then. Need me to grab anything on the way?

Home Depot would be on the way for me

Ok. So I should probably show up first before supply run then? Or do you have specific things that I should get?

Yeah I can see what I can do

I think you're a half hour away but I'll check

Yeah 35 min

I can stay until around 2 pm

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Been thinking, you may see a lot of issues with any kind of paint you use on bus without some surface prep, but some ideas I had...

Could do a separate primer and paint

Could try a "tack coat" first - very thin coat used to get the surface sticky enough to hold a proper coat of paint without runs

Could also try using scotch brite to lightly scuff up the whole surface

Also remember to check power steering and transmission fluid tomorrow, check all tire pressures, and double check in a few days that they all hold air. I recommend using the door jamb recommended pressure as the minimum, and the tire sidewall pressure as the maximum, and shooting for about halfway in between. That will get us better fuel economy than just going by door sticker pressure

One more thought, once transmission is topped off, try sticking a drip pan under the bus such that any drips from the transmission would be caught and we can see how much it's leaking

Hopefully my exhaust nig-riggery will be good enough for inspection

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I'll give you a better ETA night of

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19 stars be like

woman moment

woman moment

But I still really like it

Should I bring my guys to your house @ND - Carter MO on Thursday night or @Kyle MO ?

I'll have Leo and Clarke from Springfield, and myself


And the meetup location Friday morning?



The nigrig exhaust 9000 was a success then?

Just noticed that all the newer niggas have 6 digit pf numbers instead of 4

When did that change

Tbh I didn't even notice

When they got rid of it

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