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I met with Interviewee-219169 and I approve of his acceptance.

I met with Interviewee-219169 and I approve of his acceptance

Michael IN told me to let you and Thomas both know

I met up with him at noon, we sat down in a restaurant and I picked his brain a bit

Said hes known of our existence for about a year, but decided to look deeper into it after seeing the philly event video

which lead him to eventually applying

he describes himself as Christian National Socialist

Hes currently in college in Northern Indiana

but hes from California so he will be in IN when school is going on and in CA when it is not

appears to be in decent shape, and was eager to post stickers with me after our talk

Only thing which kinda sucks is he does not have a vehicle

but hes close enough to me that I don't think that will be too much of an issue

Welcome man

Welcome @Billy IN

This is the uniform

the alternative for the hat if it is still out of stock is the condor tactical hat on amazon

let me know if you need the link

any white balaclava on amazon like the ones we have in the videos will work as the mask

Obviously the pictures you got will go into the activism channel

make sure you label the location like the other guys are doing

Are you 100% going to be going


I will let them know

Robert IN will be going to the December event

I think he joined after the messages were sent out confirming attendance

Ill link you to the one I have

make sure it is tan

it matches the wrangler pants perfectly

Robert IN will be attended

he joined after you sent out that message

Yes, there are a number of literature pamphlets,

I believe I only have one.

I imagine all of them will be present at the December event

I will try to remember to bring mine though so you can have a look at it

It went very well, he is a catholic college student like myself

describes himself as Christian National Socialist

was eager to sticker me after our talk

He has no vehicle which is the only downside about him

but he is within an hour of my so hopefully that is not too big an issue

he got put in

high probability I will not make it

Tuesdays and Thursdays are a challenge for me

Yes I havent picked one yet

do you have a suggestion for which one to pick off amazon?

I was gonna get a kit,

since we are having camelbaks on our backs right?

my backback does not have a space for a bladder

this is the one I was look at

and I would buy a tourniquet as well

since its not equipped with one

Thats what I'm probably going to be buying

along with the white vest

within the week

as well as a tourniquet

Yes I would

Hey, what is your experience in the medical field? Thomas wanted me to ask you about it so we can decide who are going to be primary medics.

Hey, what is your experience in the medical field? Thomas wanted me to ask you about it so we can decide who are going to be primary medics.

Hello, I am going to be one of the primary medics at the event. I was informed you were going to be quartermaster, and was also informed of issues with hydration in past events that lead to medical issues. Thomas asked that I reach out to you about if it is possible we can have packs of water bottles placed into the box truck so members can easily access water from within the truck?

Awesome, thanks man

This is what Mark MO told me regarding his medical experience "First aid training, life guard training, basic army first aid training. nothing of note, I was just the only guy in the midwest with a first aid kit in his car when our original medic left."

Still waiting for a response from Samuel NJ.

Samuels experience is very similiar "my experience in the medical field relates to wilderness first aid and things of that nature, I have under my belt both the BSA/Red Cross Remote first aid course and have been the acting medic on several High Adventure scout trips, Such as Hiking on the A.T and canoeing for a week in the Adirondack state park in NY"

Myself, Michael IN, Billy IN, Ethan IN, and Robert IN

and possibly Victor IN

We're not 100% on him right now


No problem

Is Steven TX just auxiliary then? Yesterday night he was under the impression he was going to be primary.

*Steven OH

Ok I'll let him know

@here The four primary medics that were selected are Adam PA, Mark MO, Samuel NJ, and myself. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. For people in here who are not primary medics, still bring all your medical gear, you never know what we may need extra of, or if you have something in your kit that we don't.

Also as discussed in the previous meeting, extra hand warmers, water, tylenol, trauma blankets

Reviewed it

Do you have all your stuff ready to go for Dec 3rd or is some of it still shipping?

Do you have all your stuff ready to go for Dec 3rd or is some of it still shipping?

I've messaged the medic team to get a status on their readiness, I am expecting everyone to be good to go since most everyone in the medic mumble call already had all their stuff, with the exception of Mark MO who still has items being shipped.

Will do.

Oh man, it wont be here before the 3rd?

3 medics will be fully geared, Samuel NJ will be missing some things due to it not shipping in time.

"I am only going to have limited things becuase my ifak is still shipping,"

IFAK typically included dressings and bandages

Ok sounds good

One of the medics is gonna be short on supplies for the Dec. event, Thomas asked me to let you know to bring one of your first aid kits in case we need to use extra stuff.

Got it.

How are you doing on supplies for the Dec. 3rd event?

Ethan and I just need to know when/where to meet you when you pass through Indiana

I mean Robert

not Ethan

I dont have any chairs like that, and I'm willing to wager Robert does not either, since he is a college student as well

Ok sounds good

Robert and I would be able to get there in around 3 hours 15 minutes


by further out what do you mean?

further east?

I think Indianapolis is the way to go

the only way to make it more convenient for us would be to go further north

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