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Randolph IL @PF-729917

Nice profile pic 😂

Alan MI @PF-626733

Thank you, that female jew journalist from philly took it.

Randolph IL @PF-729917

29/MI/Ann arbor
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Randolph IL


Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?: 4 days ago.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: yes

Permanent Resident: yes

Political Ideology: Nationalist. Primary concern is about my people. Starting with family and branching out to everyone that shares his blood and culture. Blood=Race.

Drug Abuse: no

Religion: Raised Lutheran but with an aspect of ethnicity (German). Open minded about spirituality. Cosmo theism. No problems working with those of other religions except Judaism.

Why Join: The only legitimate political entity that gives a damn about me or my family.

Skills: Has a CDL. Good with people. Some outdoorsmanship skills.

Read Manifesto: Yes. Read a little bit of it tonight Read it a long time ago. Agree with it generally speaking. Not a huge ideas guy. Likes to go with the flow.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Interviewed in late 2020. Posted QR codes. Met a guy in his area who said he was good to join. Lost his phone and pswd. Didn't have internet. His name was Johnny MI.

Q2: Charged with shoplifting at 18. No gov employment.

Q3: No ailments

Q4: In 3rd grade, said something positive about Germany. Teacher shut him down and he was confused. Did a project in HS about his grandfathers experience in WWII as a kid in Germany. Made him realize that things weren't black and white. Teacher mentioned that same people don't think the holocausts happened which made him suspicious. Got into holocaust. Found a bunch of different "deniers" online. Exposed to a lot of minorities in his work. Always knew that there was a profound difference in races from interacting with them. Found TRS around 2015/16 and has been a loyal listener. Also read The Daily Stormer and read it every day.

Q5: Found out about PF through an episode of Strike and Mike. DC demonstration made him join for the 2nd time.

Q6: Civic Nationalism doesn't make any sense. Nationalism requires you to be related by blood. There is an ethnic component to being an American.

Q7: All grandparents except for one where born in Germany. Ethnically white.

Q8: Has not been a part of any other group. Did some "Its ok to be white" posters. Has many like minded friends and family

Q9: Violence is justified in self defense. Could conduct himself properly in a march. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

Q10: Got into a fight a few years ago. A guy slashed his buddies tire. Put the guy in a choke hold.

Q11: Schedule allows for weekly meetings.

Q12: Biggest threat to America is international finance and the degeneration of American culture. Jews are behind it.

Q13: Follows TRS. Whatever stupid headlines are on google. No social media.

Q14: Label: Nationalist. Religiously agnostic with a respect for the unknown.

Q15: No religious/political conflicts.

Q16: Has read Mein Kampf, Hitler's Revolution. MK was really interesting. Hitler as a thinker and revolutionary.

Q17: 5' 8" 200ibs. People at work see him as the "fit guy". Has a beer belly. Short and stocky. Goes to a boxing gym weekly and lifts 3 times a week usually.

Q18: Father at the helm, Mother at home and kids. Today there are usually 2 people working and constantly in a rush. Childhood was chaotic. Parents where young and immature. Promiscuity and porn is dangerous like a drug.

Q19: Admires GLR. Admired his bravery and boldness. Read White Power.

Q20: Despises Donald Trump. Used to campaign for the guy. Got disenchanted. Watched him betray his own people. Hates how people are still under the Trump spell.

Q21: The nationalist movement in America are the underdogs that swing way above their weight class. There is a lack of identity for people. PF is the activist wing of the legit nationalist movement.

Can become a committed activist.

Q22: Wants to move up in the hierarchy of PF. Wants to be more efficient and smarter.

Randolph IL @PF-729917

Please message me when you have seen this.

Alan MI @PF-626733

I'm looking at it rn

Randolph IL @PF-729917

Sweet. Ann Arbor is your territory correct?

Alan MI @PF-626733

I was a member in late 2020, and I have no memory of this guy, and idk how he would have met @Johnny MI

Alan MI @PF-626733


Alan MI @PF-626733

did he say that his name was johnny mi?

Alan MI @PF-626733

or that he knew johnny mi

Randolph IL @PF-729917

He was very briefly a member. We proceeded as if it was a normal interview. Johnny was his name,

Alan MI @PF-626733

are you sure you got the numbers he said right? He was briefly a member named johnny mi in late 2020? I have zero memory of this guy whatsoever, and I would have handled his vetting back then if anything.

Randolph IL @PF-729917

He said August or September of 2020

Alan MI @PF-626733


Alan MI @PF-626733

makes sense now

Randolph IL @PF-729917

He did QR codes and met with one guy one time.

Alan MI @PF-626733

I took late 2020 to be like December or november. I joined October of 2020, so he did this right before i joined

Alan MI @PF-626733

I know who vetted him now :smiling_imp:

Randolph IL @PF-729917

Ok. make sure you message him. I will put down that I sent him to you.

Alan MI @PF-626733

Don't worry I'll handle it

Alan MI @PF-626733

I'm VERY on top of vettings

Randolph IL @PF-729917

There are TONS of interviews man. Great stuff.

Alan MI @PF-626733

great job to you for handling them.

Also yeah we have three vettings being processed rn

Alan MI @PF-626733

two of them are pre DC demo vettings funnily enough

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