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Does anyone have a fixit car computer reader they could bring to Edwardsville tomorrow?

Is that you in the blues hoodie?

I think it's an oil filter that needs replaced but I'm not sure


Same pledge this week

I will be attending

Sounds good

Same pledge


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I would have but I had work on Wednesday night.

Sorry I missed your message

i have water bottle but not a chinstrap

water case that is

how does a football chinstrap fit onto a bump cap insert?

I got a job as an hvac technician

The opportunity came up and this company is going to pay me to train.

Found it on indeed

I think it has all kinds of insurance benefits too and I can use the dental to get my chipped teeth reconstructed

Look more professional.

I'll keep that in mind ND - Carter MO

You've convinced me

Which union again?

Sounds great!

Did you take a rhetoric course or something?

You could sell a penny for a dollar

It was actually in Missouri and it's called Jerry Kelley's but I haven't heard back from them yet so I'm flexible

I should


My dad asked me where I was going, I said no, and now he's threatening to take the car I've been driving away

He is not home


He said he is going to sell the car.

But I probably have time

He said he is going to sell it, but idk when, so I probably have some time to build up enough money for a car

I didn't spend anything


But I heard you have some Chevy impalas for sale

And you also said that you wanted to talk about that Union apprenticeship after we got back?

I am there

do you think this fight against academia warrants a new propaganda piece?

I am interested in the art of making propaganda pieces. Is there a meeting channel I could go to to learn more?

Ive made a rough draft, but I sketched it and I was wondering what programs I should use to make it in the style of our promat

alright hold on a sec gotta transfer it to drive



i need some time in my new job to pick up some more money, i have money, but i always save some for emergencies. it wont be over 3 weeks

mumble isnt working for me

it wont let me join the channel

ive connected

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yea man whatever works I am available both nights

hedgewik comics supports PF

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72 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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