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2019-11-06 21:13:09 UTC  


2019-11-06 21:13:09 UTC  

Fucking jews have infiltrated this server too

2019-11-06 21:13:12 UTC  


2019-11-06 21:13:18 UTC  

When the piglets are born I’ll send pics @Alpaca13

2019-11-06 21:13:34 UTC  

Pigs breed like crazy, one couple could give dozens of offspring.

2019-11-06 21:13:37 UTC  

I unfortunately am all out of shekels

2019-11-06 21:13:42 UTC  

But I have memes

2019-11-06 21:13:51 UTC  

I will take an IOU

2019-11-06 21:13:55 UTC  

Speaking of which any of y’all want a piglet

2019-11-06 21:13:59 UTC  

You can name it AOC

2019-11-06 21:14:02 UTC

2019-11-06 21:14:23 UTC  

Idk if anyone here has had a thicc white gurl but they are truthfully the most addictive

2019-11-06 21:14:35 UTC  

latina girls are v fun

2019-11-06 21:14:43 UTC  

Women; can't live with them and can't live without them

2019-11-06 21:14:48 UTC  

That's why you a hoe Tommy.

2019-11-06 21:14:54 UTC  

you're right

2019-11-06 21:14:59 UTC  

White Hispanics or mystizo

2019-11-06 21:15:21 UTC  

My older bro is married to a Navajo I believe.

2019-11-06 21:15:24 UTC  

She’s from NM

2019-11-06 21:15:26 UTC  

I have only had sex with whites.

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2019-11-06 21:15:38 UTC  

I fucked a south Korean milf once

2019-11-06 21:15:45 UTC  

Jesus Christ.

2019-11-06 21:15:46 UTC  

I still feel like shit for that one night weakness.

2019-11-06 21:15:49 UTC  

Those were degenerate days however

2019-11-06 21:15:51 UTC  

I'd definitely bang an asian chick

2019-11-06 21:16:10 UTC  

I'd never have kids with someone outside my sub anthropological racial group

2019-11-06 21:16:17 UTC  

Asians are 50-50

2019-11-06 21:16:23 UTC  

She had big tits

2019-11-06 21:16:33 UTC  

Bigg titty Korean milf

2019-11-06 21:16:37 UTC  

Her name was Kay

2019-11-06 21:16:51 UTC  

My moral's, and preservation are too strong for me to do something like that.

2019-11-06 21:17:51 UTC  

Hey I don't blame you I did it cause I have a personality disorder and therefore reside a tendency within to basically commit actions that're not neccesarily the best decisions

2019-11-06 21:18:09 UTC  

I like to do everything at least once

2019-11-06 21:18:14 UTC  

Just for experience points

2019-11-06 21:18:28 UTC  

I think making bad decisions is v fun

2019-11-06 21:18:37 UTC  

I like having the ability to say through first hand experience what's worth effort and what isnt

2019-11-06 21:19:03 UTC  

I use to be pretty degenerate tho ngl I've been around the block too many times

2019-11-06 21:19:03 UTC  

GG @azoth, you just advanced to level 1!

2019-11-06 21:19:29 UTC  

Although I've now found my red pill goyim family through the internet