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Good man

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) the other dude we used to play Rust with, is upgrading his PC soon, so he'll be on Rust a lot more

Left that shit real quick lmao

You have to set it in the channel settings I'm pretty sure

Will do

Rip Bongo lol


Seriously, what a cuck

welcome welcome

Hey welcome

yo welcome

Politics are great

bro Led Zeppelin is great



hey listen

the money is in meth, not math


wait were you asking if i'm gay

i'd like to change my response pls

very el hetero

I'm going to molly wop you

that's cause you're gay

dude i'll slap my balls off your forehead

broooo, i'll shred that booty

don't even try me

i got that Tripodโ„ข

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) when are you getting a mike

brooooo fight me


honestly though

those bethesda mf's ruined it

get in vc blyat

pull a kurt cobain



@everyone join general. you must be rated

Must rate the big gay

@Flfu is 3/10 big gay

30/10 thicc gay

!play country roads fallout 76

!play ussr anthem

!play pumped up kicks bridge remix

!play oasis wonderwall

why is everyone so quiet

Get in vc

prove it

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) fix that mic boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

@James K. 42 be back on in a bit buddy

Goodnight friend

!play ussr anthem

!play ted nugent national anthem on guitar

!play wonderwall oasis

!play radiohead creep

!play johnny cash hurt

Just got done clapping @Deleted User on a 1v1 xd

Boi got slapped

Boi fuck school

Must be nice


I'll probably get on in a few minutes

@Deleted User Was about to get on, but need to go get my hunting license and some shoes


Don't pull a Kurt Cobain pls

No my mom's a hoe

Boiiiii got some new shoes and my hunting license. YEE YEE

Lick my butt


What's the situation

Boy negative

Feels like Mike Tyson used my back as a training dummy and I'm otp with my girl

3,833 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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