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2018-07-25 21:23:18 UTC  

haha yes.

2018-07-25 21:23:27 UTC  

we had baboon hands in the shed

2018-07-25 21:23:34 UTC  

lol nice 1

2018-07-25 21:23:54 UTC  

Yeah that works, but not into it

2018-07-25 21:23:57 UTC  

How did you get baboon hands?

2018-07-25 21:24:14 UTC  

a huge baboon killed my dog, so we shot it

2018-07-25 21:25:29 UTC  

sorry to hear that man

2018-07-25 21:25:38 UTC  

Another reason they like burning each other

2018-07-25 21:25:44 UTC  

A baboon ate my tomato and lettuce from my burger in my kitchen. I caught him in the act. I think my high pitch scream startled him a bit. He was huge.

2018-07-25 21:25:45 UTC  

Believes it cuts ties to ancestors

2018-07-25 21:26:04 UTC  

ya they're monsters :)

2018-07-25 21:26:05 UTC  

I think religion/spirituality is how we overcome the communists

2018-07-25 21:26:27 UTC  

black people spend ridiculous amounts on funeral insurance

2018-07-25 21:26:46 UTC  

the older generation

2018-07-25 21:26:59 UTC  

The Gospel is always the answer

2018-07-25 21:27:04 UTC  

it is how we overcome the communists

2018-07-25 21:27:12 UTC  

we need faith and religion

2018-07-25 21:27:17 UTC  

we jsut had a lot of rifrug honde and staffies.

2018-07-25 21:27:38 UTC  

good dogs

2018-07-25 21:27:49 UTC  

i had rifrug and boerboel cross

2018-07-25 21:28:06 UTC  

I've got a 3 year old ridgy and a pitbull pup

2018-07-25 21:28:10 UTC  

I'm a Christian and not too sure if we're doing the right thing, but I do believe God gave us brains to outwit the fox

2018-07-25 21:28:13 UTC  

boerboel goeie hond

2018-07-25 21:28:21 UTC  


2018-07-25 21:28:31 UTC  
2018-07-25 21:28:31 UTC  

Ditsem! @theeChristopher, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-07-25 21:28:38 UTC  

why do you think we're not doing the right thing Tanja?

2018-07-25 21:28:51 UTC  

we have brains to make rational decisions.

2018-07-25 21:29:17 UTC  

@rob your mic is very low

2018-07-25 21:29:21 UTC  

Using the snaleskins,etc on fences to scare people

2018-07-25 21:29:50 UTC  

nothing wrong woth that

2018-07-25 21:30:01 UTC  

i don't think

2018-07-25 21:30:23 UTC  

you're not worshiping it, you're pretending that you do

2018-07-25 21:30:38 UTC  

I mean faking it..

2018-07-25 21:30:58 UTC  


2018-07-25 21:30:58 UTC  

which I think is fine, as you say god gave you brains to use it

2018-07-25 21:31:32 UTC  

Keeping our families safe

2018-07-25 21:31:32 UTC  

i'm also christian, but not like a shiite christian :D

2018-07-25 21:31:44 UTC  

(heard that from a standup comedian)

2018-07-25 21:31:55 UTC  

Good one

2018-07-25 21:34:27 UTC  

my great grandfather's dad who fought in the Boer war always had sunday bible study with Paul Kruger so that will tell you what type of christian i am