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I just get problem with file

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@Sheamus you probably don't have time for this

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@ work

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So what is west of Westeros?

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Lol get working then

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waow XD

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Imperial units ugg... what concept is the corn pic above @Deejay from Earth ?

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Howzit @Sidius , I've had this in my archive for a while, it seems to be saying that you can grow more corn per hectare when you conduct some atmospheric electricity into the ground in a certain way using wires. This article makes no sense on the ball model of the universe, but it fits like a glove onto the Flat Earth / Die-electric Model.

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Also includes very specific instructions. The only way we will know if it's real is if we can get farmers to test it for themselves.

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Bringing the lost knowledge back? Priceless. 😉

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"Churches"??? Not in a million years. They were collecting atmospheric electricity. ~Namaste. 🙏

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We will just have to build it to see if it works or not... the truth is in experiment. The rest is just poetry.

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So with reference to the atmoSPHERIC elecricity. We have then been surrounded by infinite amounts of electricity from the start and already had the means of harnessing it. But no one ever bothered to commercialize the designs for the devices that can do so?

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3:17 in daai video. "We did not measure it, but we know..."🤣

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@Sidius This is where it gets really interesting. The theory is that there was a world-wide, highly advanced, highly technological civilization. These people were the Tartars. Great Tartary. Plato called it Atlantis. South Africa was one of the colonies, that's why I maintain our Dutch heritage is not Ductch, it's Russian. HURA! When the civilization ended the architecture resembled what we would call 18th century. This civilization ended about three-hundred years ago, in a flood. Wasn't really a flood though, it rained mud for forty days and forty nights. Yup. The Great Flood of the Bible fame happened around 300 years ago.

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So lets just ignore +-5000 years of physical history and ancient texts with proven archeological excavations linking to these texts and events. Throw away the entire bible and all the proof we have of events that took place around 2000 BC to this day. Ok so the ark was used to rescue everything we know of today? But this happened 300 years ago?

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You are assuming everything you were taught as a child is factually accurate and and true. History is a complete farce. The Dark Ages and the Medieval times never even happened. There was one-thousand years of fake history inserted. This is where you need to start getting into Anatoly Fomeko's work - History, Fiction or science.

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The "Castle" of Good Hope is not a military fortification. The pointy bits are very bad defensively because only man can defend the tip. For wall defence you need as many men side-by-side as you can get.

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To the contrary. Star formation walls are tactically superior to a square compound. With the star formation the attacker is either forced to attack one of the points which is stronger than the flat wall part and takes longer to besiege. Or they attack the flat wall part on any side and risk being attacked from the front and side while they try to break through the multiple layers of wall...

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And when did this happen? Who attacked who?

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If someone could find us the building plans for the "Castle", it would rock my world.

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Mr Deejay please explain to me how you think wind works

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My understanding of how wind works is alot to do with temperature from earth and the skies. Its not coming from the earth spinnig...

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I also want to know how wind works on flat earth @Deejay

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it's googlable, guys.

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Lol i think the question likely to be asked is how do you get gusts of winds, and calmness intermittently, if the globe is spinning at hindereds of km's per hour without intermittently stopping etc, why even are the clouds moving slower than the globe spinning etc..

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@cµrvy that meme is going to get abused i swear lol

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Seriously will be really great to respond to stupid statements and questions from EFF with that meme... Need to become a gif too