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2018-07-24 13:03:50 UTC  

I worry about the bad guys(satanists) hijacking legitimate concern for white people and injecting racial socialism to counterbalance their neoliberalism, and putting that ideology in peoples' hearts in order to cut of the connection to god within.

2018-07-24 13:05:36 UTC  

as a non white person, I know that the anti white are anti freedom, but I'm worried that stirring up (white)racial nationalism is an evil ploy to bury spiritual truth

2018-07-24 13:29:03 UTC  

Valid concerns... Wish i had answers to assure you of anything, but none of us have answers that we all agree on, so isn't that why we are brought together to talk about these things, share our experiences and our observations, learn from one another and then go about reasoning until we settle on a common understanding that we all agree on.

2018-07-24 13:31:00 UTC  

I see the battle now between globalists and nationalists as the same as the battle between catholics and protestants, basically the fight against centralized control and freedom of ideas

2018-07-24 13:31:15 UTC  

old battle, new clothes

2018-07-24 13:43:01 UTC  

Yeah in principle it's the same.. Context just differs. Context is important no doubt since it's the feminine influence of our emotions, and principles i personally think is the dominant masculine that influences our reason. So my bias here is aligned with the principles of God the Father, not the context within mother nature. But I'm also not saying context doesn't matter at all.

2018-07-24 13:56:46 UTC  

I see the far right as a hijacking of the (truth)'movement' by the opposition, either to pull people away from more individual spiritual truth towards a group ideology. I mean it's clear to see the similarities between the over the top alt right in the states(racial purity stormfront) and our BLF kooks here

2018-07-24 14:00:36 UTC  

I don't think most of us on here are far right or even right or even racist. I don't see myself as alt right far right, right or right of right. I am just concerned that Democracy in South Africa is dying or has died.

2018-07-24 14:01:06 UTC  

I agree @Graeme the Guerrilla (no pun)

2018-07-24 14:01:16 UTC  

just that I think there is a larger thing happening

2018-07-24 14:01:28 UTC  

like the video response to willem's video

2018-07-24 14:01:29 UTC  

yes dumbness

2018-07-24 14:01:56 UTC  

I've always seen far left as full on government, far right as full on anarchy, and the centre being limited government.. The modern day left and right seem to be mirroring each other.

2018-07-24 14:02:06 UTC  

and I think that not everyone is genuine

2018-07-24 14:02:22 UTC  

I think the 2d plot is better(not perfect)

2018-07-24 14:02:49 UTC  

Perhaps there is no logic to this or meaning

2018-07-24 14:03:09 UTC  

left is social assistance, right is you're on your own buddy, top is full authoritarian bottom is complete individual freedom

2018-07-24 14:03:25 UTC  

I hope Julius is a big troll and just a populist who talks crap but doesnt believe in his rhetortic

2018-07-24 14:03:41 UTC  

does it matter if he doesn't believe it?

2018-07-24 14:03:41 UTC  

Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-24 14:03:55 UTC  

if he uses this 'power' for evil

2018-07-24 14:04:32 UTC  

Well if he does believe in his rhetoric we in deep shit then

2018-07-24 14:04:42 UTC  

I think that if he gets into power on the back of communism and goes soft the poo poo will hit the propeller

2018-07-24 14:05:29 UTC  

at least if he is leading the forces then we have a point man to capture, generalised chaos is worse

2018-07-24 14:05:38 UTC  

because he will push it as far as discussions will allow then say we want action=mass unrest=violence

2018-07-24 14:13:45 UTC  

I doubt malema would be able to control that army, even he has his own doubts, capturing him probably be a waste of effort to be honest.

2018-07-24 14:27:10 UTC  

You will go to jail LOL

2018-07-24 14:32:26 UTC  

capturing him once war has started, post-jail SA if you like

2018-07-24 16:55:14 UTC  

@Graeme the Guerrilla Were you listening to Michael Knowles? On his show yesterday he quoted that passage

2018-07-24 16:59:21 UTC  

@rob That's a good point. One finds quite a lot of paganism amongst White Nationalists. That evil is not the remedy. There was a lot of occultism in the Nazi movement and that, I'm convinced, was central to its demise. Yes the church today has fallen very low and seems very wishy washy but the answer is to return unto the Lord not turn away from Him further into total spiritual darkness. 2 Chronicles 7:14

2018-07-24 17:41:33 UTC  

The theory that both racial nationalist socialism and communism were created to destroy christianity (by satanists) resonates with me, and I think a default reaction of people rebelling against the one side is to push them towards the other

2018-07-24 19:33:14 UTC  

@Sheamus Since this is a place for discord, I will write a short exegesis to explain why I believe what I believe and I challenge anyone to refute it with scripture. In fact, I would challenge anyone who would seek to refute said exegesis to debate me in front of their congregation. I am more than willing to travel.

2018-07-24 19:34:26 UTC  

@rob National Socialism is biblically correct and created by christians. It was explicitly stated to be a christian movement.

2018-07-24 19:35:36 UTC  

@rob Ever heard of positive Christianity?

2018-07-24 19:41:01 UTC  

@$P!KY\/!k!NG I just finished watching Justin Peters

2018-07-24 19:42:57 UTC  

@$P!KY\/!k!NG The Nazis were not Christians. Occultism was rife in that movement. Positive Christianity is not Christianity: it was developed as an alternative to Biblical Christianity. One does not need to make up weird paganistic religions to want to promote one's own culture. That motivation is from Satan who seeks to draw us away from Christ.

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hitler was an athiest isn't he like the poster child for vegetarian athiest?

2018-07-24 19:45:05 UTC  

Hitler was an Occultist

2018-07-24 19:45:09 UTC  

besides which, just because a bunch of nutters call themselves christians..... Lord's Resistance Army for example