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WE WUZ KINGZ Despacito

You have not lived in SA until your Christmas gift your mom bought so you can peddle to school was stolen

Teach me Senpai

Just find a Maiden pic and Photoshop

Poor Stompie...are those firestones she burns?


They will put the freakin Electricity price up because of their bumbling to get more money

You think they care?

SA has shown a yearly inflationary increase since I don't know when....Likely since 1994

How many times have we bailed out SAA?

And they cant not help out ESKOM since no Power

Its other peoples money in their long as the ministers dont have to pay and get fat as usual

Yes for lucrative contracts

We give you X you give us Y

Arabs have a shit ton of money. My friend stays that side. They basically are OPEC

IMF may want conditions

namely property rights to protect their investment

you will be surprised. Again you pay us X we will give you Y. Guptas 2.0

its already happening. I heard on Social media investors are reluctant now due to land grab talks

I would also hold back if I had money to invest

if they fuck the economy due to this land shit we will get hyper inflation like in Zim

hence why 4 Zimbabweans rather work here by us in our office then go back. Because their banks are fucked. The economy is fucked. And shit costs dollar rates

If you can leave SA go. Sorry to say

You cant fight this rationale. They double down when shit happens and blame external forces. Whites or the West for their bad decisions. then wrap it all up in a THEY RACIST ribbon

My land lady went to Aus to visit her Daughter as her Daughter immigrated a year back. She says you can walk around at night safely. Pot holes get fixed in a day. No litter. Hardly no crime. its alien to live in a gated community for them.

She did say its very structured so you cant just plant a tree on your outside lawn and build like you want. But rules are respected

Maybe they will make a deal with China or Russia

We have very good relations with Commie China

hence why teh Dali Lama was blocked our end as China said no guys

They worry about white capital. China is taking over

I believe they surpassed Japan economically

And if you been to any China mall they pay blacks slave wages. They don't believe in worker rights. So if they think the Ching Chongs are Africas friend....yeah right

grammar nazi away

I can spell correctly in Orania. That should be a MEME

Remember after Payday where ya money likely goes...drop those Shekels Goy

Sad...if he was armed at least he would have capped one back

I used to listen to RAGE in the 90s but now its too leftwing for me. Likely they would have an issue with MAGA.

@Conscious Caracal I guess we getting old.

Listen to the lyrics in the context of todays political climate in South Africa

@Conscious Caracal That was sad for me to watch.

I find myself thinking about this alot with threats of War in SA and the wolves at the door. Weird thing is I am not religious. But, I am worried we on a course that we cant come back from.

In todays context with the rising Anti white sentiment...This just seems very fitting .β€œEzekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children.


Yeah fun under communism. If you google Shopping ques in Communist countries 1980s you get this.

You want to add likely mass public violence in SA's context when shit gets like this because we will be Pangaing the white comrades to make the ques shorter

EFF's manifesto and I read it. It is Marxist

You can extend an olive branch and say we are family LOL. We have similarities. His kid like the beach and Rugby

No because the media will say its racist to put black people on a "racist" island in an old "racist prison. You will make more money if you put dead white people wax figures of say like PW and Vervoet or Ugene there.

They want pictures of gyrating half naked zulu kids. Cause they never see gyrating black kids in Japan. its like an attraction.

But dont fuck with the American Koreans

LA riots early 90s

i always new he was a Nazi

Hey at least you attracting Americans or Canadian haters. We can only muster haters from black twitter SA.

Tell him he is racist because he cant take about Woke Africa as he isn't African. Throws SA ID book down on live stream. Taste these nuts YANKEE

Talk not take:(

@rob HAHAHAHA he used to live in Thabazimbi in the 1980's for 1 month. So he is more African then me

The left get in bed with anyone morally bankrupt. As long as it fits their agenda for that specific moment

Hence they love Allahs Snackbars in the UK because they so anti European or Christian or Society or Democracy.

I don't think most of us on here are far right or even right or even racist. I don't see myself as alt right far right, right or right of right. I am just concerned that Democracy in South Africa is dying or has died.

yes dumbness

Perhaps there is no logic to this or meaning

I hope Julius is a big troll and just a populist who talks crap but doesnt believe in his rhetortic

Well if he does believe in his rhetoric we in deep shit then

because he will push it as far as discussions will allow then say we want action=mass unrest=violence


Thats racist they white and that man is Blaque

I always laugh at this



I need a token bleck friend. So we can act out Lethal Weapon skits in public and shout Riggs yeah Murtaugh

Well good bye Europe and good bye USA

You will go to jail LOL

Morning fellow Keks from Kekistan...may your dank memes be fruitful and your Trolling be Shadilay

Tannie Hellen<:pepe3:469478301644357633>

Soft like Lamb chops

Is that bak and teri? Klip

When we having a meet up in JHB?

@Daniebees When a UFO landed in Africa in the 1400's

@Penkop I was looking at a semi automatic HK rifle-5.56 AR style. The prices are insane. basically a small second hand car's cost. Apart from jumping through hoops to get a Firearm legally you further impacted by cost. I am curious stats wise how many crimes have been committed by legal gun owners. So does the system work or are the legal gun owners not enough for there to be significant increase in firearms crimes?

I would be surprised it is in the low digits. I mean who do you know who was or is a legal gun owner. That committed crime. Oscar? I can maybe only list him. Which is a Segway into this then. Why are firearms so hard to attain legally if legal firearm owners are not at all contributing to actual crime. Which then maybe donning my Tin Foil hat could it be a white armed citizen who feels threatened is seen as a threat to a mostly black government? Because who will likely be shot in said crime Korean store owners?

@Penkop This is why people get non lethal "weapons" because its a ball ache to get an actual gun. Its easier to go buy a crossbow or a pepperball gun.

@Penkop A little white SAPS birdie told my dad he should not really carry his gun because if he shot someone. The cop said he will go to jail. Mind you we talking actual crime happening to my dad.

ROFL....I see the US Cops use basically Paintball guns loaded with pepper balls and go full Auto during riots with ANTIFA. You need heavy fire rates for all those hordes. But squeeze off a shot or two and you will see running for lives. I am reading this Gun Digest book on Survival. The guy says even if it is a .22 rifle. No one wants to be shot. So a .22 is fine if you cant get better for now.

You saw the Video this week of the black dude in the SUV who fired on two hijackers before they even tried their shit. I suspect no persecution because A is he black. 2 They will view it maybe as you shooting scumbags and three no one died. But you right you cant just shoot someone unless you can prove your life was in physical danger. Again said birdie told my Pops knife to throat drawing blood proof.

@Penkop They think our country is still working. And people don't get it because they don't get South Africa. Hence its more like they dont get it or maybe dare I say dont care. You need literally all out race wars to kick off for there to be some sorta effort. But the UN did shit all in Rwanda or Kosavo or really Iraq when ISIS took over.

Shit I am willing to go learn but I am broke that's why I didn't go learn to be a professional gun fighter. I even chat to this American retired Green Beret who has a You Tube channel and has combat weapons training. But you paying Dollar rates for his stuff.

I wanted to even try join the Peshmerga but was told nope you dont know how to shoot guns and have no training we cant use you really.

Plus you have to pay for everything to get that side. and last I checked teh Rand is crap compared to Dollars and gear costs $$$$$

Crye precision JPC plate carrier roughly 300 Dollars no plates.

Most of the training locally is all for Profit and you cant join without paying a lot. To be taught by EX SANDF skills. Hence why alot of EX SANDF guys went to Iraq cause they get paid Dollars and earn Danger pay for protecting VIPs and they known to be competent.

Dont make waves. Stay neutral and don't comment on issues at work. Say yes sir no sir. Keep ya job. At the end of the day we all need to pay rent and eat. Unless you have a trust fund where you can say Fuck this. I like Donald Trump. There is only two genders. I hate the race card shit. mandatory sensitivity training is retarded. I like titties. PS. Zieg Huil and not worried about then been fired go ahead.

Or you can play ultra leftest and say. Hey PR people we are united in our diversity but I am shocked to see that you are not considering A non binary trans disable person who is non white person and who is gender fluid and must have had a sex change. We need this to be really inclusive. PS Donald Trump hates these people and we need to fight for their rights starting with us. Remember mind your pronouns Yous...avoids saying Guys.

kind of like that but not white

yes here ya go

Hire that and pay them alot because they faced discrimination!

I would even troll with a straight face and say can we remove white and male because they had their chance? I assume the paper is from a woman or many woman in HR? They always have these altruistic goals

Option 3 look for another job

just vote for the black chick...the safe harbour of appeasement. I would lose it to be honest. I would argue this as far as the CEO or top brass and say since when we do hire based on a straw poll. Why as a company have we not identified where we lacking and hire based off that and not give two fucks about race or gender. Would you care if your Doctor was a specific race or gender in crises or would your care if they can do the job? Likely I would be fired after that.

This is how evil wins. When good men do nothing for the sake of peace at any price. Sorry to be overly dramatic but this is just so wrong.

The path is difficult more so alone. John F. Kennedy once said don't pray for easier times. Pray for stronger men.

This was said years ago but the words make sense even today

Maybe you in this situation because maybe only you can handle it? You don't choose the fight. The fight chooses you. @crazyBoer

Ask about two genders around the braai

My name is Malema and I don't care what you think. My name is Malema and I don't care what you think. Wish I could take all the land. Make SA a Bantustan

Grand Theft Auto Britain. Peace Truck DLC

Conscious is our Senpai<:4076184540618424331:469993773548568587>

these guys make it so easy to troll

And he is on whatsapp fellas

No his second or third in command

Peoples Bae as they call him

The dude in the pic

@Nogals He is a Gucci revolutionary

He is using what the Low IQs want to hear to ride the populist wave. If he said helicopters will drop free money they will believe him even though its not possible

I would suggest any sorta Liberty defence talk here needs to go very private. The government has ears everywhere. Rather have you guys meet each other to talk around a lekker braai. I doubt its hard to pretend to be Republican and get on this platform.

No one missed anything least me but if you wanna do command and conquer RTS planning on a public forum with likely a lot of unvetted people on here. Good luck. At least use encrypted e mail. When this goes south and fast they will start with the shit stirs on these types of platforms since we inciting. DO NOT POST YOUR 32 2018 Battalion PLANS HERE GUYS.

@Sheamus You need to decide but best keep your plans to yaself if you inclined to go this route

@crazyBoer No but shit i would love to learn. Really helpful skill.

Rob no offence you cant eat communication. He is right food shelter, warmth and safety or the corner stones of prepping. If you inclined try look at a few videos on you tube. Try learn TCCC tactical combat casualty care. You will face in a hostile area war like injuries. Gun shots. Burns gashing wounds

Also try make friends with some US or European Ex Military guys on Social media. they have alot of info and maybe can help with logistics. Suggest a bug out bag with a US IFAK Individual first aid kit

You need to start documenting teh situation and build allies from across the water These guys sell basically everything you need for an IFAK including a hug medical back pack for soldiers

Suggest also joining suid landers

This is not military grade but works Unless you go for Motorola which will cost you more

5KM give take

enough to get you out of a bad area. you need to focus on getting out of cities and towns safely with your family. that is first the most important. You can worry about soldiering later.

I am in the office.

You can learn alot form you tube. I am no expert and I am not 100 prepped.

Home is where you hang your hat. And that can be any where. Good for this woman and her family.

Dont you find it strange not even after a few days of the BRICCS meeting with China and Russia we got the news Land Expropriation will happen. Not said farms have minerals

No idea

Single C meant to be Brics


is that Adriaan?

Fokken Moer I was fokken laughing at George of Mosselbaai. Flook soos 'n matroos...PEPE!

BM Trouble Yous? ROFL...George is my new Hero

Brutal DOOM kicks ass πŸ˜ƒ

yeah I heard its a dog whistle for anti immigration...check out the channel the Quartering about the Doom External SJW out cry

Yip they did it MiWAY

What you guys think Willem? Yes or No?

yes I know the name is incorrect..rushing

Naughty boy...kind of a unique idea to kill someone. I know ISIS drops bomblets from them but Suicide Drone

Lieutenant Dan and magic legs

@Karooboer We fucked them up. One mother fucker was crying. Its betta we die. They bitch on Twitter how we will be sorry. Yeah right.

I am a Refugee from South Africa....on another Discord server

I may become a full time refugee shortly because "Comandu Juju" wants us lite skins to either go off and die quietly or go back to Holland. So technically I will be a refugee in my own country.

They wanted Propaganda...I will show them the best damn propaganda EVER!

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