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can he make it without that Audi?

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Man shall not live on bread alone.

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that song is anointed

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Go post in <#468455258251722752>

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@Sheamus yup im offshore at the moment

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Well now.

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Morning lads

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Anything happening today?

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malema is faceing 15 years for discharging that rifle, seems like the gov is desperate not to convict though

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time for some private military actions

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who wanna pitch in for an AH-64

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Nothing will happen

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Slap on the wrist

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if everybody pitches in around 20k USD

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Ditsem! @4rvp, you just advanced to level 3!

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we can get a boeing AH-64

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and just reconquer SA

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Parachute from the sky the blacks will think you're gods

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Always works

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@Arm What malema did is a serious crime in SA,especially firing in front of a large crowd. There is a prima facie,meaning evidence that stands( Video evidence) Many people in the video is identified also,so they will have to testify and not everyone can spin the story as "Fake Gun",that "fake" gun will need to be investigated. He claimed it coincided with fireworks,so they will have to present evidence,of who sold it and the permission of setting it off(fireworks regulations and laws)

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Ditsem! @Penkop, you just advanced to level 10!

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Nope nothing will happen to him. The government is too scared of the eff. If they lock him up the eff will simply say :โ€ lock up joelieasss and we will burn the country downโ€ simple as that

2018-08-10 10:55:47 UTC  

At the moment he can do whatever he wants because they have let him get away with so much. Kind of like an eff juggernaut. If the government does anything they dont like they simply threaten violence

2018-08-10 10:59:46 UTC  

That's the thing, he gets away with this, he really just gets away with murder.. Can you imagine his ego if he gets away with this?

2018-08-10 11:00:11 UTC  

I would love nothing more than him getting a fair trial and sentence but we all know such a thing does not exist in this country. That is why I said I would love to see a white guy discharging an automatic weapon with fire works in the back ground then say but it was a fake rifle and part of the fire works. To force the government to then either let that slip too or proscecute both of them.

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Dag Sรช kรชrrels. I see we chat in Engaresh here. @Penkop please send me your siener ref: I read his book years ago need a refresher.

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At the moment Im reading Messanger of God by Adriaan Snyman I bought Kindle edition off Amazon. It is very informative

2018-08-10 11:12:22 UTC  

MrE gaan na Afrikaans toe ons praat lekker kak da