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How Can I Cure My White Guilt?
The thing about privilege is that it can be used for good.

I never read a more warped piece of junk in my life.
I'm not "privileged" because I'm white, if one can call utilizing opportunities that are accessible to all a privilege, that is.
It's more a case of the people around me, of any skin color, not trying to convince me that I didn't build that.
How many times have I witnessed black people telling other black people who study, work hard, and do not have children out of wedlock, that they are " thinking white"?
There is no such thing as white privilege and your fake white-guilt is nothing more than an effort to sustain black victimization. By other blacks.
Why? Because if you can keep blacks from "thinking white" or pursuing liberty, an oppressed class will continue to exist.
You can very easily cure your white guilt and you can do so today, but you choose not to because you would have to reach out to fellow Americans, who happen to have a skin color different than yours, and show them how to pursue the opportunities that are available to them, too.
It's easy: finish school, don't pursue crime as a vocation, don't have children out of wedlock, and find something to do that would sustain you financially.
That's not white privilege but it is what separates you from slaves. Slaves you petition to keep oppressed by claiming that they can never reach or aspire to your station in life.
You don't suffer from white privilege, you suffer from intense fear that there might be black privilege too."

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I swear, I'm learning more Afrikaans here then I did in school

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Ditsem! @Noa, you just advanced to level 6!

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Ek stuur dit vir die EA van die CEO van Naspers die dude moet ge fire word

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the only thing cute about him is his IQ

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He is a wannabe sad POES

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another cowardly traitor

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Throughout history the strongest rebukes were reserved for the traitor, the Judas

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gotta start making a list of all of them, so when SA becomes lawless, we'd know who the enemies are.

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@c┬Árvy beste idee ooit ek soek daai doos one on one

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You know, part of my degree is Journalism and even the curriculum comes off as smug and self righteous

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I'll start on the 'Wanted' posters

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FYI: Pieter is n rugriddertjie... verduidelik nogals baie

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better not talk about hitlists here. tomorrow some floppy takes him out and they blame us.

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there be lurkers here looking for such opportunities.

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ye keep the fed posting to a minimal to be safe

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Lol the internet won't be going anywhere, we will be able to see who all these proud traitors are. It's just a hashtag search away lol

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Facts Straight Piet: 8% of the population yes but more than 30% of SA consumption expenditure. I venture a guess that it is even a higher Percentage when it comes to the insurance industry. Secondly, a x% knock to revenue has a disproportionate impact on the bottom line. Thirdly, more cash in your competitor's pocket means more powder to launch an assualt on the rest of your clientelle.

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Look at that nice whether

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no fed posting please

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we need our own country where anyone can say what ever the fuck they want.

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but yeah. excellent weather.

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How to get instant fame with just one word hahahahaha

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exciting times

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POWERFUL word one single word lol

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Indeed it is, which is why it's feared..

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What's everyone's definition of the word? Is it intended to be racial or deeper than skin?