Message from D'Marcus Liebowitz in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-01-29 02:05:49 UTC  

the BRASS on this song

2017-01-29 02:05:58 UTC  

Get in here Caerulus

2017-01-29 02:07:11 UTC  

Herro Prease

2017-01-29 02:08:50 UTC  

@everyone git up in dis here chat son

2017-01-29 02:14:11 UTC  

this real ?

2017-01-29 02:14:18 UTC  

Federal court in NY issues temporary emergency halt to #Trump’s immigration ban -

2017-01-29 02:15:08 UTC  

(((Federal Court in NY)))

2017-01-29 02:15:29 UTC  

Dude once you fuckin look at Libs after what body lingo man said

2017-01-29 02:15:35 UTC  

They are total fucking fags

2017-01-29 02:15:50 UTC  

that'll get thrown out quickly, it's an express power of the president to do this

2017-01-29 02:16:00 UTC  

So sad

2017-01-29 02:16:04 UTC  

the judge is just throwing a menorah in the gears of justice

2017-01-29 02:16:10 UTC  

They aren't confident

2017-01-29 02:16:15 UTC  

Liberalism is weakness

2017-01-29 02:22:19 UTC  

@Caerulus_Rex @D'Marcus Liebowitz and I will be old men, 95 years old still arguing over this. It's what we do.

2017-01-29 02:22:31 UTC  

People are saying baked shouted me out

2017-01-29 02:22:46 UTC  

Seppos think they can help an Australian, the perfect being

2017-01-29 02:22:48 UTC  


2017-01-29 02:22:52 UTC  


2017-01-29 02:23:50 UTC  

Thats like that old movie, the Craft, they chant like Witches

2017-01-29 02:23:57 UTC  

leave my wife alone

2017-01-29 02:25:51 UTC  

Oh good grief. @D'Marcus Liebowitz stop letting Aussies in to these things.

2017-01-29 02:25:59 UTC  


2017-01-29 02:26:03 UTC  

i've always loved dingos

2017-01-29 02:26:04 UTC  

All they talk about is dingos seppos and trad wives

2017-01-29 02:26:06 UTC  

since i was a kid

2017-01-29 02:26:11 UTC  


2017-01-29 02:26:13 UTC  

queen quadroon

2017-01-29 02:26:18 UTC  


2017-01-29 02:26:36 UTC  

Yeah. Go slouch another perfectly serviceable hat and ruin it why doncha?

2017-01-29 02:28:02 UTC  

Ken are you too scared come in the voice chat?

2017-01-29 02:28:04 UTC  

nigger unplug all your analog radio recording stuff, plug in some 2017 current year fucking head phones and a mic and come in the VC

2017-01-29 02:28:42 UTC  

I use niggertech (apple headset plugged into my $300 laptop)

2017-01-29 02:29:01 UTC  

No, I just have better things to do.

2017-01-29 02:29:17 UTC  

Like watching "Footloose" and taking jabs at that historically purposeless Continent

2017-01-29 02:29:52 UTC  

>tfw you were the only one to watch kens lets plays and he cant even come chat ;_;

2017-01-29 02:30:03 UTC  

damn this nigga bantz back hard as fuck

2017-01-29 02:30:16 UTC

2017-01-29 02:30:26 UTC  

Oi you guys know the "friend ship ended with meme"