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2017-02-20 00:55:15 UTC

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Maybe Irish and Scots genes dominate after all.

2017-02-20 01:11:46 UTC  

those calls were good lol

2017-02-20 01:12:28 UTC  

i was on radical agenda as molyneux once. i added chris on skype and when he asked if i wanted to be on i said no

2017-02-20 01:12:35 UTC  

then i took a nap and woke up to him calling me

2017-02-20 01:12:46 UTC  

didnt even know what to say

2017-02-20 01:14:37 UTC  

I'm finally working on a Dallas Alt Right twitter (other one is inactive for retarded reasons)

2017-02-20 01:14:45 UTC  

how's this for a profile pic?

2017-02-20 01:14:48 UTC

2017-02-20 01:15:06 UTC

2017-02-20 01:15:19 UTC  

Oswald and the Ruby Crew

2017-02-20 01:15:19 UTC  

lol my barber has that on his wall

2017-02-20 01:17:29 UTC  

Funny af

2017-02-20 01:26:12 UTC  

Why all the trselmania countersignaling?

2017-02-20 01:26:33 UTC  

do you know who ricotta and hazzard are?

2017-02-20 01:26:45 UTC  

havnt you heard? its because TRS is full of trannies, jews and faggots

2017-02-20 01:26:50 UTC  

argentina told me so

2017-02-20 01:26:59 UTC  

not argentina, mate

2017-02-20 01:27:05 UTC  

the angry frog crew

2017-02-20 01:27:19 UTC  

whats that

2017-02-20 01:27:31 UTC  

the site that hazzard and ricotta started

2017-02-20 01:28:00 UTC  

there are so many good people on argentina, its unfair to lump us all in the same category as those guys

2017-02-20 01:29:51 UTC  

i, as well as many others, are maintaining neutrality for the sake of this movement. the drama is nonsense and there are more important things to focus on than who is in the right between the two parties.

2017-02-20 01:32:18 UTC  

tl;dr endless, pointless schisms

2017-02-20 01:32:59 UTC  

As long as we all praise the black scientist who created us (yakub) all will be fine

2017-02-20 01:33:23 UTC  

@everyone join voice cunts

2017-02-20 01:33:28 UTC  

Praise Yakub

2017-02-20 01:33:34 UTC  

talking to people is for nerds

2017-02-20 01:33:40 UTC  

i need to consume more knowledge

2017-02-20 01:34:14 UTC  

Can't. Too many normies around.

2017-02-20 01:38:24 UTC  

Lol antifa retards just made themselves the enemies of the extreme metal scene.

2017-02-20 01:45:37 UTC  

Where Earl?

2017-02-20 01:50:21 UTC  

Marduk cancelled a show in Oakland because antifa has been dogging them for "fascist imagery."

2017-02-20 01:51:02 UTC  

@everyone git up n dis herr voice chat yall

2017-02-20 01:51:17 UTC  


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