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2017-02-20 17:29:52 UTC

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For some reason even though I think in the NKBM chat, twitter freezes when I try to get on it.

2017-02-20 19:31:31 UTC  

Really? @WACRx

2017-02-20 20:47:50 UTC  

Twitter isn't working very well with mozilla rn

2017-02-20 21:42:43 UTC  

Hey @Caerulus_Rex did u see the posts in the comments section for the show? Omfg

2017-02-20 22:29:00 UTC  

Highlight of my day: getting puked on by my youngest niece

2017-02-20 22:29:02 UTC

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2017-02-20 22:51:15 UTC  

wew fucking lad

2017-02-20 22:51:23 UTC  

good riddance, milo

2017-02-20 22:58:47 UTC  

I've read Milo's writing. It's Sean Hannity tier. Which makes this foolish. People lap that crap up.

2017-02-20 23:00:08 UTC  

people eat it up for the same reason why they eat up lauren southern tbh

2017-02-20 23:00:20 UTC  

basic bitch shit with a minority on the cover

2017-02-20 23:00:37 UTC  

Yes, it's a safe way to be edgy. Like shaving your head into a mohawk while skateboarding in Suburbia.

2017-02-20 23:01:48 UTC  

when i was 6 i wanted the green/purple haircut from this video

2017-02-20 23:01:59 UTC  

mohawk comment reminded me

2017-02-20 23:02:55 UTC  

Guys I think I found my next dog.

2017-02-20 23:05:37 UTC  

Yeah, @Asgardian117 I bantzed back

2017-02-20 23:11:34 UTC  

Fuckin game deniers. Hilarious. They remind me of all the boyfriends I've ever discovered a chick had cheated on with me.

2017-02-20 23:16:40 UTC  

@Caerulus_Rex "Chads aren't made in the gym it's genetic."

2017-02-20 23:17:03 UTC  

I'm like "ur preaching to...the...fucking....choir."

2017-02-20 23:24:23 UTC  

The best is people wanting me to say how much I dead lift. It's not likely anyone who can actually dead lift more than me gives a fuck.

2017-02-20 23:25:04 UTC  

They just wanna knock ur power level that's all

2017-02-20 23:25:49 UTC  

I'm trying to be totally honest, modest and motivating for these neets. It's not our fault that they are fat.

2017-02-20 23:30:05 UTC  

Someone needs to make a fashy parody of Pink Floyds another brick in the wall..."Annudda brick in da wall, goy" and let me yell at the end "If you don't do the dead lifts, you can't have any tendies! How can you have tendies if you don't do your dead lifts!?!?!?!"

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2017-02-20 23:43:21 UTC  

Changed 'DenMother' handle to Margot on this one. It's not like I haven't been doxed anyway.

2017-02-20 23:44:05 UTC  

this is a relatively private discord

2017-02-20 23:44:10 UTC  

all good people

2017-02-20 23:44:12 UTC  

@everyone morning seppos
Its voice time mofukka

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2017-02-20 23:48:03 UTC  

@Asgardian117 As a recovering NEET I found it very inspiring, thanks.

2017-02-20 23:52:47 UTC  

just started listening

2017-02-20 23:52:49 UTC  

already loving it

2017-02-20 23:53:35 UTC  

the rant was great

2017-02-20 23:53:36 UTC  

very relevant

2017-02-21 00:05:03 UTC  

Some motivation for everyone

2017-02-21 00:06:47 UTC  

That didn't work the way I wanted it to