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Hey goys

Once the kikes are gone, there will be all these empty holocaust museums laying around like the Easter Island Heads, and everyone will wonder what happened to the sweaty, hunchbacked, ugly tribe that was everywhere and then just disappeared like soap in a shower

Holy shit, that chick is cross-eyed as hell

A good slap on the head will set that eye straight

No, that's alright. I've already got a gardner


Chia pet

AKA Fat Morney

Stop drinking this shit.

I want to see waterhoses

twitter: @MoltenAmber

gab: amberlamps


Oh shit. Reports coming out that antifa killed that man. ⬆

Where's a nice big oven when you need it.

I heard he had a Trump hat on. That's it. A Trump hat

We don't have the numbers yet

Anyone got a link to the feeds showing riot #2 around Gavin McGinnes talk in NY tonight?

Thank you @St. Frexit

Head's up, people.

I'm getting drunk off the liberal anguish. It's like living the Trump victory all over again for them. Or the holocaust. So sweet.

I'd like to see him start declaring certain organizations as terrorist organizations and hitting their funding/freezing assets. That, too, would go a long way in shutting them down.

And RICO is likely what they'll use to shut down the financing of these organizations.

I considered it a very good sign that Trump has already directed the FBI and Homeland Security to abandon their top priority of rooting out White groups and concentrate on Muslim organizations.

I am really not tired of winning. Not even remotely.

Hey, are you back on Twitter?

Nah, they are all in Argentina


He's master of that universe

He should be able to get you an invite

That's the same idea as rats that press a button to receive some sort of stimuli. Actually, makes a lot of sense that it would work the same way on liberals

This is where ICE needs to just step on the gas

That's right. Mexicans doing the job Americans won't. Like being a human boot.

They also make fine hood ornaments

Yuge and I saw Kristol in SF

He was speaking to the Commonwealth Club and he was a bloated little toad of jewiness

Yeah, it was repulsive

Night goys

US Marine Corps

Press F for about Fucking time. Rest in piss, Twitter.


That's priceless

Okay, that's just wrong

I was referring to the nappy Mexican "poodle"

Anyone remember fruity pebbles?

That was a heavy load of guilt and manipulation in that email

It's gayese

@Brad's mobile You are literally living through an indoctrination centre, which is basically an asylum. Sorry, brother

Stormer's down

I've heard they are going after Stephen Miller next. Trump cannot capitulate on this.

Still seven too many

They were great

It kind of looks like a carpet


That's beyond cute.


Yeah, that shit worked in the early 70s. Not going to work in the current year

Have you guys heard of the Brown Out planned for tomorrow? All the illegals and other shitskins are planning to skip work as protest of Trump. Get ICE on speed dial, niggas.

You drive on the wrong side of the road





Night, all

Offensive and oppressive. The Dalai Lama...


Grape apes

10lbs of shit in a 5lb sack

He's got AIDS eyes

Two men in love

That's a burnt match

Night, folks.

This just made my day. Poor dirty little hippie scum

Breaking: Antifa fecal matter, aka Yvette Felarca is getting some justice.

Okay. That's cute


Oy fucking vey

Grunt? Seriously? JFC

Dey magically delicous and sheeit

It's a skittle dispenser


Space Monkeys

That montage was truly beautiful and inspiring.




Black pill followed by white pill


Discord is acting wanky

Welcome, goys

Turns out the guy is a black leftist Muslim, who hates Trump.

What are you, anti-semitic?

Leon was right, there are almost no pictures of this dude


Island Nigger

Flat Earth Faggot

Juan down, six million more to go

Soap, lampshade or oven

Jews talking about inbreeding...nice

Not hot enough.

Blow up her profile picture, I want to see her nose

1000 cock stare

Eli "making yids flip their lids" Mosley

This is what insanity looks like

Looks like a dude

That looks fun

Honorary Aryans...

Stuff of nightmares

Is that Jared?

RisingTide 2017-06-29 05:06:03 [Anticom #general]

<@&278459485687644161> I'd like to be vetted, as well

RisingTide 2017-09-18 02:31:33 [The Silver Guild #general]

RisingTide 2017-09-18 02:42:37 [The Silver Guild #general]

Makes this server and others like it even more vital. It's going to get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid.

RisingTide 2017-10-01 02:48:24 [The Silver Guild #general]

Didn't know where to put this, so mods please feel free to move.

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