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Brit girls are surprisingly easy for me to red pill... odd

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because they're cucks

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cuck island bro

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I have most success on Weev's RACE Mathod on vets, married women, and Brit girls

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I laughed at her, told her she invested in BS and her only hope is to find a decent man

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@Nikephoros can you give me a link to that country ball thing

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I really want Weev to come talk about his RACE method for an hour

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which one of you did this?

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Don't do drugs kids

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I would sometimes get very quite I theory craft on STEm stuff when I drink. Not so much now I hunt THOTS

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Their is one cure for a THOT, pregnancy. Impregnate all wholes.

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"Third, violent crime did not increase dramatically during Prohibition. Homicide rates rose dramatically from 1900 to 1910 but remained roughly constant during Prohibition's 14 year rule. Organized crime may have become more visible and lurid during Prohibition, but it existed before and after. "

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Does anyone have any hate facts on homosexuals

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@everyone ya niggas git on voice chat

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>tfw I woke up at 1 am

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Go back to sleep

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@BIG4U are you gonna throw berry down to davy jones' locker?

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I don't really want to touch him at all tbh

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This will make you wanna kill nigs and kikes even harder

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My favourite thing is when POL calls in airstrikes on Hajis by the Russian Areospace Froces

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Optimal for genetics is 2nd cousin

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Thats triggering as fuck @Doctor Mayhem share that shit in <#288508006990348299>

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Soap, you study genetic at Uni?

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microbiology and immunology

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Improvin the black genepool is not somehtin I have any intrest in

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I was in an airport once and heard two jews talk. One said to the other 'are you going to use the multi faith room. The other guy was like ' no becsue I migh here the name of the Nazareen spoken...and it would make me feel sick'

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oh gawd my assneck