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fellow white folks ... 1488

Whole Me was much whiter Xerxes had a ginger beard

DeMarcus.. you soundin like a crakka bro

Oh Greg Johnson , Hi, I like ur stuff

We all have known someon, like forney. Normally you fall for that routine one in your teen, then are forever wise to it.

We have a big group today, is this till free mike?

The way of men covers basic bitch stuff, that you know if you had a dad.

Lol , I started a club when I was at school, it was basically part of the NSDAP

TBH fam its not like people are talking about him (Woes) at work ect. He was really just slow news day fodder over here.

TBH fam, we in the right have historically obsessed over historical incident to redpill. It is a waste of time, not relevant to most poeple. They care about thier kids future.

Not how manyt stormtrooper can dance on a pin head

Exactly, but nobody will be red pilled by Trayvon in 5 years time.

No, people react to immediate circumstances. This to be frank is a waste of intellectual energy

Maybe without the jock sniffinf culture. Only people that deserve better warfight tech or wage war effectively should be worshipped.

TBH chick who hang around parties with blacks are begging for it

I said begged not asked

Oh Jazzhands is here, does that mean more FTN?

Looking forward tot he retun, best alr-right show so far

Paul Ryan, is the epitome of an Astroturfed system politician with no grass roots support

i have randomly met peole at parties who admit they leave Stormer cards at toilets in pubs.


I have no problem nailing yerrow girls, but marrying one

lol tbh you are correct Myhem. Integrating a LITTLE high IQ asian genetics into the Volk is not the end of the world. But nigga................................

Bring back Sparta!

Can anyone explain WTF a butplug is meant to do?

Lol... Mayhem... I was chating to a chick with a PHD in feminism.....she says she would love to meet you

I gave her your peril about in a degenerate society women will put men to shame and in a decent society they will put us to SHAME.

I already got her to denounce, she is in UK

I laughed at her, told her she invested in BS and her only hope is to find a decent man

I would sometimes get very quite I theory craft on STEm stuff when I drink. Not so much now I hunt THOTS

Their is one cure for a THOT, pregnancy. Impregnate all wholes.

My favourite thing is when POL calls in airstrikes on Hajis by the Russian Areospace Froces

Optimal for genetics is 2nd cousin

Soap, you study genetic at Uni?

Improvin the black genepool is not somehtin I have any intrest in

I was in an airport once and heard two jews talk. One said to the other 'are you going to use the multi faith room. The other guy was like ' no becsue I migh here the name of the Nazareen spoken...and it would make me feel sick'

Just a Thot being a Thot whore fam

Daily stormer Alexa trend

This is global ranbking, not hits per day

That bfeel when CA kills the weed market with regulation

How come a abmnormally high ammount of mpople in the alt righ have in depth knowledge on drug making

ok, so I guess its like pople round her eknowing a lot about oil production / refning


Have been in for ages but my mike has packed in, goot ago get a hair cut soon

Be back once my mpos cut, maybe buy a mike at the same time

Hi guys sorry no Mike


NS Greetings Kameraden!

TBH when it kicks off if will liely becasue a NW chimpout of some sort

I tjhink Soros et all will fund the mother of all chimpouts. Then we have acceleration. K

Keep in mind the media was totally controlled during earlier riots. Every chimpout the truth gets out now.

Barrs race riot I think was the biggest ever.

The US is in a stronger psoition than Europe in many ways as your NWs dont have a unifying ideology usch as Islam

A picture of a goo with a pointy hat and buck teeth

I just came back from a trip to the states................I see a huge differance in how open normies are about diversity. The change is huge, I simply refuse to beleive you havent noticed this.

Slavery is more human than the norm of killing all the men of a tribe you defeat.

Yopu sterilise your slaves of course

Stephen, you come across as a guy who revels in being negative

lol .. if thats true explain the prison population

lol... if thing dont get worse...then our whole ideology is BS ... so we ahve nothing to worry about

Thos aggressive ones in jail are the ones who get 20 cows pregnant

That the wholoe point he jewsmedia have lost control of the narrative.

Trayvon Martin was meant to galight us...................LOOK WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in the states recently and it is palpable how pople are OPENLY REALISTSIC ON RACE!

Even if the factions are not explicity raciasl thye will be implicity

Stehpan, u think those white will crak open somebodies babies ribcage with a bayonet over this

Crack open ribcages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You assu me we wont be controling the republic.......................THIS IS A HUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGE asumption

Chink side with

Who has seen the type of retards that wear lether helmets. I think this is becasue they can bang their heads. My Dad told me this was becasue their heads can explode. I still believe this type of spastic with expoding heads exists!

U been reedin them books D'Marcus, you souded real book smart yesaday

NS Greetings

Heil mother fucking Hitler fam!

Hitler before the Pope!

My Dog before the Pope!

DeMarcus Doxxed

If Wyatt is doxxed how does this effect his existance (not life) in any way?

Dude that is your Grandad!


Its broken, I have an ipad I could use. But my imperius attitude will not let me dialouge with GOYIM!

mosheberg88 2017-03-14 05:15:41 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

Can I mike cuck for a sceond to check if this headset has a mike?

mosheberg88 2017-03-14 05:17:41 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

Ok looks like this headset had a mike in it all the time!

mosheberg88 2017-03-14 05:54:20 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

lol... when poeple say 'you are a little racist' to me I reply 'I am a fanatical National Socialist'

Better ti take the weading money into an investment property or colege fund.

For fuck sake NOTHING beats Disney Land

Agree I popped my cherry on June

NS Greetings all.

Why not just booby trap camoflaged as a quarter, great way to get the kikes!

How appropriate as they are just redundent farm equipment

Summarian Bowl

When I see Rachel Maddow with that cat thing around her neck, I have the urge to pee in it!

Lets hope someone does brutal brutal Federal time for this leak!

Im in a state of rapture thinking about a faggot shit;libs rectum being torn to pieces again and again, by Tyron for this leak.

So was Ernt Rohm

Their is strong isotpic evidence that mats was classed by an H bomb the size of the Empire State building. The isotopc blend only make sense in that context.

The above link discussed the mars mega nuke evidence

There is this field of study called protology.

have you seen same of the investement cast figures from the Jigaboo Edo kingdom of Nigeria. Ancient made MCUH better shit than that mask

I dont know wht the alt-right is so obsessed with the esoteric.

The above organism is an example of a extremeophile organism

I love movies............... I fucking hate faggots that try to find deep meaining in movies you eat crackers?

@Tech Kaczynski She probably from retareded stock if a pentacostal. Hopefuly you have not been stipid enough to give a real name. So IMPREGNATE her and ch nge your PHONE NUMBER...........SIMPLES

I mean they are fucking crzy, isreal is a one H bomb country

They are fleeing france like crazy becasue of Muslims.

Short renage Dolpines carrying shor-sih ranged crusie missiles

OPnly one study ever suggested the nuclear Winter theory, the scientist were leftist ideolouge. We have detonated THOUSANDS of warheads in tests. No winter


So Boyz whats in ur wank bank

I remember going to the library for an internet connection

Also the factor in a small town if you get one or two NW families they tend to behave.

is this GOOKS pusing up property prices


How does he dress

Phew.. my nose is Nordic

My experiance is WOEMEN get a LOT more out of sex than we do

Honestly it not like sex is that great for me, the desire to persue it is stong. Women are the opposite.

the cikes are allowed to set up their own prwetent cops in the uk, check this shit out

lol I grab the pussy, never the tits

I never wanked as a teenager, I know this sound unbelievbale

This fucking cock biting Rabi looks like Woodi Allan

lol who the fack makes up sheets like that at home. Unless you have a meztio sex slave.

........which I dont

Brad, any decent women you know will be aware of you conduct and will ahve dismissed you.

This is the reality of you conduct.

Henry parks Looks Like an ABO


My dad only watches Al Jazeera and RT now!

Talking of which Im gonna buyt bacon. becasue the faggots that own the local cafe dont open till 9am

Just had 5 slice sof bacon lovely

Go to any gtreat armoury in a britsh castle and youll be blow away by the variety

7 barreled guns and all sorts of cool shit

Agree the Brits were hyper Zeonphopic

during our ascent

Due the problem is at a superficial level they can imitate us

This tricks most IQ 100 normies day in day out.

They cant be US


or Asian ok

Fuck you i like my Mums dog ... CUNT

Niggaz in Church

TBH Fam is going to Church really that good for Niggaz

Think about it

All rap muzic is of the devil!

Greatest Australian............................Dame Edna or Ralph Harris?

I am National Social & Free

The Guardian Class aka SS

This is exactly what Soap is talking about, Dude!

I abeliee people should be bread for specific functions


Oh yes I remember thios, some of us have gold silve and broze. He als goes onto say if one of the bronze class ha a son of gold he should join the gold class ect.

Smoking Hot Jewish Whores

We Waz Nazzzis

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Doxxing urself

1930s NS was what is was becasue it faced the SOVIET FUCKING UNION

It would have been much more moderate once that threat was gone.

you need the Golden 'SS' class to prevent drift

They to be in a posiion to at least foce the mainstream to veer right

France did infact invade Germany breifly. There was alost a year of phony war first

I told a Russkie about the Studabaker trucks keeping their logistic alive, he refused to beleie it.

The US could have been neagtes by playing onits isolationism, irrespective of it power.

Best case, Japan and Germany focus on USSR with logistic support from USA and British Empire.

I know this would Take a LOT of thing to be played VERY differenat

Let alone the Japanese Chineese capaign


Soap I think you may be talking about the French ASM Exocet. This was the thing that scared us

In the years after the Falklands War, it was revealed that the British government and the Secret Intelligence Service had been extremely concerned at the time by the perceived inadequacy of the Royal Navy's anti-missile defences against the Exocet and its potential to tip the naval war decisively in favour of the Argentine forces. A scenario was envisioned in which one or both of the force's two aircraft carriers (Invincible and Hermes) were destroyed or incapacitated by Exocet attacks, which would make recapturing the Falklands much more difficult.

Actions were taken to contain the Exocet threat. A major intelligence operation was also initiated to prevent the Argentine Navy from acquiring more of the weapons on the international market.[17] The operation included British intelligence agents claiming to be arms dealers able to supply large numbers of Exocets to Argentina, who diverted Argentina from pursuing sources which could genuinely supply a few missiles. France denied deliveries of Exocet AM39s purchased by Peru to avoid the possibility of Peru giving them to Argentina, because they knew that payment would be made with a credit card from the Central Bank of Peru. British intelligence had detected the guarantee was a deposit of two hundred million dollars from the Andean Lima Bank, an owned subsidiary of the Banco Ambrosiano.[18][19]

I know we asked the French for info, and eventualoy got. Its likely we also approached indivicudals wokring ion the program.

Fuck Spelling... its JEWISH

Is it just a Canadian thing, gravy on chips (french fries)

North Italy is actually very nice, lots of industry.

Beans on toast, anyone lese like thios cuisine?

Thing is i really hope they push this shit, as its a ditch they will die in

I never liked fiction. even the classics, I had no interest. Historical and science and politics stuff interested me.

So I never read the Bible!

Convo shes married!

Her hubsand is the due on the video, he is startting to look like Chernovich

Im ultra conservative so never take risks

lol if Hindsight ws pefect we be in the Reich

Wiat a minute soap, are you racist?

This jontron thing is a big deal.

Hi Guys, keep in mind Europa report reports all this shit thats not in the media. But how much black crime that is natinal level only gets local coverage in the US. My 2nd last day in the states a nigger set his GF on fire at my local gas station and it ws local news!

Its the same shit


I love black people sio much I want to replale welfare with free Jenkim and Corkodile

Lets get all the alopha nig bucks on this shit

CIA are you listening?

Beryy there is a whilstling noise in the background when u go on the mike

Overton Window!

What did u do to get kicked out?

For not giving a reach around in the shower, are you really that kind of ass hole?

This is what I used to use, do you think HMB helps?

D'marcus I designed a form for you to usre with your extreme vetting.

My Iman tells me Jew sevolved from Apes and Pigs

lets getr Jeb! to become a shitlord!

Only a VERY VERY VERY VERY dumb strategist telegraphs their intention weeks in advance, unless their is a trap.

there is no way trump is not at least VERY CLEVER

he is more than likely VERY VERY VERY CLEVER

So we are agreed there is no possiblity, litteraly zero, that trump is not playing the judges. They are doing exactly what he essentialy instructed them to do weeks ago.

as longs its not first son bs, but used as a pool of good leadership genetics

Fuck me the guys on the mumble are so blackpilled. Aparently trump is not 3d chess and is just a think cunt

Fuck them, i choos emy fucking narrative

No thre old TRS mumble chgannel

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