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@wyatt okay

can you write?

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Kings gives kind of a side-stepping cucky answer. Saying race doesn't matter as long as have same beliefs, language, culture

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I wanna know if there is a downside to Stephen going onto live primetime tv to talk about the importance of whtie demographic decline and birhtrate lowering

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Dude he just literally stole shit word for word from spencer

2017-03-14 01:20:08 UTC  

This is a passing of the rubicon for the republican party

2017-03-14 01:20:21 UTC  

Plays a clip of Ryan denouncing the Tweet

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@wyatt even blackpillmerchant says its good news

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voice is saying that since you say its good it must be bad

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since you're always wrong

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King says Paul Ryan is an open borders advocate, King says if we do that we will become a third world country

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King full on cucks on race, says it's all about culture. Still better than every other congressman

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got a link to King saying that of Ryan @SwiFT

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Voice can munch my buttmuff tbh. U guys should be celebrating this nigger just called for a 50 year immigration ban. And is basically using word for word Spencer's talking points on nation and identity.

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@wyatt convo wants to talk to you about this

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Too bad I'm in a closet sized hotel with my parents I'm not going to explain this in front of them

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz I was watching it live on FoxJews. Can probably find a YouTube livestream on The_Donald that you could rewind

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@wyatt its okay wyatt I trust you and like your opinions on things

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they werent talking shit or anything, it was a joke when they said you were always wrong

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cool guy

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we're concerned that we agree with you @wyatt

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@Brad Small @Gray we need to wait till one day when Repzion is in voice

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We need to get a phone and letter campaign going for him. To know he is supported

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yeah fam

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good idea @wyatt tweet it

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@wyatt here's the link to his contact page

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I did

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oh ok

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Any of you guys know who Rod Dreher is? He seems super redpilled on Christianity

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He's on Tucker saying Christianity has become totally unBiblical and is all about "muh feels"

2017-03-14 01:43:19 UTC  

you can read his cucked blog

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Saying that we always operated on the idea of regaining control of judiacery and governemnt would swing us back, but that's now just false and we have to retake country at grass roots

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@everyone welcome @TrashyGutenberg

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gday m8

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