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@Koba Alright /x/, I'll enlighten you on the 2006 volleyball incident since I saw the last thread about it, some anon said this all
Heres what I knew first hand
>small explosion OR mass shooting at a volleyball game somewhere in the Dakotas or Nebraska
>never specified (this part sounds like bs, but thats whats weird
I was on a trip to rushmore back then
>newspaper at a nebraska gas station reports a shooting at a small town 10 miles away
>end up in south dakota
>see it again around Kadoka SD
>there was a shooting Gettysburg, same state
>by the time we leave I hear little talk about it, only once during motel breakfast
>when I get home I ask my friend what he thought about the whole thing and he remembers it taking place in north dakota
It stayed in the back of my mind for a long time until I slowly forgot, until I remembered and joked about it during a gaming session and these 2 guys asked to talk more about it, they had the same experience too, and I remember on /x/ someone talking about something similar to the "volleyball incident" so I just stick it in these pics hoping someone will remember
17-24 people died at once and no one talks about it?

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Why are giant trees a conspiracy

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Dolce& Gabbana confirmed for HugoBoss 2.0